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Beginner Game Experience (Spoilers for the non-GM)

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We started the evening with Pash the smuggler, Oskara the bounty hunter, and Matthus the mechanic. Oskara sought assistance from the Twilek dancer, who was only too eager to help her behind the stage. Pash blended into a booth, his pistol drawn under the table. Matthus attempted to start a fight between two bar patrons, but he only succeded in getting himself socked to the ground when the patron saw Matthus dump the drink on him.

It took the trio of gamorreans no time to spot the Mechanic on the ground, and they all closed on him with thier axes in hand. However they missed the stealthy manuvers of Oskara, who moved into a dark corner and drew her carbine. Pash kicked over a table and took cover behind it, quickly squeezing off a shot at the nearest guard. His miss did not go unnoticed, as the pig-nose narrowed his glare onto the sneaky smuggler. As the axe went through the table, it nicked Pash in the shin. Matthus did his best to avoid the swings of the gammoreans, only suffering a a pair of scratches for his trouble. As his gloves hummed to life he pictured his fist crushing that ugly nose into that wide skull. However, it was his swing that went wide, and he settled his feet back into a balanced stance.

Pash was still crouched as he brought his pistol to bear on the Gamorean looming above him. He wasn't accustomed to shooting this close, and he considered socking the Gamorean. The smell of seared guard quickly followed the blasts of Oskara's carbine. Her aim belied her experience as a bounty hunter, tunneling right through the head of the off-balanced guard. The squeal of the smaller gamorean was high-pitched in surprise as his larger brethern fell backwards against him, knocking him to the floor. Matthus was quick to seize upon this opportunity. He dropped his knee and nearly burrowed his fist into the floor as it went through the guards stomach. The vibrant hum of the re-purposed power convertors rattled through the air as it rendered the guard a lifeless mass.

Oskara's shot had removed the threat from Pash, and with Matthus kneeled over the second guard, Pash had an easy shot lined up. The third guard leaned against a table before it gave way, and all three guards were defeated. The bartender was quick to push them out, giving them just enough details to make sure they would be either too busy or too dead to return. A ship in a hanger, the part that was needed. The group made their way to a nearby junk shop, manned by a droid hater. Sure, he had the part, but it wasn't for sale. Pash was sly enough to claim they were sent by Trex, but the dealer was going to need to contact Trex to verify. Matthus was quick to catch on, and before the dealer could grab his comlink, his computer was beeping for attention. The dealer's attention was so fixated on Pash that he failed to notice Matthus planting Trex's "approval" into his message queue. After haggling over the price for a few minutes, the group left with a discounted hypermatter reactor igniter and the stern warning to clear thier exit with the spaceport authority. Apparently a merchant ship "forgot" to clear thier departure just weeks before, and the dealer wasn't going to have additional replacement parts for the docking clamps for some time.

As they approached spaceport control, they observed the security droids standing at the entrance. Matthus recognized some of the equipment on the droids, suggesting that they were not going to be simple pushovers. Oskara took a stroll, and found a side entrance. Calling the group over, Matthus went to work on the security console. It's safeguards were no match for the seasoned technician, and the door slip open. Observing from a corner, they observed the Overseer guiding an Imperial shuttle in for a landing. She was kind enough to provide her name, so Pash grabbed Matthus saying "Follow me and play along".

He approached Overseer Brynn, and confidently announced that his technician was there to repair the console in her office. Matthus did his best to keep the surprise off his face when she responded "What took you so long, I put that work order in months ago!" They entered her office, and Matthus repaired the console with ease. After unlocking the docking clamps, he modified the software so it would report the clamps were engaged, even though they weren't. He then cleared the logs of his "modifications" and cleared out of her office. "All done Ma'am!" Pash notified Brynn that the work was complete. "Be quicker next time" Brynn retorted as she continued her duties.

They made their way back to the junk shop to resupply thier stimpacks, and then made their way own the dusty streets. Oskara was deep in thought about her sister when the crowds parted. She stumbled to the ground after Matthus had shoved her into an alleyway. "Stormtroopers? Why Stormtroopers?" Pash darted down an opposite alleyway and slammed himself against a corner, peeking around as his hand found the comforting grip of his blaster. Matthus pushed his feet under him as he cleared the alley into a small courtyard. Oskara pushed herself up and scampered over some boxes, her carbine trained on the street behind her. A flurry of bolts flew through the alley, one passing close enough to Oskara's side, singing her green flesh through the armor. Matthus kept running through another alleyway and into a large street. He glanced around, looking for some way to get away as a rusty clamp caught his eye on the tall water tower down the way. He took a hasty shot at the water tower, and he hit the clamp. The clamp popped off and a gush of water came out of the tower, followed by a crack that found its way up the tower. Matthus's eyes widened as he shouted back to Oskara "GET OUT OF THERE!!!" Oskara buried a few blaster bolts in the corner the Imperials were hiding behind, popped to her feet and ran for the allyway. She didn't hear the footsteps behind her. Nor the fizzle of of superheated air getting out of the way of searing blaster bolts. She merely felt herself fall to the ground as a sharp pain in her back caused her to pass out.

Matthus had reached safety when he looked back to find Oskara being carried by the inital water surge, in the opposite direction of where they were headed. He barely heared the blaster fire over the roar of the water as he made his way after Oskara. Pash let loose an assault of blasts as he fell back, the stormtroopers narrowly missing him as he backpedaled. One trooper fell to Pash's marksmanship, but the remaining two preseed on. He darted left down an alleyway, out into a street, and behind a stack of boxes. When the troopers entered the street, Pash could see that they would find him shortly. He sucked in a breath of air, stepped out, and placed two bolts in each trooper before he exhaled. He began making for landing bay Aurek as Matthus caught up with Oskara's body. Her armor had taken most of the blast, but molten bits of it had scarred her back. Matthus wasn't medic, but he had treated his fair share of burns and cuts. After removing the ruined back plating, he slapped the gauze on her and injected her with the more promsing looking needles in the kit. Her lekku nearly smack Matthus in the face as she jumped into conciousness. Matthus helped her to her feet, and they both chuckled as three stormtroopers were forceibly carried by water down a nearby street.

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Only wanted it deleted as I ended up posting the same topic 3 times due to browser timeouts (FFG's website was having issues that day). Was trying to remove duplicates. :/


On another note, why are the smileys labeled in non-english on a forum that is english? C'mon webmaster, tweak the config =D

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