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David Spangler

Solo Star Wars, for when ONLY the Force is with you!

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I have to admit that while the new LCG looks very good--and I have a copy on order--I'm still disappointed the original LotR-style solo version was canned.  LotR the Card Game remains one of my favorite FFG titles partly due to the theme and mostly because it's very hard for me to find opponents for any kind of game where I am, so having something I can play solo is perfect. 

So I'm wondering and hoping that maybe all the effort that went into doing the original solo card game might find another outlet with a different game (or an alternative card game--or even some kind of conversion that would allow the current Star Wars LCG be played solo).  A solitaire Star Wars game for when only the Force is with you and no one else would be much appreciated.

Finally, do I understand that under the license that FFG has, they can't produce board games?  If so, it's a pity.  The game I would most like to see is a broad strategy board game (with tactical elements) perhaps like Twilight Imperium or even more like the old SPI game Freedom in the Galaxy that would allow one to game out the entire Rebellion.  (And of course, solitiare rules as well!)

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