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Foolish Frost

[Review] Dust Tactics: Warzone Tenement

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Dust Tactics: Warzone Tenement

Okay, just got this, and I should point out the bad before getting to the good:

First, this is a VERY nice terrain expansion for Dust, either warfare or tactics.  The buildings look good from the outside, and there is a lot of walls and connectors to build several layouts.  The inside is utterly undecorated, and often hollow.  It does come with some cardstock floors, but those are for the 2nd and 3rd floors.  The set does not have any base or sidewalks.

They are not primered, unlike the figures that come in the basic starter box.  You may need to glue them a bit on the parts that have both front and back pieces that are popped together.  They sometimes pop right back apart.

It should be noted that even through the tiles are "modular", they don't exactly connect universally.  There are several lengths. and They don't all allow the set to square up.

Overall, for $30.00 usd, this is an excellent buy.  For that price, they're actually worth using to make ruined buildings by damaging some of the tiles.  Keep in mind the inside walls will need some additional work.  

Final Verdict: Grab one.  It's worth it for having one or two buildings on the battlefield.  Get more if you like it!


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