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Average Damage Table Including Critical Hits

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I originally posted this information on AFM.
If you want to ask me about it, reply or message me at AFM because I will probably notice it faster.
Here is a copy of the post from AFM:
With a little help, I found a way to streamline the calculations so I made a table of the average damage for each possible primary weapon attack against each defense when hitting arbitrarily large hull values. Only crits that can destroy a ship immediately were taken into account. There are 7 Direct Hit cards and 2 cards that have a 3/8 chance of dealing a second damage in the 33 card damage deck which is 7.75/33 (0.2348) additional damage per crit. None of the non-damage or delayed damage effects are taken into account.
I'm working on the damage for torpedoes and missiles but I like how organized this data is so I turned it into a table and graph:
For comparison, here are tables showing the data when treating crits and hits as the same and how much of a damage increase factoring in crits is:
In game, shields absorb crits the same as normal hits and critting on the last point of hull doesn't destroy a ship anymore than hitting it normally. Technically, the ships that are most vulnerable to crit damage are TIE Fighters and Interceptors at 2/3 of their total HP. That means the differences in damage are at least 1/3 less than what is shown. I think the ships that are most affected by crits are the Falcon (not Chewie of course) and Slave 1 (about 50% of their HPs are susceptible to crits). They have high shield values but once those are depleted, they will carry whatever crits they get for a long time. The thought of having 3 face up damage cards on a Falcon might make a lot of people use Chewie over the other pilots.
I like making conservative damage estimates in my decision making process so I prefer to use the table without crits factored in (especially considering how often crits don't have an additional benefit). 
EDIT. Apparently IMG tags don't work so I had to add in the images manually. Also, the images are too wide so to see all of the information, you need to save the images to your computer or view it in its own browser tab. This forum software annoys me.

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Interesting, but could you add labels to the chart.  Secondly, because you are drawing crit cards from a deck that will constantly be shrinking and double damage cards can disappear as just normal hits, your average for damage do to the Direct Hit card will be a little bit off from assuming a constant 33 card deck.  Same idea as your standard card deck while playing poker, your statistical chance of drawing an ace (any ace as an example) changes everytime a card is handed out.  Your numbers will work fine for from the hip calculations, especially since the damage deck can be recycled if needed, and this really throws a monkey wrench in the statistics.

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