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Adjusting the bestiary from the beta book for use in the beginner game

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I have a group of players that will be playing this game face-to-face for the months leading up to the release of the core rulebook, (which is a long way away, btw), and would like to have access to the much larger bestiary found inside the beta book for use with our ongoing beginner game campaign.

Has anyone attempted to adjust the stats within the beta book bestiary so you can use them in the beginner game? Would anyone be interested in working on this for the community? I am hearing there have been a lot of changes in the abilities of NPCs and stuff.

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well if you want to create a set of challenges to players and if you are gm'ing i would just start a outline of your game.


-Point points of reference to lead players

-Make challenges at each point

-build standard npc's to challenge your players


i know this isnt exactly what you are looking for in a response but as a gm its perty much up to you to make npc's hostil or freindly which means you will be spending alot of time creating low point chracters or have a preset thug as a target and just change up weapons or a specific skill. I know for myself ill have a list of

Standard Thug

Brawn 2                                                                      soak 2

Agilitty 2                                                     Ranged Heavy 1

Wilpower 1                                               Cordnation        1

cunning 1

int 1

pres 1


just start making stuff like this and you will have things to throw at PC's


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