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Gate Colors: Interesting Hypothesis

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Our gaming group has come up with an interesting hypothesis regarding gate colors.  The following are meant to be general rules of thumb so things might not follow the lines all the time.   But we think... perhaps most of the time, the following statements are true:


Green:    Generally the best.   This seems intuitive and is supported by Jim Culver's 'strange luck' ability. 

Yellow:   Generally the worst (not red, as was my personal intuition).  Lots of delayings, Lost in Time and Space, hard checks, bad bad stuff.

Red:   Stamina-related.   Lots of stamina loss here, occasional stamina gain.

Blue:   Sanity-related.  Lots of sanity loss here, occasional sanity gain.


What do people think of this, specifically in regards to red and blue?  We think this seems to be the general trend in the AH, DH, and KiY expansions.    Is this true for other expansions?   Do people disagree with regards to the expansions I mentioned?  If you don't know, then the next time you play Arkham, keep it in mind, come back and tell me what happened in your game,  I really would be interested in feedback to this.   


many thanks,


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Hmmm...insightful.  I have also acknowledged that Red more often than not causes "bodily harm", but I don't think I ever really noticed Blue's extra association with Sanity.  But it's certainly more than plausible: everything about Stamina is red, and everything about Sanity is blue (text color, heart/brain tokens, etc).

I always thought Yellow swung  w i d e : you either won big, or lost big.  Not a lot of middle ground with Yellow.

Green is mostly happy thoughts; that's what makes Jim the Musician fun to play.

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