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I'm looking for a gaming group to join at the event center

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Does anyone need an extra body?  I can play just about anything, but I prefer strategy/resourcing games.  There are many I haven't played and many I have, I don't want to pigeonhole myself into a specific style of player but I will cover some basics by saying I have never played Warhammer and I have not played any paper based RPG games.  Deck building games are fun at first, but I fizzle on them.  I prefer boardgames, and I don't mind complexity.  Examples of games I own and play:

- Kingsburg


- Descent

- Runebound

- Axis and Allies

- Android

- Ad Astra

- plus many many more.  I only list these games to give a flavor of what I know…but that does not mean I'm not interested in something else.


I do have a kid-schedule I need to work around, but if there are any groups who want to add another person to their gaming nights or days, please let me know.  I'd love to get more integrated and involved.




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