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Champaigns and Personal Development

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Okay… here we go.  When you are a Field Ops for a National Cellular Carrier sometimes you have down time waiting for software to load up and equipment to reboot.  And with that down time comes time to think.  A very dangerous proposition if you ask me but here I sit and I am thinking.  In so many games that I've enjoyed in the past the most important things for me were:

1) Being able to make the game personalized.  With X-Wing you can do this with the point system.  This is high on my list.

2) Being able to put the personal spin on it.  Not so much a role playing aspect but being involved.  YOU pilot one of the ships on the board and through several missions you improve your personal aspect/ your pilot. 

  Being as a rookie, you tag one rookie pilot as you and go on the mission.  After x number of missions your become a certain squadron member and so you advance up to a new pilot skill rating.  Then after x number of missions you become a named pilot and then up to perhaps a leader for either the Rebellion or the Empire.

  I don't know if any of that makes sense but it is something I loved doing in past games like Advanced Squad Leader and Squad Leader.  Never made it to the rank of major but a good Staff Sargent seemed to be well worth the points.

  Oh yeah, and as you step your way up it costs more to use yourself.  Naturally.

Just thoughts.  I was wondering if any of you have ever thought about something like this or have ever played like this before in other games?


More goofy ideas on the way.

Mark Tippett

AKA Slamdunk74

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