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Question - Axis Heavy Flak Grenadiers

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Heavy Flak with their Fleighist (spelling!) launcher rocket weapons.


One of their special abilities is to be able to fire in "Burst" mode to eliminate cover and get a reload token.  Do you have to fire all 3 of them in burst mode or can you only fire 1 of them in burst mode, which then would allow all attacks by the unit to be able to ignore cover?  With just 1, then the 1 guy would get a reload token, but the other 2 could continue to fire normally.


In my opinion, it would be no different then the allies shooting UGL's at multiple targets to reduce the cover of the targets.


I'm an Allies player who is going to try my friends axis my group always complains about how Allied is OP vs Axis.  So I'm going to switch sides with them and am making my own axis lists.  IMO, the problem isn't as much with the axis (though they could really use another soldier 3 hero) but the army lists that my groups axis players use.  I'm going to try and beat them with the tables turned to show the problem is between the seat and the table, not on the table.  :) 

Or die horribly and admit they are correct.





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Burst mode is an all or nothing action.

If you fire in Burst mode, the unit gains an out of ammo marker and must reload before using that weapon.

The same thing applies to any weapon that gains an out of ammo marker. If one weapon of a squad gains an out of ammo marker that weapon type in the squad cannot fire until the unit gets a reload order for that weapon type.

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