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Tactical encounter map: Bandit Ambush

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Dear all,

Here is another tactical encounter map. This is a map I'll use for a bandit ambush that could take place in my campaign.

The map (Spanish):

The JPG location cards (Spanish):

The Strange Eons cards (Spanish):

And the Strange Eons cards (English):


Translation table:

Rocas… Boulders

Tramo de Camino… Road Section

Pared de Roca… Wall of Rock

Trampa: Cuerda… Trap: Rope

En el Bosque… In the Woods

I'll also add a reply explaining this map and some new "techniques" I've thought using with it.

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So, explanations for the map (translation of the sentences in the map + some extra explanations).

The idea is that the bandits will push some rocks onto the PCs from the "Pared de Roca/Wall or Rock" when they are at the "Tramo de Camino/Road Section" mini-location. Some bandits will also be waiting at the two "Rocas/Boulders" mini-locations with crossbows/bows.


1. The encounter will start in the "Tramo de Camino/Road Section" mini-location.

2. I decided to use three different colors for the distance tokens.

   - The Green ones represent the road and moving there uses the characteristics of the "Old Dirt Road" location.

   - The brown are normal distance tokens.

   - The blue are tokens that I will not place on the table at the beginning of the encounter. They represent distances to go through if the PCs want to go through the forest. If they move that way, they will use the characteristics of the "En el Bosque/In the Woods" mini-location. Also, if they want to go around the Wall of Rock this way, they won't have to climb to reach that location if they go through the woods (although they would still need to do the opposed Strength+Agility check to gain the advantageous location from an enemy.

2a. Just a note, in my group we use House Rules for opposed checks. Basically everybody participating in the opposed check has to do an Easy check and the "best" result wins.

3. Traps… Trap locations do not start the encounter on the table (that's the reason I've surrounded them with a brown square, to remember). If a PC crosses the trap line without detecting the trap, (s)he may fall victim to it. I have marked trap locations with Stars at the bottom (using the Track mechanism built in Strange Eons). The number of stars is the difficulty to detect the trap (unless otherwise noted, Traps in my campaign can only be detected from a "Close" distance).

4. "Limited spaces" locations. Some cards have only a limited amount of "spaces" where characters may gain advantages from the mini-location. To give a visual cue, I've used the Track system of Strange Eons and given as many "track circles" as the amount of available "spaces".

   Thus, the "Rocas/Boulders" location has 3 track/circle markers, and the "Pared de Roca/Wall of Rock" location has 2.


And that's all. I hope it will be useful for someone. Again, please let me know if something does not work with the links.


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Cool idea!  I usually combine mine with actual 3d terrain (model trees or cabins).  We also have the dwarven forge 3d building and dungeon set-ups, but I usually only use them as representation, rather than 5' squares of the D&D days of old.



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