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Forge Your Mythic Legacy

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Journey with me now to a lost golden age and a world that is still young, a world overflowing with magic and wonder. This is a world where the first great empires are wrought from conquest, trade, and sorcery. [...] It is a world where legends are born and the fate of a world rests on the shoulders of epic heroes. It is a world full of unbounded promise that we have always known, but never visited, a world we have often glimpsed but could never reach.
–Fiadan the Sage, in the Year 2664 of the Deluene Calendar

Dawnforge, a roleplaying game available for download through and, is a unique fantasy campaign setting for the d20 system from Fantasy Flight Games. The Crucible of Legend book provides everything you need to run adventures and campaigns in this mythic setting. Players can take on new adventures and exciting campaigns in the Dawnforge universe or introduce the blossoming magical powers and epic locales of the world of Eadar to their ongoing campaign.

art-2.pngThe universe of Dawnforge swells with magic and wonder, and heroes of legend walk the streets of grand empires that are just reaching their golden age. Heroes in the world of Dawnforge are not just uncovering artifacts of great power, they are forging their own items of legend. The characters that players create in the world of Dawnforge become the myths and legends that define and shape the future of Eadar’s civilization.

Become the Legendary Heroes of Eadar

The setting of Dawnforge, Eadar, is a world at its peak. The land is lush, the civilizations are rich, and the peoples are prosperous and filled with magic and life. The races that populate the Dawnforge setting are powerful and idealized versions of beings both familiar and new.

The dwarves of Dawnforge are even more hale and hearty than their descendants, boasting a strength and sturdiness comparable to the bones of the earth itself. The dawn elves are a populous and influential people flush with the magic of Eadar and closely attuned to the forces of nature. Also in Dawnforge, there are “thinbloods,” rogue members of an oppressed caste of the serpentine yuan-ti’s social hierarchy.

Venture out into the wilds of Eadar to contend with the threats of the untamed wilderness, or clash with the cruel denizens of the tiefling’s Valhedar Dominion or the yuan-ti empire of Zangala.

Characters and creatures of legend abound in the world of Dawnforge. Start your path to power and mythic proportions of glory by purchasing the rules at DriveThruRPG or RPGNow today!

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