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Core Set - Merging Scenarios

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I've picked up a core set of Rune Age about a week ago.  Rune Age is an enjoyable game.  Since I've become fluent in Rune Age, I findng that the core-set scenarios are rather short .  I've been experiementing with merging Scenarios together.  Has Anyone else did this to give the game more depth?  I don't see myself shoving out another $30. bucks for the expansion and pricey sleeves.

I've been experimenting with merging The Monument and Resurgence of the Dragonlords.

Setup is the same.  Mix and group all 1, 2, 3, dot cards from both scenarios. Add all proper quanities (per number of players) Neutral cards, Gold Cards, & Neutral Cities.  By merging both scenarios, you have 2 objectives in order to win the game and  6 neutural cards to spend influence on. (instead of 3 from solo scenario play)


By merging the two Scenarios together, you get 2 ways to win: Defeat the Dragonlord or Build your Monument first.  The Scenario Deck doesn't depelete as quickly.  A more friendly player to player game attempt since you can't attack Home Relems.  Neutral City Sieges are legal. 


Someone try this out and give me their feedback on this.



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