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Sorry I wasn't able to get anything posted in September, the school year has been very hard on me, and will continue to be so.  That being said, I did promise I would finish uploading everything by the end of the year, so enjoy the following update made just in time for Halloween.


Next month, the last of the main content will be uploaded, so we'll be wrapping up soon.



Outrageous October




New Investigators

-Hades Izanami, the Imperator can be found in the "Blazblue" tab.


New Ancient Ones

-Luciela, the Light Devourer can be found in the "Claymore" tab.


New Guardian

-Kindred, the Eternal Hunters can be found in the "Miscellaneous" tab





-Art and Wording updated.

Naoto Kurogane (Blazblue)

*Generally speaking, Naoto's design is in the right direction. Bloodedge is designed to give him a unique comeback mechanic that he can manually empower with a factor of playing risky, and Hunter's Eye allows him a "boost" towards weak allies and enemies.  That being said, both Bloodedge and Hunter's Eye are a tad clunky in execution, and Hunter's Eye could probably stand to be a little more unique against monsters.  Even though Bloodedge will be slightly weaker, I feel removing some complexity will work better long term.
-Bloodedge wording much cleaner
-Bloodedge is now limited to once per combat, but lasts for the whole combat.  In addition, Bloodedge now updates its values in case you fail a combat check.
-Bloodedge no longer shreds immunities when at 2 or less stamina.
-Hunter's Eye effect on 1-toughness monsters changed to "ignore all keyword abilites (ambush, nightmarish, etc.)" instead of "get a free activation of Bloodedge".

The Harrowing (AO)

*Similar to Naoto, The Harrowing was another construction that suffered a bit much from complexity in the wrong places.  Also, Yorick was reworked in League of Legends since I last looked, and since his design was the overall weakest among other Harrowing monsters I figured it would be worth sprucing up.
-Worshippers now only includes Undead monsters, instead of Cultists and 1-toughness Undead.
-All of Yorick's cards are completely different.  Art updated on Yorick as well.

Edited by Shining Aquas

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No I haven't forgotten to update.  Unfortunately, I had to reformat my computer to deal with a virus in the middle of finals, and got caught up in other projects, so I wasn't able to update when initially expected.


I should be able to get "the final update" sometime within this next week.

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This is it folks, the final update.

I've officially released everything that I've ever made, to be played with by whoever wants it.


This isn't necessarily the end of all things though.  I might make a couple other things here and there, and I might make a few balance changes in 2017.

And who knows, I hear Fantasy Flight have some other Arkham games that might be fun to design around :)


Thank you for checking out my work for the last few years, it's been a real treat to be a small part of this community.

Farewell...for now.





The Final Curtain



Everything Else

-All the remaining content to date has been released.  Enjoy the 6 new investigators and 1 new scenario.


Color Coded

-As a way to tease potential future projects, I've scattered around a bunch of grayed out content that may get made sometime in 2017.  Who knows?


Regarding Personal Stories and Bundles

-Personal Stories (and Sinister Plots) are currently on a "if I ever have time" schedule.  They are definitely not at the top of my list, but if I can get a few in here and there I will.

-I am planning to update all the bundles probably sometime in February, as well as add a few new ones.




*I only really have one issue with Mystical Charm and it's just the absolute lack of cost.  I still want it to feel like a powerful part of Ahri's game, but not just this massive free power that's always active.  Aside from that, make some minor adjustments to Essence Theft to make it more usable with other items.
-Mystical Charm is now "pay 1 sanity to automatically pass" instead of "you automatically pass".
-Essence Theft no longer costs all of your movement points, but using it prevents you from moving anymore this turn.  Effectively the same, but this change leaves you with movement points that can be spent on reading tomes or using other effects.  It also makes Essence Theft worse while in an Other World.
-Personal Story pass now gives "Will +1" instead of "+1 to Will checks".  Slightly better.
Amane Nishiki
*Amane hasn't really been a problem, but I found an alternative way to execute his main ability with which I was more in favor.  It's hard to tell right now if it's better or worse, but I can say that the axis of randomness is definitely larger.
-Starting location changed to "Your choice between Train Station and Darke's Carnival (Dunwich Only)."
-Spiral now causes you to roll a die for each drill counter you have, discarding it on a 1.  Used to roll a die every mythos and toss one counter on a 1-2.  Technically, this makes Spiral worse overall.
-Spiral's drill counters are no longer capped at 3.
-Travelling Troupe's main effect changed to "You may replace any amount of monster toughness with clues at Ma's Boarding House".
-Personal Story made slightly easier, reward modified reasonably.
Annie Hastur
-Tibbers is now tracked using a counter system.  Because of how it's worded, Tibbers effectively lasts 1 fewer mythos phase.
-Minor wording fixes on Annie and Tibbers
*Caitlyn is a very wordy investigator, and that's simply due to having 3 abilities, but at the same time I really like her ability spread.  My main goal this time around was to simplify the wording as much as possible, and make slight balance adjustments along the way.  I've also added an additional unique interaction with Headshot that will allow Caitlyn slightly more flexible play.
-Headshot now gives you a choice between gaining a marksman counter OR spending 3 marksman counters to add 1 success to that combat. Still requires a 6 to trigger in either case.
-Headshot no longer has a counter limit.
-Yordle Snap Trap cost reduced to 1 clue token, from 1 clue token and 1 movement point.
-Yordle Snap Trap can no longer be used if there's a monster in your space.
-Yordle Snap Trap limit increased to 3 from 2.
-Wording updated for clarity.
-Ace in the Hole is no longer free against trapped monsters, but...
-Ace in the Hole now refunds 1 clue token when you kill a trapped monster.  Yes, even if you only used marksman counters, you'll still get a clue token back.
Dr. Mundo
-Slight wording fixes on Mundo, abilities unchanged.
-Infected Cleaver now has "Any Phase: Pay 1 stamina to refresh this".
-Snatcher now cannot harvest more than 2 soul counters from any one monster.
-Art updated.
-Yuuki Terumi's Ouroboros Alpha no longer locks your movement after use.
Hershel Layton
-Second ability renamed to "The Hat Stays On" from "Never Without His Hat"
Hibiki Kohaku
*Hibiki's Double Chase is super cool, so I don't want to change that.  Silent Assassin on the other hand is usually underwhelming because people try to expect more than +2 from it but rarely get higher than that with Double Chase making it a fixed +2.  So, I decided to solve the problem all together and just make Silent Assassin's bonus a +2 all the time.  Pretty much changes nothing, but does improve player morale (and might actually lead to people discovering his "secret tech").
-Silent Assassin now gives a flat +2 bonus to your first combat check, instead of having a lot of variables.
-Removing a Rumor with Peril Insulator now reveals the top card of the Mythos deck and allows you to place it on the bottom.  Originally just revealed the top card and nothing else.
-Wording slightly updated.
-NEW Persona Added: The Keeper.  The Keeper can't be selected until you pass Isaac's Personal Story.
-The Keeper is a character built entirely around shopping, specifically better than anyone.
-Curse of Babylon now triggers at 1 sanity as well.
-Book of Belial cost now also includes 1 sanity.
-Book of Belial now resets on character switch, instead of being once per game.
-Wording slightly updated.
-Switch Bonus cost reduced to 1 sanity and 1 stamina, from 2 sanity and 2 stamina.
-Wording slightly updated.
>>The Lost
-Hanging on by a Thread now covers all Spells instead of just the first one each turn.
-Hanging on by a Thread also eliminates costs for Missions now.
Karolina Dean
-Wording updated on Karolina's abilities.
-Living Aurora now gives 1 additional dice instead of a +1 bonus to all triggered skill checks.  This is an improvement.
-Energy from the Sun's trigger is now "Karolina is all colors" instead of "Living Aurora's bonus is doubled".
Millie Ford
-Spell limit now attached to Millie's sheet instead of Cryptic Tome.  Effect is now part of Variable Magic.
-Cryptic Tome now also reduces spell checks down to -2 if they would be harder than that (-3 or greater) before other modifiers.  This makes Millie amazing at casting Arcane Insight.
*Apparently when you make a character with 20 different unique spells, there's a chance that some of them are a little busted.  Big surprise, right?  Funnily enough, the only spells that were slightly too strong were all in the Fire category.  So basically, if the spell has Fire in it, chances are it got weakened.
-Art updated
-Citrine of Rotation (1 Fire, 1 Wind) no longer grants bonuses against Ancient Ones.
-Coral of Anger (1 Fire) bonus reduced to +3 from +4.
-Garnet of Resentment (2 Fire) bonus reduced to +4 from +5.
-Rubellite of Rage (3 Fire) casting modifier increased to -2 from -1.
-Kunzite of Prison Break (1 Water, 2 Fire) can now prevent arresting within an adjacent space of Nine, instead of the same neighborhood.
-Morganite of Pulsation (2 Fire, 1 Wind) now triggers during Mythos instead of on ending Movement.  Cleaner execution, but slightly worse.
Shauna Vayne
-Minor wording adjustments on Cover of Night.
Sieg Wahrheit
-Wording updated.  Legions now work on a Facedown/Faceup system (active while faceup, normally facedown).  Actual effect still the same.
-Wording also updated on Claw, Sword, Power and Shield Legions.
-Power legion now also requires you to exhaust for the blessed combat check.  Still costs 2 stamina.
-Shield legion no longer causes 1 sanity loss if you fail the reversal skill check.
The Pantheon (Guardian)
-Minor wording fixes on main sheet.
-Yudrig now protects investigators from Nightmarish.
-Yudrig's positive effect changed to "If you pass a horror check, you get extra dice to your first combat check equal to the monster's horror damage."
-Acobi wording modified to prevent confusion with Tasks and Missions.
Twisted Fate
-Personal Story Pass Requirement lowered to $3 from $6.  Still also costs a Gate Trophy and an Ally.
Happy New Year.
Edited by Shining Aquas

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Hey guys, hope you all are doing well.

Finally graduated, so I had a little off time and decided to make some small extras for you guys.


5 / 24 / 2017
Another peek behind the Curtain



2 New Guardians:
-Elspeth Tirel, Sun's Champion
-Narset, the Transcendent

1 New Herald:
-Ashiok, Nightmare's End



Dizzy - Completely Reworked
*Dizzy wasn't in a terrible place, but I found her mechanics to be not the most noteworthy.  I'm trying a different approach to her dualistic nature, hopefully leading to a more interesting investigator.
-New Ability: Magic Duality
Spells cast by Dizzy can be augmented to be either Precise or Fierce.
           Precise spells are harder to cast and have lower combat bonuses, but cost less sanity.
           Fierce spells are easier to cast and have higher combat bonuses, but cost more sanity.
           Spells modified this way are discarded after using. If it was Precise, you gain 2 clue tokens.  If it was Fierce, you draw a new spell.
-Dizzy's Personal Story has been updated to accomidate her new ability.

Edited by Shining Aquas

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