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2 buddies need rules clarifications

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My buddy and I are very competitive and have come up with the following rules conflicts:

For Dust Warfare:

1. Can the Allies sniper/observer  team cancel an armor roll against a vehicle - since their hits always ignore armor/cover? 

2. If a unit is down to 1 figure, can it still negate a vehicles armor roll if it is in its rear arc?

3. there's a SSU mech walker that has a chainsaw on its right/left hands - does that mean i get 2 attacks? Also other mech walkers they have come w/ 2 howizters, can those both fire as well or just one. Lets say I attack with the chainsaw, since they're on the r/l arms, i can only attack on those arcs?

4. do helicopters move a free 12 inches during the compulary movement if they so choose? can it be UP to 12 inches?

5. If a unit has UGLs/mgs/knives - does it choose 1 of those to attack with or all? And can they separate those attacks against multiple units

6. if a vehicle is in front of another vehicle does it provide a cover save if so is it hard?


PLEASE provide the page number and book so we can verify the answers


thanks so much - we want to enjoy this game but there's a lot of confusion with the rules.



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