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General questions on stuff

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I'm having trouble understanding Wounds and taking damage.
Could someone explain? I'm used to the simple DnD "You have 100 HP" kind fo thing.
I'll most likely have other questions as i continue reading other chapters.


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In the 40k RPG System the health of a creature is tracked using Wounds.

A wound is a "point" that works similar to Hitpoints in D&D.
There's Critical Damage / Critical Effects that come into play when a natural 10 is rolled on damage or if a target has 0 Wounds remaining.
I'll try to illustrate in an example:

This fight features two fights. Arnold the Attacker and Thomas the Target.

Thomas has 25 Wounds (which is not really realistic for a human target, usually it would be around 9 Wounds), he is wearing a Light Flak Coat giving him 2 points of armour for all locations except his head. Furthermore he is of average toughness (for a human) with a toughness characteristic of 31 (which gives him a toughness bonus of 3).

Arnold the Attacker is attacking Thomas with an Stub Revolver.

Arnold shoots, hits, hitting the body section and rolls his d10, getting a 6. Since a Stub Revolver deals d10+3 damage this means he would deal 9 points of damage. Since the Stub Revolver has a Pen of 0 the enemies armour is applied in full in addition to the toughness bonus to negate the Damage.

Damage rolled + damage bonus - ( armour - pen) - toughnes bonus = damage dealt.

6 + 3 - (2 - 0) -3 = 9 - 5 = 4
So the first attack dealt 4 damage, reducing Thomas' Wounds from 25 to 21.

Arnold shoots again, this time hitting Thomas in the head. He rolls for damage and gets 5+3. Since poor Thomas isn't wearing a helmet he's only getting his toughnes bonus to help him. 8 - 2 = 6. So Thomas takes another 6 damage reducing his wounds from 21 to 15.

Arnold shoots a third time, this time hitting Thomas' left arm. He rolls for gets 10+3. Since he rolled a natural 10 he gets what is called Righteous Fury (or RF or mini-crit). Before handling the RF damage is resolved normaly. 13 damage - 2 points of armour - 3 points of toughness bonus leave 8 points of damage for Thomas.

He reduces his wounds from 15 to 7.

Now the RF is resolved. Arnold rolls a d5 and consults table 8-15 to see what effect Thomas is now suffering from. He gets a 5 which renders Thomas' arm useless from the attack until he receives some medical attention. Thomas now has suffered a critical effect but he hasn't received any critical damage. If somebody would help Thomas and provide some medical assistance he would count as heavily wounded and not as criticaly wounded.

Arnold shoots a fourth time hitting Thomas' head and he gets another 10 on his damage roll. 13 - 2 = 11.
Thomas reduces his Wounds from 7 to -4. Consulting table 8-17 entry 4 (for 4 points of critcal damage) tells us that the attack staggers the target.
Now to resolve the RF Arnold rolls a d5 and gets a 2. Consulting table 8-17 entry 2 tells us that Thomas is also seeing stars and suffers from some additional penalties.

Arnold shoots a fifth time hitting Thomas' center of mass (body) and rolls a 7 for a total of 10 points in damage or 5 points of damage after armour and toughnes.

Thomas reduces his Wounds from -4 to -9 and consults table 8-16 entry 9. Which states the Thomas the Target dies.


Through the Glory of the Emperor Thomas the Target has been resurrected to fight once more, restored to 25 Wounds and has been blessed with Imperial Guard Flak Amour. He's also hiding behind some trees which cover everything but his head.

Arnold shoots one last time hitting Thomas' center of mass (body). He gets lucky and rolls a 10 for a total of 13 points of damage.
Thomas however posses a lot of armour on his body. 8 from the tree and 4 from the armour. In addition to that there's the 3 points of toughness bonus.

13 - ( 8 + 4 + 3 ) = -2. Since the damage is reduced below 0 the attack does not deal any damage. Since Arnold got a RF though the attack deals at least one point of damage and Thomas reduces his Wounds from 25 to 24.

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Are the tables the only way to kill someone?
Like if a PC is brought to Light/Heavily/Critically damaged or needs Medical Attention its all good because he can heal. And for NPCs that are part of the story i assume the same goes for them.

But for a NPC thats they're fighting, at what point does he die? Does it need to be a Crit hit on the tables to take him down? Or once his wounds are gone?

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Most groups I know handle it that only main enemys get points on the critical table

"normal" enemys just die with their wounds reduced to 0 to keept simpler for the GM to keep track

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