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Ha ha, no I haven't actually forgotten about this site.


But updates have been sparse since my new educational journey has been more than a little taxing, and time is no longer something I have in large supply.  Truth be told, I haven't even really played a game of Arkham in about 2-3 months.  Hard to playtest things when you don't play the game.


Don't worry though, I'm still alive and hey maybe there's other people on this site and maybe they've made some cool things too or maybe not.  It's a little hard to tell at a glance which mechanical contraptions people have made that actually work, but just like rummaging through a can of legos you sometimes have to feel your way around EVERYTHING to find the pieces you like.


What was I talking about again?  Updates?  Right.


So, yeah I'll try to get something up soon, but chances are there won't be any balance changes yet again because I haven't really had the time to do proper analysis, which might be good or bad depending on how you look at it.


There are a couple of small things I've been working on that I figure you might be interested in:


Arkham Light!

Okay what...even IS that?  Like, all I can picture is a Cthulhu with a bib and a big ol' smile.


But seriously, what is that?  Well, I don't know if anyone else noticed, but a few of the characters I've created have some complexity issues.  Maybe after you've picked up those characters a few times, you may find that their large collection of tools is RAD, maybe even SERIOUSLY COOL, and I think that's GREAT.  The problem however is that those characters aren't usually going to get to that point simply because the initial information hurdle is just too much, even for experienced players!  That's just WHACK, absolutely NOT COOL.  The objective of Arkham Light is turn that frown upside down, cracking open these superimposing investigators like a flipped over crustacean.

After the update goes through, downloading any character that may be a little more complex than average will receive a series of "Arkham Light" rules that help to introduce those characters' abilities in smaller chunks, allowing players to get more familiar before diving deeper.  The alternate rules will appear as a simple text document, and will come in a couple different varieties.  The above character, for example, has a beginner version in which you only have access to 3-4 of her most basic abiilties, as opposed to all 8.


>Doesn't that undermine the player?


Possibly, but it's definitely not intentional.  I actually feel the opposite way, I feel like I may have been expecting too much of the people trying to play these characters since they are just plain difficult to pick up and play.


>Doesn't restricting a character's options make them worse?


Unfortunately, any character run through the Arkham Light rulings will probably be weaker by default, but never in a crippling manner.  The core identity hasn't changed, just a few branches have been trimmed.  As you gain confidence and comfort with these investigators, you can start dismissing the Arkham Light versions.  They are 100% optional in all cases, and fully adjustable.  At best, they function as personal recommendations.



More organized playtesting

This is a more minor detail, but before I play another game of Arkham, I'm going to try to flag down characters that seem like they are most in need of attention for one reason or another.  This way, I don't get too bogged down playtesting characters that don't need it so badly.

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Back from the eternal hiatus!

I finally have a brief respite from school work, so I'm gonna use that time to finally update again.  Lucky you!


Like the last time, there aren't really that many updates, but most of that is due to many characters reaching a point where I can say I'm content with their power level and thematic representation.  Additionally, the changes listed are only a small pool of the total changes, but the rest all deals in future content.


8 / 1 / 2014 - Summer is Over



New Investigators:

-Gordeau, the Snatcher - Available in the "Under Night In-birth" segment of Investigators

-Orie, the Holy Dispatch - Available in the "Under Night In-birth" segment of Investigators




Dieu Mort (Herald)

*I really like Dieu Mort as a high difficulty Herald that's especially good for advanced players or people seeking a challenge, but one of his abilities is a little out of theme.  When I first made him, I was trying to stick to his primary abilities from the actual game, but while his first two abilities carry a similar "death" theme, the third ability is more about "chaos" then "death".  So, I've changed the third ability to be a little bit more in theme.
-Mirior has been removed.
-New Ability: Execution
"Whenever an investigator is knocked unconscious or driven insane, roll a die.  On a 1-2, that investigator is devoured."


*Shaggy has an interesting history of balance.  The last major change he received was no longer starting with Food and having an extra dollar to compensate, which funnily enough made him go from super powerful to incredibly weak.  Not only do I feel that Shaggy really needs Food to function (ha), but it's also more in theme to have his 2 fixed possessions be Duke (Scooby Doo) and Food (Scooby Snacks).  Since I don't want him to be stupidly broken again, I added some more reasonable limits to how often it can be used.
-Starts with Food and 1 less dollar.  This is a revert to an old change.
-When Shaggy exhausts food to pass an evade check, he places a token on the food.  Any foods that Shaggy has are automatically discarded upon reaching 3 tokens.
-Passing Shaggy's personal story now also adds "Shaggy doesn't need to discard foods until they reach 5 tokens".


Good to be back on the beat.

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Oh man, this new school term is brutal.  5 classes plus a part time job.


And I still make time for all of you, because you matter.  THANK ME!!!!!!!!


Anyways, STUFF!


9 / 19 / 2014

Golden Guardian



New Guardians:

-Djinn, Essence of the Lost Art - Available in the Miscellaneous segment of Guardians.



-Tryndamere, the Barbarian King has been completely removed.

-Malcolm Graves, the Outlaw is a new investigator that will be replacing him. Graves can be found in the League of Legends segment of Investigators.

*Tryndamere was originally built as a "stack killer" designed to fight large clusters of monsters all at once.  He definitely did his job well, but players just ultimately didn't like him very much.  He often felt boring, awkward and out of place.  For the sake of the Arkham environment, I feel that Graves can easily cover that stack killing role while incorporating more flavor into it.  As for Mocking Shout, it won't be missed since we now have other characters that can accomplish that same sort of power as well (Gordeau, if we're just looking at recent developments).  So, ultimately I feel this change is for the best.



-Art updated!  No other changes made.

Journey Corston:

*Journey is a neat character, her version of future sight allows investigators a few moments of excellent capitalization, but there are a few issues with her current arrangement.  The primary issue is any game in which her main ability only triggers once ever at the start of the game, which has proven to still be very effective but really prevents Journey from making any meaningful impact on the rest of the game.  The secondary issue is that her item selection is actually not intuitive with her ability.  I've restructured her starting items both to prevent confusion and give her full game impact in cases where her ability never happens, and fashioned for her a Personal Story to give her more to do and consider over the course of a game.
-No longer starts with Astral Mirror, instead starts with Sigil of Hermes Trismegistus. Starts with 1 more dollar and 1 fewer clue.
-Wording cleanup on her main ability. This was done to prevent possible confusion on when it actually triggers.
-Journey now has a Personal Story!


Shauna Vayne:
-Art updated!  No other changes made.


Tsubaki Yayoi:

-No changes this update, however...

*Back in July, I mentioned that I was working on a side project called "Arkham Light" which was an attempt to take the overly complex characters and simplify them both for beginners and for general ease in approach.  That idea, however, has been scrapped in favor of taking all the majorly complex characters and redesigning them with ease of access in mind.  Tsubaki will be the first on the list of major redesigns in this manner; truthfully I'm already done making it...sort of.  The current rework is in an Alpha stage and will be playtested before I have anything meaningful.  But chances are, a newer version of Tsubaki will likely be done by October.  Look forward to it.

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Happy Halloween in advance.  Hope you guys are pumped for trick or treatin', pumkin carvin' and scaring away the little kids with your gruesome costume.


Like for most months, this will probably be the only update in October, but I do generally plan to get my unreleased content out just a little bit faster in the future.  Hopefully.


Here's what we have today:


10 / 17 / 2014

Tradition; Evolution



Wait, what?

-Um...technically we don't have any new content this time around.


You Monster!

*Calm down, there's a good reason.  This month has no "new" content, but two investigators have been completely overhauled to the point where they way as well be new investigators.  I'm more concerned about fixing them then shoving more potentially broken content down your throats.

-Two Investigators, Tsubaki Yayoi and Viktor, have received an entire kit rework.  Practically new investigators as a result.



-Now, whenever content is changed, that download will be marked with the "UPDATED" sign on the first post.  This will make it easier to see what has been affected most recently.



Tell me a Story

The following investigators now have personal stories:


-Linne Yato


-New Art
-Temptress renamed to Mystical Charm
-Essence Theft now allows you to split the recovery between Sanity and Stamina freely.

-Relinked Cho'Gath's download on the list of downloadable content (holy crap I had no idea he was missing)
-New Art
-Slightly weakened the pass effect on his Personal Story.

Tsubaki Yayoi

*Tsubaki is an investigator with a good identity: Versatile with tons of options, but those options are limited and costly.  I like seeing her played to the fullest, but unfortunately she brings way more problems right now then she's worth.  First off, no one plays her, most likely due to information overload and difficulty.  Second, she's likely way too strong, simply a by-product of having so many abilities.  When I reworked Tsubaki, my aim was to improve the upfront display of information as well as reduce her power by a fair amount.  Instead of being a character that simply has all the tools, she now feels like a character that can progressively learn all the tools, which I feel is just more rewarding.
-New Art
-Tsubaki's Judgment Art cards have been completely reworked.  The newer cards are now sorted with large background numbers indicating "Tier" or level of that JA.
-Tsubaki no longer starts with all of her Judgment Art cards.  Instead now starts with a "Tier-1 Judgment" of your choice.
-Divine Judgment now allows you to choose one of two possible functions each turn.  The first is similar to the original Judgment Art functionality, but no longer stops you from using Install.  The second is a new function, called "Illuminate", which allows you to spend 5 stock during upkeep to gain a brand new Judgment Art of the new highest tier that you don't own already (maxing at Tier-4).
-Personal Story completely reworked to open up additional functionality with new kit.  By completing your personal story, you can open up Tier-5 Judgement Arts.


*Viktor is very underwhelming to play right now, but he's not really broken.  He's actually a decent investigator as is, and has a clearly defined goal right from the start.  His theme isn't really pushed as hard as I feel it should however, and his kit is a little unrefined.  In this rework, I aimed at bringing a little more zing to this character, improving the possibility and feel of his "Artifical Evolution" theme, while also getting rid of unnecessary elements like "Bionic Arm".  Viktor should definitely feel like a more dynamic investigator this time around.
-New Art
-Hex Core cost raised to $8 from $6.  Viktor starts with 1 fewer clue.
-Bionic Arm ability completely removed.
-Evolving Technology replaced with Glorious Evolution.
-Glorious Evolution: "Whenever Viktor picks up any amount of clue tokens from the board, he gains that many evolution counters on his Hex Core.  When it has 6 or more, remove them and gain an augment of your choice."
-The 3 augment choices have been renamed and slightly adjusted, but retain the same base function.  More importantly, you can potentially gain all 3 of them.
-Personal Story completely reworked to better fit his new playstyle.


Get that candy.

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Sorry I haven't updated for a while.


Because I haven't played Arkham in about 2-3 months, I haven't really been able to test any of my content in a while.  It would be irresponsible of me to post changes and new content without making sure it's stable, or at least make sure there aren't broken interactions I may have missed.  Nobody wants that.


When I get a chance to mess with things again, I'll start updating.

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Ah, good catch.  I guess when I compiled it last time I forgot to include it.  My bad.


I'm a little busy right now, but I'll have it fixed up by tomorrow.

In the mean time, you can always just substitute the Mojo Token with another miscellaneous token in your possession (the Zhar token comes to mind).


EDIT: It's fixed, a Mojo token has been included.

Edited by Shining Aquas

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Alright, I don't know if I can really say I'm back in the swing of things, but for the moment I feel like I can release these confidently without screwing anything up too badly.  Enjoy.


2 / 17 / 2015

So Many Ways to Play



New Guardian

-Phenex, Arcana of Sound has been added to the Arcana Heart section of Guardians




-Art slightly tweaked.  This is hardly worth mentioning since the two portraits are nearly the same.


-Yordle Snap Trap reworded for clarity, especially regarding how traps are triggered since it wasn't clear before.


*Isaac, why you gotta be such a pain in the but?  This is actually the second time this investigator is receiving a complete overhaul.  The first time I put a heavy emphasis on the switching aspect, which ended up being a healthy change but also not quite solving some of the bigger core issues with Isaac.  He still had the same problem that Tsubaki had until recently: Too many options, too much information.

This new version of Isaac is designed to handle the complexity issue and is also pushing the secondary characters to be really specifically oriented towards certain strategies.  He may have more options than before, but it's definitely far easier to manage this time around.
-Kit Reworked!  During Game Setup, in addition to Isaac you also select 2 of Isaac's personas and set them aside. Those are the only characters you can switch between. You can gain access to a third character by passing Isaac's personal story.
-Three new characters added! Lazarus is available as an initial selection.  Azazel and Eden are available as rewards for passing Isaac's Personal Story.
-Isaac's Personal Story Reward changed to accompany the new selection and rules.
-Roll of the dice now only triggers once ever through trading with another investigator, but can be done again after switching back to Isaac from a different character.

>>All Characters
-"Choose your Character" ability has been removed from everyone but Isaac.
-Instead of simply having the title "Isaac's Persona", each other persona of Isaac's has their own unique title. Neat!
-The area where items are normally listed now states that the persona you are playing has access to the "Choose your Character" ability from Isaac's sheet.
-Slightly updated art for all characters.

-Guardian Bird reworked: "Whenever you lose or pay any amount of sanity or stamina, roll dice equal to the amount paid or lost. If any dice are a success, gain 1 clue token. This ability cannot trigger more than twice per turn."
-Curse of Babylon reworked: "Eve is blessed whenever her stamina is 1, and she discards her blessing whenever she's not at 1.  The first time this occurs, Eve gains a spell."

-Switch bonus now grants $2 to any investigator within Arkham instead of any other investigator anywhere.
-Luck's on my Side reworked: "Any time Cain gains a common, unique or exhibit item (encounter phases only), roll a die. On a 5-6, gain an additional common.  If Cain's luck is at least 5, he rolls two dice instead."

-Strength of Heart reworked: During upkeep, you may spend 2 focus to recover 1 stamina to all investigators in your area. If you do, move her speed/sneak slider one space to the left.

-The Book of Belial no longer costs sanity to activate.
-The Book of Belial now also doubles Will as well as Fight for the turn.
-The Book of Belial is now once per game and no longer refreshes upon switching.

-Minor wording updates

-"Look at all this cool crap" renamed to "Hidden Stockpile".  I can't believe at some point I thought the old name was okay :\

Edited by Shining Aquas

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Hey folks, I know there hasn't been any updates here since February, but I'm gonna try and make it worth your while.


This time, we have 4 NEW CONTENT UPDATES!  That's a lot of update.  I can't even hold on to it.


So hopefully you'll be not so mad with me :|


5 / 5 / 2015

CInco de My Goodness



New Investigator

-Kagura Mutsuki, the Black Knight is now available.  Find him in the Blazblue section under investigators.


New Ancient One

-Riful, the Torn Dweller is now available.  Find her in the Claymore section under Ancient Ones.


New Guardian

-The Pantheon, Shrine of the Old World is now available.  Find it in the Miscellaneous section under Guardians.


New Herald

-Vraska, the Unseen is now available.  Find her in the Magic the Gathering section under Heralds.




We don't have any.  Things are in good shape right now.

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Hey, just a quick update.


So, uh, my computer exploded.  Rather, it malfunctioned hard enough to the point where the only real fix involves reinstalling Windows and wiping the hard drive, which includes all my Arkham Stuff.


Needless to say, this month's update is gonna be a little late, or potentially very late if the content on my drive isn't recoverable.  We'll see.


But there were a lot of things planned for the next update.

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Hey folks.  I was able to fix my computer for the most part, which means that I can update as originally planned.  I still haven't gotten operations up 100%, but I have more than enough on hand to get this update through.


There's a TON of changes today, but surprisingly most of them are fairly small in scope.  I think the number of massive changes from this point on will be extremely minimal as I feel the overall "balance" of things is in good shape.  Most of the small changes this time around are minor nerfs for things that are performing a little too strongly, minor buffs for things that aren't quite at the strength I would like, and a few quality of life improvements for things that haven't gotten attention in a long time.  Obviously I'm never gonna get everything around here in a perfect state, but I feel like most of my creations are in a healthy and interesting position, which I prefer highly over "perfect".




6 / 27 / 2015

Eternal Struggle



New Investigator

-Eddie, the Desparate Entity is now available.  Find him in the Guilty Gear section under Investigators.


Fazing Out of WinRar

*Don't worry, this is actually a good change, and honestly it won't affect most people.

-All updates from here moving forward will compiled as .ZIP instead of .RAR.  This doesn't mean I'm going to redo all the existing content to match this (maybe I will if I have the time), but anything I update anything from here on out will be put together as a ZIP folder instead of a RAR folder, which should make it substatially easier for everyone to access within their respective browsers/explorers.




Undocumented changes

*We are working hard behind the scenes to make sure all future content is carefully crafted and well constructed before releasing it to the public.  By we I mostly mean I, but I like to think this is a team effort here.

-Changes went through to improve the usability of future releases including Bard, Calliope/Caliborn, Red, The Process and The Harrowing.


Almacia (Guardian)
*This won't affect most of you.  This change is actually targeted towards a very small collection of fringe cases within the pool of custom content our group has, mostly to stop a total of 2 investigators from going completely out of control on the "infinite" movement this Guardian currently allows.  You can totally ignore this change if you want, but I'm still sending it through to prevent future fringe cases from popping up.
-Raest's travel benefit is now "The first time an investigator travels from one depot area to another each turn, it costs 0 movement points" instead of "It doesn't cost movement points to travel from one depot area to another".

Anutpada (Herald)
-Infinite Light continues to scale downward even further.  Used to delay on a roll of 1-2, and proceeded to only delay on a roll of 1 following a successful delay.  Now, if it delays two turns in a row, skip the roll on the third turn.

Carl Clover

*Sticking to the belief that children should probably have a collective Sanity/Stamina pool of less than 10.

-Carl's starting sanity has been lowered to 6 from 7.  He now also starts with an additional dollar and common item.

Djinn (Guardian)

*Djinn is doing fantastically and lots of people really enjoy what they do.  That being said, it can be very easy to lose track of when a new Djinn appears on the board, and the rate at which they are appearing right now is just a tiny bit too frequent.  This change seeks to solve that issue, and while it is a very minor nerf I can assure you this extremely powerful guardian needs one.
-Djinn now appear "Whenever an odd number on the doom track is filled in" instead of "at the end of every odd mythos phase".  Djinn still appear immediately following a gate seal.

The Fates of Septerra (Guardian)
-Law of Marduk no longer gives blessed rolls to investigators with equal sanity and stamina.  Instead, having equal sanity and stamina now gives investigators a guaranteed one-dice-minimum to any skill checks they make.
-Wording arrangement completely redone.  No abilities other than Law of Marduk have actually changed.

*Gwendolyn hasn't been touched or changed at all in the last 3-4 years, and she's also the most downloaded investigator I have.  I've maintained the belief that she's exceptionally well crafted and suffers from very little, along with having some very well defined advantages that are never really over the top.  So I can imagine that seeing Gwendolyn on the adjustment bulletin might have you worried, but don't be.  Both of these are quality of life improvements to make sure that Gwendolyn is still doing what she was meant to be doing without fundamentally changing how she plays.  To everyone that's been playing her from the beginning, thank you and I hope you enjoy this slightly improved Gwen.
-Growing Confidence now triggers when the doom track is half full (rounded up), instead of when the first 2 rows are filled.  In all cases this is a buff, but it's a stronger buff against some Ancient Ones over others (significantly better against 10 and lower tracks, only slightly better against everything else)
-Growing Confidence's second effect now waits for "Start of Battle" effects to resolve before blessing Gwendolyn.
-If Growing Confidence's second effect attempts to bless Gwendolyn when she's already blessed, she will instead gain a skill.

Jin Kisaragi
-Minor addendum added to Frostbite to indicate that after passing a combat or evade check against a frozen monster, you can only continue moving IF you haven't already engaged with a non-frozen monster this turn.  This is a nerf, but ultimately shouldn't affect much.
-Minor addendum added to Cold Shoulder to remind people that even if you return an ally gained through an encounter, you still receive any benefits to them initially joining you. (EX: Ryan Dean is returned to the deck, but you still get a common item from him).  This was always intended.

-Elfaria's Blessing now also requires you to spend 1 sanity to donate a blessing.
-Elfaria's Blessing received some wording cleanup to improve clarity.

Millie Ford
*Sorry Millie.
-Millie now starts at the Train Station instead of Player's Choice.


*I decided to do some math on Nasus to determine the overall power of the end game for this insane character.  Normally, investigators have a total stat arrangement of 17, which you should get by adding all of the values of a single column of stats to the focus.  If a character is above that total, they are above average, and having below that total leads to below average stats.  Nasus currently has a starting stat arrangement of 12, which is way below average, but his ability causes him to grow that number by 1 on average once per turn, eventually reaching the insane maximum of 20.  I know that Nasus has a pretty crippled early game, but ending at 20 is just a little too ridiculous.  By having him cap out at 19 instead, his end game now makes him comparable in stats to Roland Banks, which is still crazy powerful but at least it's no longer completely unstoppable.
-Fury of the Sands can now only trigger 7 times per game instead of 8.

Nico Minoru
-Nico now starts at The Witch House instead of the Train Station.  She now starts with one additional clue as a result.

Nu -13-

*Nu -13- is functioning well, but the timing of Archetype Shift was a little awkward, both in phrasing and in execution.  This minor change improves her ability to adjust her stats while also giving her some more reasonable limitations to boot.
-Archetype Shift is no longer restricted in use, which means you can switch your stat track mid encounter again.
-Archetype Shift now costs 1 sanity to use if activated on any phase other than Upkeep or Movement.

Partinias (Guardian)

*Basically, Partinias was doing her job too well.  I mean, I built her to be the archetypical guardian, but when she's potentially preventing upwards of about 3-4 sanity loss a turn (however unlikely), maybe she needs to be toned down a tad.
-Fengari can now only reduce losses on each investigator once per value per turn.

Phenex (Guardian)
-Ars Antiqua got some wording updates to improve clarity regarding how long Canons actually last for.  The actual ability remains unchanged.
-Canons can no longer appear in Other Worlds.  This was a bit of a fringe case, but its still possible and was never intended.

Shane Talos

*I love watching Shane interact with spell casting parties.  The benefits he offers are strongly unique and encourage cool team construction.  Unfortunately, the amount of contribution he offers in 6-8 person groups is a little too much, especially when he was guaranteeing 1 extra spell every turn almost every game.  I don't really want to just raise the storm number since that makes him only viable in larger groups (which ironically doesn't fix anything), but I was able to find a nice compromise that will help curve him out better in larger groups while not causing him to lose out in smaller parties.
-Maximum number of storm counters that Shane can have is now 3 + half the number of players (rounded down) instead of a flat 5.
-In order to produce a spell, Shane needs to be at his maximum number of storm counters and discard all of them, instead of discarding 5.  Functionally the same, but the numbering is different.
-Wording Arrangement on "Eye of the Storm" has been modified to make readability and function easier.

-Glorious Evolution now triggers on any clues gained, instead of just clues gained from the board.
-Glorious Evolution cannot give more than 3 tokens per turn.

Zillael (Guardian)

*The amount of tokens that people were stockpiling on Zillael was just plain unfair.  I like the idea behind the ability, in which players with extra sanity/stamina could donate their excess to players that really needed it.  Unfortunately, people were using the Guardian a little bit too much like a bank rather than the charity it was intended to be.  This is a pretty massive nerf on paper, but really the only thing I've removed is the very unhealthy interaction this guardian was facillitating.  The remaining function is still very strong when used well, and also performs the way it was always intended to be used.
-Tokens put on Zillael from "Crusade" now only last until the end of the turn.

Edited by Shining Aquas

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Alright, I've been prepping this update for about a week straight.  It's huge.  It's actually beyond huge.  In fact, to quote the eternal statement that's been locked on my topic ever since we switched server hosts the first time around:

This update is literally the size of the Abyss


Today we have for you an insane 21 new investigators to play with, plus 2 new Ancient Ones and 1 new Herald.  Yeah that's not a typo, there are 21 new investigators.  Holy mother of Shudde M'ell, if I dropped this update I might cause a quake.


So that's what's up today.  It's summer, go nuts with this pile of something I'm dropping at your feet.  It'll probably be pretty hard to pick it up, don't throw your back out trying.  Maybe just take it slow, like 1 or 2 investigators at a time?  Seems fair.



The Big Fat Homestuck Surprise




New Investigators

*Nope, I'm not listing all of them again.  Go check out the 1st post.

-The "Homestuck" tab has been created under Investigators.  Included is a whopping 21 new investigators to explore.  WOW!


New Ancient Ones

-The "Homestuck" tab has been created under Ancient Ones as well.  The Black King and Doc Scratch can be found there.


New Herald

-The Black Queen added under Miscellaneous Heralds.  Highly recommended that you also download The Black King to go with her.




More Stories!

-Personal Stories finished for the following investigators:

           >Carmine Prime


           >Kagura Mutsuki

*I know the process for these things has been slow, and I do apologize for that, but there's a few things happening here.  The first is that I'm pretty busy, but the second is that I actually put a pretty insane amount of time into making personal stories work.  Like, at least an hour each if I already know what I'm doing.  I do a lot of research on the character in question, plus consider their mechanics and what they are trying to accomplish versus what they actually can accomplish, what kind of risk versus reward should I be considering, etc.  It's a lot of work, believe me, and it's not always something I have the ability to just...well, do.  I promise they will all be finished by some point in the future though.


Iliad Palette

*Trying to encourage more bold use of Strokes of Magic by offering an escape route when draws are really terrible.
-Strokes of Magic now additionally gives you the option to return both drawn monsters to the monster cup at the cost of 1 sanity.

King Gallon (AO)
-If you close a gate to the Underworld, instead of removing 1 undead monster you now remove all of them.

Leventhan (AO)
-Baby Leventhan's awareness raised to +1 from +0.  He is still Elusive though.

-Failing Malzahar's Personal Story now raises the Terror Level by 1, instead of adding a doom token to the doom track.

Makoto Nanaya
-Art Updated!
-Slight wording update to Impact.  Overall functionality is the same, but some clauses were changed and others added to make sure there is no possible confusion about how much you are allowed to roll.

Onyx (AO)
-Attack is now a Speed (+0) check instead of a Speed (+1) check.

Orie Paladia
-The cost to use Thanatos raised to 2 Sanity from 1.  Still costs 2 clue tokens as well.

The Cauldron (AO)

*One thing I've noticed about The Cauldron is that once it devours one investigator, the fight is pretty much over.  It's way too difficult at that point to fight back against such a ridiculous discrepancy in power.  As a result I'm lowering the overall amount of recovery The Cauldron gets from killing players without directly weakening any of its actual attack power.
-If the attack devours an investigator, it now restores doom tokens equal to half the investigator's remaining stamina (rounded down) instead of (rounded up).
-If the attack devours an investigator, the amount of doom tokens restored is reduced by 1 for each item that was tossed by that player this turn.

-Stamina increased to 7 from 6.  Sanity lowered to 3 from 4.

Yu Narukami
-Personal Story Pass Condition's time limit now triggers at 4 doom away from the Ancient One awakening, instead of 5.
-Personal Story Punishment now only requires all other investigators to spend 5 monster toughness or 1 gate trophy to reverse the effects, which means Yu doesn't need to also pay for it anymore.
-Personal Story Punishment overall wording cleaned up to make requirements more clear.

Edited by Shining Aquas

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Hey, happy August everyone.  Can you believe the summer is almost over?  Hot dang.


Today's update has a little bit of your favorite OLD AND BUSTED, and also adds a healthy dash of THE NEW HOTNESS.  That's what kids are saying these days, right?  I'm still cool...


SO, let's get you some of that NEW AND BUSTED HOTNESS



Artificial Living




New Investigators

-Vatista, the Artificial Angel can be found in the Under Night In-Birth section under Investigators.

-Merkava, Predator of the Void can be found in the same section as Vatista.




More Stories!

-The following investigators now have Personal Stories:

           >Jane Crocker

           >Roxy Lalonde

           >Jake English

           >Dirk Strider

*As promised, they are now finished.  I bet you weren't expecting them to be finished after one update.  I sure as hell wasn't either...


Amane Nishiki

*Oh boy.  This is gonna be tricky.  So, the truth is I don't actually think there's a whole lot wrong with Amane but at the same time I don't feel like he has enough "right" to balance it out.  I could just give him a few number tweaks and nudges here and there, but I think parts of his kit are just not working that well on a fundamental level.  I've gone and make some pretty crazy changes to Amane, all with the intent of keeping his "identity" intact while broadly opening up his effectiveness, but it's very easily possible I've overshot here.  I feel like I'm taking a pretty big risk with these changes and it's very possible that Amane will be ridiculous as a result.  Until I'm sure, I'll be keeping a close eye on the immortal ringleader.  If you happen to notice any funny business, please let me know.

-Amane now starts the game with a random Ally instead of a random Skill.

-Travelling Troupe overhauled.  Now is "Whenever Amane draws one or more random Ally cards, he draws 1 extra card and discards 1 of those cards."
-Travelling Troupe also has "Any Phase: Exhaust an ally to reroll 1 successful die (if there are any) and up to 1 failing die on any given skill check."
-Wording changed on Spiral to make a weird interaction a little more clear (you get a drill counter for each success you roll, EVEN IF you reroll it afterward)

-Amane's personal story pass condition amended to factor in his new starting ally.

Bloody Marie (AO)

*I think it's pretty sad if the most interesting elements of your Ancient One are the Final Battle and the Sinister Plots.  Here's me trying to spruce up the actual "game" portion of Bloody Marie to make for a more intense experience overall.
-Wishes on the Skull Heart reworked.  When rolling a die, now produces a random green bordered monster on a roll of 2-4, and a random mask monster on a roll of 5-6.  Used to only produce a mask monster on a roll of 1-3.
-Now, whenever a Mask Monster is defeated, it's put on Marie's sheet and a doom token is removed.
-Start of Battle now also has "Any time a Siniser Plot would be drawn, instead draw 2 and discard 1."  Keep in mind that Bloody Marie has 6 total Sinister Plots.
-Start of Battle now also has "Treat each Mask monster on this sheet as an additional doom token that needs to be removed before the main doom tokens."

Chimbley Sweep

*Chimbley has been kinda rolling around in his own dirt for a while now, and I know he likes to do that but every once in a while you have to clean up a bit.  Most of these changes are really "wording" issues and updates so his actual core functions don't change all that much, but in addition I threw a little bit of extra strength to keep him relevant with the game in its current state (especially since he has a very hard time against Lurker Gates).

-Starts with 1 fewer dollar and no longer starts with a random spell.  Now starts with a random unique.
-Slight amendments to Convenient Law Enforcement to explain interactions with arrested players and with Innsmouth Jail.
-Personal Story Pass Reward changed to "Gains +1 to skill checks made to close gates as long as there's a monster in jail, and +2 instead if that monster is a worshipper".  Still gives Will +1.

Darkova (AO)

*Last week, there were changes and touch-ups to every single Odin Sphere Ancient One except for Darkova.  I didn't forget him, but the changes on him were a little more critical and much more delicate so I needed more time to get it just right.  There's some pretty significant changes coming into play for our Focus Punisher here, and along with some added bite he also became surprisingly more interactive.  I also took the opportunity to make some adjustments to his special scenario "Corrupted Beast" as well.  Try that out if you want a serious challenge.
-Death Roulette now triggers on the first player every turn regardless of if they adjusted their stats or not.
-Instead of rolling twice, Darkova now just asks you to roll once to find out what stat is being judged.  Then, if that is your lowest stat and isn't tied, you lose either 2 sanity or 2 stamina.  If it is tied with other stats, you lose 1 instead of 2.
-Start of Battle effect is now "Any investigator that currently has a 0 in any stat is devoured."  Originally was "Each investigator gains an injury and a madness."
   > Corrupted Beast Scenario
     -First Player clause removed from Embrace My Suffering since with the new Darkova, it's redundant.
     -In the case of a tied stat, investigators lose 1 stamina and sanity instead of 2, or roll a die and gain a corruption on a failure instead of just flat out gaining a corruption.
     -Minor wording cleanup regarding the placing of worshippers.
     -Now has "If an investigator with 1 or more corruptions is devoured or retires, add a doom token to the doom track."


-Art Updated! Both the main sheet and the Zero Weave Mode Shift spell have updated art assets (the Valkyrie Astraea card has the same art however)

-Scarlet Justice now also grants scarlet counters each time Izayoi spends a clue token to roll a die on a skill check.

Jane English

*I'm so sorry, I know she literally just came out less than a month ago.  There were some things I noticed right after she went out that I felt needed some addressing, and they really are minor things so the overall experience shouldn't be all that different, but the fact that I'm basically asking you to reprint it is my bad.  That being said, all the changes here are buffs, so maybe you'll be less mad?
-Gaining Food from Velma's Diner now costs $1 instead of $2.
-If a Food isn't found when using Baking Prodigy's ability, she is now refunded the cost in addition to just having a regular encounter (really should of been there the first time especially since it was always intended).
-Lifesaver now only costs 1 sanity IF you are only at 2 when you attempt to use it.  The rest of the time, the cost is still 2 sanity (so it will always cost at least half of your sanity without buffs).
-Lifesaver can no longer be used if it would result in Jane being driven insane.  So basically, you can't use it if you only have 1 sanity left.

Mother Brain (AO)

*Mother Brain is great from a design perspective, but there's a few areas where she's not alltogether strong enough, so I tuned her power up just a hair to make her a bit more of a game threat.  Also, the function of her Final Battle has changed a lot on paper, but it's really not that different from what it originally was.

-The trigger on Monster Surges is "Replace the first half of the monster surge (rounded up) with Metroids" instead of "Place a Metroid on every open gate before putting down the rest of the surging monsters".
-Now spawns a Metroid each time the Terror Level rises on a gate of the first player's choice.
-Now has a Start of Battle!  Start of Battle creates an epic battle deck made of anywhere between 3 and 6 cards based on number of players.
-Mother Brain's attack is now "Doesn't attack, but the first player has an additional -2 penalty to their check unless they are the only remaining player."
-Instead of autowinning after 6 turns, Mother Brain now says "If you attempt to draw an Epic Battle Card and cannot, all investigators are devoured."
-If the small deck contains Battle Events and Battle Conditions, for each one drawn, another card at random is added to the deck.

Relius Clover
-Ignis' "X" bonus against the Ancient One is now 3 instead of 2.
-Wording updated for Ignis' sheet to prevent possible confusion from what monster's toughness you are supposed to factor when creating her combat bonus (to be clear, it's supposed to give extra dice based on the opposing monster's toughness, not using the toughness of all monsters on Ignis).  Functionally however, there is no change.

Tabuu (AO)
-Attack received minor wording changes to note that the green neighborhood of Innsmouth is treated the same way as depot locations are (they are all adjacent and free of charge), and to say that in the unlikely event that the entire board is marked and there are investigators somehow alive (custom investigators traveling into the sky or lost in time and space perhaps) that the investigators will still lose the game.


*These changes are being made for two reasons.  The first is that Teddie is really boring to play at the start of the game, which I kinda expected, but I figured if you at least had the ability to manipulate your fate a little bit, it would vastly improve the playability.  The second is because I recently finished Rise's investigator, and didn't want her Persona's stats intervening too much with Teddie's.  Rise will be released probably next month or at the end of this month, but we'll see about that later...

-Midnight Traveler now also has "At the beginning of each upkeep if you are in an Other World, you gain 1 sanity and stamina and may travel to the first area of any different Other World."
-Kintoki Douji now gives +1 to Skill Checks while in an Other World, instead of +1 Luck.
-Kintoki Douji's ability to prevent delayed status is now always active, instead of active on exhaust.
-Personal Story Reward modified to sync up with the changes to Kintoki-Douji.

Twisted Fate

*I like what Twisted Fate can do, and I want him to keep doing that.  Unfortunately, I don't want to be responsible for making a character that is literally blessed all game with no tradeoff.  I've seen it happen, I'm not a big fan of it, and while his ability itself is cool I need to get rid of the toxic element attached to it.  This change actually has the benefit of fixing the toxic case and also manages to be fairly thematic, so when destiny smiles on you like that you better smile back.

-Loaded Dice no longer limited to once per turn.
-Loaded Dice now costs 1 sanity to use, and the cost must be paid before making the roll.
-If Loaded Dice is used on Pick a Card's trigger, the sanity cost is refunded afterwards.
-Loaded Dice now affects all dice you roll in that manner, not just one.

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

*Hurr Durr I sure am good at these number things.  I managed to make a personal story that might've been almost impossible to pass due to the investigator simply just not having enough time.
-Personal Story Pass Condition now only requires 5 tokens instead of 8.

Edited by Shining Aquas

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It's September, which means it's time to go back to school for all the kids.  And also me, though I'm really not much of a kid anymore :\


Not a really huge update today.  We have one new investigator, one heavily updated investigator, and a couple of small changes.  Good news is there isn't much to print this time around.


We will have a much larger content update in October in prep for Halloween, so look forward to that.




Back to School Surprise



New Investigators

-Rise Kujikawa, Arcana of the Lovers is now available in the Persona 4 section under Investigators.  She even comes with her Personal Story already finished!





*Pretty much every single change to this character was in the form of a nerf to his mobility.  It kinda sucks because his unique mobility is...well, it's pretty much all he has.  But I don't particularly regret any of those decisions because they were well founded: Hazama just had too much free movement.  That being said, the last change was the one that ultimately mattered the most, the one that said "Using Ouroboros prevents you from moving any further this turn".  After that, no one played Hazama because the compounded nerfs have made him kind of terrible and very limited in ability.  From here going forward, I decided I would use the last major restriction as the ground work from which to rebuild Hazama.  Truth be told, these changes give him even MORE mobility than when the character started, but thanks to the new framework I know that he'll still be in line.
-Ouroboros now only costs 1 counter to move onto an investigator instead of 2.

-Hazama no longer gains snake counters for making successful skill checks.  Instead, Hazama now gains 2 snake counters at the start of each upkeep as long as he didn't use the ability the previous turn.

-Ouroboros can now be used multiple times per turn.  Using it still prevents you from moving further via normal means, but you can force movement using the ability a second time.
-Ouroboros can now only be used while in Arkham, and can only target investigators within the same town as you. Used to be able to target any investigator in Arkham and could technically be cast from places that were never intended (Other World, Lost in Time and Space, etc.).
-Ouroboros can no longer be used in the middle of encountering a monster.

Journey Corston

*I messed up :(

-Journey has been properly relinked.  Her file now comes with her personal story instead of just the investigator sheet.  I can't believe I didn't catch this sooner, I'm so sorry.

Mu -12-

*A while back, I liked to talk about trying to find the right space for Mu.  I thought I was satisfied with the last batch of changes to her kit, but ultimately I had still made an extremely passive character that just wasn't that interesting to play, despite being balanced.  This set of changes results in a complete restructuring of both her abilities as well as her identity of play.  The goal here was to create a character that was extremely active and had a major impact on the board, but could still manage this support/fighter hybrid style I set her up with.  This is pretty much the perfect direction for Mu-12- going forward, she's just so much more interesting to play now.

-Steins Gunner primary function reworded more cleanly. The equip bonuses and weapon types concerned have not changed, just the wording.
-Steins Gunner otherwise reworked! Now has "Movement: Exhaust a projectile or gun-like weapon and 1 movement point to place a Sentry token in your area. Any investigator can use Sentries in their area for +1 to their next combat check per Sentry, removing them afterwards if the investigator wasn't Mu.  You cannot create more than 3 total Sentries."
-"Desperate, and Determined" Removed.  Personal Story wording amended given the new arrangement of abilities, though the effect hasn't really changed.

-New Ability: Arrows of Heaven
    >Once per turn during Movement, you may choose one:
            >Attractor - Spend 3 movement points to re-position all existing Sentries by up to 2 spaces each. For the rest of the turn, any sentries that Mu uses in combat are removed.
            >Origin - Spend 3 movement points to amplify any one Sentry's bonus by +1 for the rest of the turn for each other sentry in play.  Then remove all other sentries.

-Personal Story Pass Condition expanded to include a hybrid option (Instead of having 5 monster trophies or 2 gate trophies, you now also have a third option of 3 monster trophies and 1 gate trophy)

Nu -13-
-No longer starts the game delayed, but does still start the game Lost in Time and Space.
-Sword Summoner reworded more cleanly.  The ability hasn't changed, just the wording.
-Archetype Shift got some minor rewording.  Again, the ability hasn't changed, just the wording.

Platinum the Trinity
-Magical Symphony now has a new item!
    >Magical Boomerang comes with 1 charge counter. You may spend the charge counter before making a combat check to grant a +2 magical bonus to the next two combat checks you have this turn, discarding it afterwards.  Then, if you received multiple bonuses this turn from the card effect, you may have it replace whatever essence card you would draw the next turn.  Long story short, if you get a bonus from the boomerang going out and coming back, you can choose to use it again next turn.
-Personal Story Conditions modified in Platinum's favor.  The Pass condition is much less costly, and the opportunities to fail are fewer.

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This update isn't 100% complete on the front page yet, but it is definitely finished.  All the content is downloadable currently, so go nuts.


Oh, and Happy Halloween.



The Dance of Death




New Ancient One

-Just (barely) in time for Halloween, "The Harrowing, Call of the Shadow Isles" is now available.  This festival of wayward souls can be found in the Miscellaneous tab under Ancient Ones.




Odin Sphere

*It's both one of my favorite games of all time, and it's characters make up the first cycle of investigators I ever designed.  You could say that as a whole, the game and its world are very special to me.  Since a PS4 remake was announced in the form of Leifthrasir, I decided to go back and make some major adjustments to these very classic investigators.

-All Odin Sphere investigators received art changes as well as massive changes, listed below.


Gwendolyn, Daughter of Odin

*Still the most downloaded and most popular, Gwendolyn is conflicting to me because I'm hesitant to change parts of her even though I know they could be better.  I like everything that she does, but her initial ability feels a little too passive for a character like Gwendolyn who takes hold of her own fate.  For this reason, I've made an effort to put Growing Confidence in the control of the players instead of the game.

-Growing Confidence reworked.
    >"Once per turn upon passing a skill check, put a token on your Depression madness.  When it has 7 tokens, discard it."
    >Final Battle Start: "Gwendolyn discards 1 Madness.  If she has none, she instead gains a skill or blessing, your choice."
-"Mastery of the Skies" renamed to "Valkyrie"
-Valkyrie now allows you move up to 1 additional space upon defeating a monster in the sky.


Cornelius of Titania

*It's very difficult to justify playing Cornelius.  While the team effort will pull him out of his starting curse, it also puts everyone pretty far behind and Cornelius doesn't have enough to show for it in the end.  For this set of changes, I wanted to take away some of the difficulty to playing the character while also shaving off some of his raw value.  The hope is that even if your team can't tackle your issue immediately, you won't just be flat out hosed because of it.

-No longer starts with a Curse, but instead starts directly with Pooka's Curse, leading to a starting loss of $5.  As a result, he starts with 1 fewer Unique Item.
-Pooka's Curse no longer functions as a flat curse.  Instead, it only reduces the result of the first die rolled on all skill checks by 1.
-Relentless Valor now only affects investigators in your space, instead of within adjacent spaces.
-Pooka's Curse (ability) renamed Valentine's Fortune.
-Valentine's Fortune now has the exact same ability that Pooka's Curse used to have at the Bank of Arkham.
-The Pooka's Curse now requires 8 counters to discard, from 6.
-Cornelius is no longer able to get retainers while he has Pooka's Curse. If he would get one, he instead places 2 Valentine counters on Pooka's Curse.


Mercedes, Queen of the Fairies

*I love that Mercedes has utility that is unique to her and no one else.  She operates within a space that no other investigator can with her ability to donate blessings.  This is probably a case of me being greedy, but I wanted to make Mercedes feel even more especially distinct as this blessing dependent support than she is currently.

-Subtitle changed to "the Root of Yggdrasil"
-Riblam now has an ammo cap of 6 from 5.
-Riblam no longer gains 1 ammo counter each Upkeep (still gains 3 on upkeep when Ancient One is awake)
-Elfaria's Blessing reworked!
    >Any time Mercedes would get a blessing (including setup), she may instead gain a random Glamour card.  Each investigator can have at most 1 Glamour at a time.
    >Any Phase: Mercedes may bestow her Glamour onto any other investigator in Arkham.
-Sharpshooter reworked!
    >If another investigator is engaged with a monster within an adjacent area of Mercedes, she can make a secondary combat check after their's (pool the dice results together). If the monster was defeated, the other player decides who gets the trophy.


Oswald, Shadow Knight

*My very first investigator is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a little broken.  While I do think his ability is currently "tuned" in the right place, I do feel like he needs to be making harder choices for the ridiculous amount of advantages he has.  I shaved off some of his raw strength (but only a little bit), but also managed to make him feel like a much more interactive character.

-No longer starts with Enchanted Blade, now starts with custom item "Belderiver"
    >1-hand +3 magical, becomes +6 against Undead and while Cursed.  Same cost as Enchanted Blade.
-Shadow Awakening now gives a flat bonus of +2 per stamina spent, instead of scaling downward (+3,+2,+1,+1...)
-Shadow Awakening now has spending limit of 3 stamina.
-Shadow Awakening no longer causes 1 sanity loss when spending more than 2 stamina.  Additionally, if you succeed the check without spending clues, you recover 1 stamina afterward.
-Master of Darkness reworked into Lineage of Ruin.
-Lineage of Ruin:
    >Upkeep: Oswald discards Curses on a 1-4, and discards Blessings and Retainers on a 1-2.
    >Any Phase: Whenever Oswald uses Shadow Awakening, he rolls a die for each Ally he has and discards it on a 1.


Velvet Valentine

*Velvet is actually my most balanced investigator out of this set of characters, so I really didn't change that much.  I added one modified interaction with Psypher Chain and improved the reliability of Powerful Insight without making it overly strong.  If you've played Velvet before, you'll find most of these to just be quality of life improvements.

-Subtitle changed to "the Witch of Elrit"
-Psypher Chain now only pulls the monster onto your space if it has 1-2 toughness.  If it has 3 or more, you now pull yourself onto the monster.
-Psypher chain now gives a +2 bonus to the first two non-spell skill checks you make against the monster (horror, combat or evade). Originally gave +1 to horror and +3 to the first combat check.
-Powerful Insight now triggers on 3-6 instead of 4-6.
-Powerful Insight cannot trigger multiple turns in a row.


---------Other Stuff-------------


Emily Hayes
-Art updated.  No other changes made.


Jin Kisaragi

*Frostbite is a little too good, and also not always functioning the way I want with other people.  Decided to make these changes to tone down the effectiveness of this crazy fella, while also barely improving his teamwork.
-Frostbite is now "Movement" instead of "Any Phase"
-Frozen monsters now have a fixed combat rating of +1 instead of having 1 fewer toughness (min. 1)
-Frozen monsters' awareness is now +3 instead of +2.
-Frozen monsters now just flat out skip their monster movement, instead of becoming stationary.
-Defeating a frozen monster no longer allows the investigator to continue moving.
-After Jin freezes a monster, he may now continue moving as normal as if he never encountered that monster (if he encountered other monsters this turn, he still wouldn't be able to move).

The Cauldron (AO)
-The tokens that are placed on The Cauldron's sheet are now called soul counters to prevent possible confusion between them and doom tokens.
-Investigators now also add a soul counter each time they make item enchanges with The Cauldron monster token.
-The Cauldron monster token now has an awareness rating of +3, as opposed to just not having an awareness rating.
-The Cauldron monster token now has 5 toughness instead of 4.  This shouldn't matter since you can't fight it, but who knows?


Edited by Shining Aquas

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Hey folks, it's December.  Happy Everything.


This month's update is pretty massive with tons of new stuff, because you deserve it...especially since i missed November.  School's hard.




Happy Holidays



New Investigators

-Kokonoe, the Revered Inventor can be found in the Blazblue section.

-Seth, the Mysterious Vassal can be found in the Under Night In-Birth section

-Yuzuriha, the Capricious Vagrant can be found in the Under Night In-Birth section


New Ancient One

-Calvaros, the Archmage can be found in the Miscellaneous section


New Herald

-Lujei Piche, the Roaming Spectre can be found in the Miscellaneous section




Annie Hastur
-Minor wording cleanups on Pyromaniac and Summon Tibbers.  Abilities overall haven't changed.

-If you kill a monster caught in a trap using Ace in the Hole, you now gain the monster trophy instead of returning it to the box.

Carl Clover
*Having a hard time justifying using Nirvana on other people?  No problem, now we make the benefits even better!  This change was made for thematic reasons as well, but the bulk of what we're pushing here is Carl's synergy with other players that aren't himself.  Sharing is caring, folks.

-Nirvana can now be assigned to either your current space or an adjacent space, instead of just an adjacent space.
-Whenever another investigator uses post-assignment Nirvana, it becomes a 0-handed weapon for them (since Carl is still technically controlling it).  Carl himself cannot use this interaction.
-Minor wording cleanup on Automaton.

*The Binding of Isaac Rebirth expansion came out, and in honor of Afterbirth's release I went and created the final two personas for Isaac.  At this point, I'm thinking Isaac won't be receiving any more content, so hopefully what you are looking at here is the final iteration of what has probably been one of my most unusual and strangely dynamic investigators.

-Isaac now has access to 2 additional personas: Lilith, and The Lost.
    >Lilith is available as a choice from the start
    >The Lost can only be accessed by passing Isaac's personal story. His Personal Story has been changed to accommodate this change.
-Fight increased to 6 from 5, Lore decreased from 4 to 3.
-If you can't discard a monster trophy for "Sacrifices to be Made", you now switch back to Isaac in addition to losing 1 stamina and sanity.  This is actually a buff since it prevents people from getting screwed without clues as Azazel.
-Azazel now recovers 1 sanity and stamina each time he discards a monster trophy for "Sacrifices to be Made".

Jumanji (AO)

*This is a fairly small change, but it should actually have a pretty strong effect on the Final Battle with Jumanji should it wake up.  In addition, we have some minor modifications on a couple encounters with room for improvement.  Overall, this arrangement of changes is intended to make Jumanji harder, but not significantly so. 
-Jumanji now always attacks before investigators, regardless of what's listed on the Epic Battle Card drawn.
-Small wording cleanup on Start of Battle
-1 Sinister Plot changed to reflect new attack clause.
-Changes were made to the following encounters:
    >Sleeping Mists: The universal check is now Will (+0) instead of Will (+1).
    >On the Verge of Awakening: Now also requires each investigator to pay 1 sanity.
    >Sky Demons: Now has "For the rest of the game, Flying Monsters can land on investigators in unstable locations."

Litchi Faye Ling

*Litchi is undergoing a pretty massive overhaul this time around.  It's not quite Mu-12 level of overhaul in which her entire means of operating has changed, which is to say Litchi is still largely about tricky movement and manipulation as an off-color support/fighter.  To me, however, Litchi had the strength but it never felt satisfying and in most cases people just wouldn't bother using any of her kit. We've made some pretty intense changes to both her utility access as well as her overall effect on the board, and while this admittedly seems like a friendly push that's going way too far (I'll be keeping an eye on her) I also feel like these changes might be what she needs to feel like a satisfying character again.
-Matenbou's bonuses are now 1 higher both untapped and tapped.  Item now costs $5 from $4.
-Litchi now starts with 1 fewer unique and 1 more spell.
-Litchi's Fight decreased to 3 from 4, Will increased to 5 from 4.
-Massive wording cleanup on Matenbou and corresponding abilities.
-Matenbou now has "Upkeep: Pay 1 sanity to tap or untap Matenbou Staff."
-Both Daisharin and Kokusho have had their sanity costs removed.
-Old function for Kokusho is now current function for Daisharin.  Same ability, but now requires untapped staff instead of tapped.
-New Kokusho allows you to move into an adjacent space and push up to one investigator and/or monster off your landing space.  Instead of pushing the monster, you can fight it with a bonus.

Malcolm Graves

*Graves is cool, and his identity is cool, but right now it doesn't feel like there's enough incentive towards plunging into the monster pile.  I just want to encourage people to be willing to get a little dirtier.
-Quickdraw now only costs 2 stamina/clues split, instead of 3.
-The cost of Quickdraw is still reduced by 1 for each stack of True Grit, but now if you already have 3 stacks you are also rewarded with a clue token.
-Wording cleanup on True Grit and Quickdraw.


*No more potentially never ending delays.
-Malefic Visions now causes you to make a Will (-2) check or be delayed, instead of automatically delaying you.

The Harrowing (AO)

*It's in slightly bad form to release balance changes to content that was literally released about a month ago, but before you fret I should mention that most of these are either very minor changes or the equivalent of bug fixes.

-Added a line to guarantee that Children of the Isles spawn on a 1-5 when the Ancient One awakens. This was always intended but I didn't write it to happen correctly.
-Child Limit is now equal to half the number of investigators rounded up, instead of a flat 3 (mostly makes it easier to manage with smaller parties).

Tsubaki Yayoi
*While I do like Tsubaki's play style and love the kinds of choices she forces players to make on a grand scale, I do feel like maybe the costs of those choices are currently a little stifling.  To remedy this, I lowered the threshold to gaining new abilities so that one of your more unique choices didn't feel like it was forcing you to just not play.

-The Illuminate function on Divine Judgment now only requires you to have at least 3 stock and spend it all, instead of spending 5 stock. Since the limit is 5 stock, this is a buff.
-You can no longer spend clues to reduce the stock cost of Illuminate.

Edited by Shining Aquas

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Welcome to 2016 folks, and what an important year this is going to be.

Maybe not important in a way you guys want to hear.


I'm planning to make 2016 very likely my last year updating content to this site.


Now now, it's not so bad.  Let's talk about what prompted this decision:


1 - Before I've mentioned that I didn't feel that anyone actually cared about the stuff I was posting.  Part of me still kinda feels like that, but it hasn't really stopped me from making and posting content in the past, so it's a non factor.

Rather, the much more decisive factor is that Arkham Horror is a dead game.  Nobody wants to hear that, especially if they're reading this, but that's the reality.  This board just has no activity anymore.  The game is now over a decade old, and the creators have moved onto what seem like much greener pastures.  Making custom content is very fun for me, but this game is simply a little outplayed at this point and I kind of feel it's time to move on, which brings me to...


2 - At some point in the future I'm going to focus on creating custom content for Eldritch Horror instead.  That's a game people are actually playing and, from what I gather, are fervently enjoying.  It's fresh, it's expanded exponentially since it came out a couple years ago, and I feel like it has at least a few strong years left to work with.  The best part is that with all the design space I've already created for this game, transferring a lot of these ideas over to Eldritch shouldn't be that difficult.  In theory.  Though, by default making content for that game will take longer due to there not being a Strange Eons for it yet.


3 - I feel that generally speaking, I've created more than enough content for this game.  Probably way too much, in fact.  As an aspiring artist and potential game designer, I'm really feeling like any more time spent on this project won't yield a tremendous amount of progress like it always used to.  Everything was a learning process for me up till a couple years ago.  Now it feels a little too much like routine, and I need some fresh air.



Alright, now that I've explained myself, here's what my plans are for 2016:


1 - I plan to release everything I've done so far

There is actually quite a bit of content that is done that you haven't seen.  Most of it hasn't been play-tested as thoroughly, but all of it is functional.  Anything you see that says "Coming Soon" is guaranteed to be released this yearEverything else is a "maybe".  Here's where I am on the "TBA" projects:

                  -The Process, Out of Control is about 60-70% done.  Rules, Mechanics, Monsters, all of that is done.  However, the arrangement has one component that is significantly harder: Special Encounters, which have slowed the process (heh) greatly.

                  -Bill Cipher, Terror of the Dreamscape hasn't even been started yet.  I have a "basic design schematic" for him, but that's about it.  No prototyping or anything has been done yet.

                  -Priscilla, Angel of Death is likely to just not happen.  I originally planned on doing her, but I don't know where to start.  Wouldn't plan on that release.

                  -The Odin Sphere Scenarios are also unlikely at this point, but I think they have a better chance than Priscilla.

                  -Nine, the Phantom is actually about 95% done.  Just gotta double check things, but she's likely enough that I will probably change her to "Coming Soon"


2 - Release Schedule is still once per month on average

However, this comes with a caveat.  Normally I release one new thing each month, but for this year I'll be releasing about 2-4 things per update.  That's a lot of new content compared to the previous release schedule!  It's also going to be needed to get everything out by this year.  Now, as a result it will be harder to guarantee reasonable balance on everything new coming out this year, but I'll do my best.  No promises though.


And you know what, this isn't like a hard deadline or anything.  I don't plan on updating past 2016, but who knows?  Maybe old habits die hard.  But one thing I can guarantee is that all updates 2017 onward will be infrequent and erratic, possibly non-existent. You've been warned.


Alright, now let's start this year off strong:



Explosive January



New Investigators

-Celica A. Mercury, the Witch of Revival can be found in the Blazblue section.  Even comes with a Personal Story!

-Jinx, the Loose Cannon can be found in the League of Legends section.  Even comes with a Personal Story!

-Trey Keldron, the Gapcloser can be found in the Enigma Aether section.  No Personal Story yet.




More Stories!

-The following characters now have Personal Stories:
          >Malcolm Graves

-Also, two of the new characters, Celica and Jinx, both come with Personal Stories!


*Today, I'm trying out a rather experimental change to Arakune's chief mechanics.  He still functions almost entirely the same as he used to, but instead of stacking with toughness of monster trophies, he instead cares about variety of monster trophies.  This allows me to be more generous about giving him some more advantages early, knowing that his late game will be a little more gated.  The idea here is to give Arakune a little more of a chance until he gets going, and to generally reduce his "snowball" capacity once he gets at least some momentum.  TL:DR version - Arakune is stronger earlier, but it's harder to get buff later.
-Art updated
-Crimson's bonuses are now based on the number of different movement types among monster trophies you own instead of total toughness you own.  Limit is still +5 per hand assigned.
-Starts with 1 fewer Unique item and doesn't start with Red Sign of Shudde M'ell anymore.  Now starts with 1 additional random monster trophy, and a fixed monster trophy called "Crimson Depths". Also starts with 4 clues instead of 3 now.
-Crimson Depths is a monster trophy with no stats and a movement type called "Curse" that doesn't affect anything but Arakune's Crimson Ability.
-The horror bonus from Crimson no longer requires you to assign hands in combat in order to get it (since technically that made no sense).

-Arakune's Personal Story pass now requires 7 different types of monster movement among trophies instead of achieving a perfect +10 bonus with Crimson (this is somewhat easier to achieve).  Still also requires a gate trophy.

-Arakune's Personal Story reward reworded to accomidate changes to Crimson.

Carmine Prime

*Since creating blood pools is a little bit easier than I first assumed, I wanted to make sure their bonuses were a little more relevant.  Having 5 speed means that Carmine never has to choose "movement pont" on blood pools, so by shifting some power on that track we can make both options seem viable in different ways.

-Speed decreased to 4 from 5.  Sneak increased to 4 from 3.

Litchi Faye Ling

*Not too surprising.  Make some rather massive changes and suddenly your investigator goes way over the line, mostly due to simple errors.  It happens, luckily in this case I feel like the number of abusable cases was pretty limited and easy enough to fix.  Sorry about asking you to reprint this one after only 1 month.
-Wording fix on Daisharin.  It was intended to switch with an investigator within in adjacent space of the staff, not "at least" an adjacent space of the staff.  If it worked like that, it would be all kinds of broken (switch between Historical Society and Independence Square? No prob).
-Kokusho no longer pushes monsters.
-Kokusho only grants a +2 bonus to the first combat check against the affected monster.

-Both abilities minorly reworded for clarity.



And then there were 11...

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My birthday just came and went a couple days ago, right at the tip of February.


We have a lot of smaller changes today, and as promised I'm updating with tons of new content to make sure everything is up by the end of the year.






February Leaps



New Investigators

-Stanley and Stanford Pines were each added to the newly added "Gravity Falls" section.  Neither comes with a Personal Story yet.

-Bard, the Wandering Caretaker was added to the "League of Legends" section.  No Personal Story yet.




Agatha Prenderghast (AO)
-2nd Sinister Plot modified to be harder.

Bang Shishigami

*Because I've been working on this game for a while, I sometimes go back to older stuff that I've done and find that maybe the way I implemented a mechanic or an ability isn't quite as clean as it should be.  Bang is definitely one of those cases.  Most of the changes here have been made for the sake of readability, with some very minor tweaks.
-Rewording on all of Bang's abilities and his Tenjou Overdrive card.
-Tenjou Overdrive now says "Burning Heart doesn't grant blaze counters" instead of "Burning Heart cannot be used".
-Tenjou Overdrive's extra movement option now limited to once per turn instead of twice per turn by now being in the form of "exhausting" it.
-Personal Story Reward comes with a bonus ability!

Dirk Strider

*Playtesting Dirk made it pretty clear to me that while all of his abilities are functioning correctly, the way I organized the data was really bad.  Also, with how mixed the Other World encounter deck tends to be, forcing him to have encounters seems a little too harsh too often, but I do like the interaction so I made it optional.
-Overall wording and layout changed to be more concise and better organized.
-Wording on Unite Syncronization slightly modified to show what sort of interactions the non-active player can actually do (recover from delayed or being released from jail being the primary ones).
-Having an encounter with Dream Dirk when Dirk doesn't have one as the active player is now optional.
-Dream Dirk is no longer devoured by Yog-Sothoth for getting Lost in Time and Space. More of a bugfix than a buff.

Jane Crocker
-Slight rewording on "Lifesaver"


*Vatista has definitely been a power performer since her release, which isn't really unexpected.  She heavily mitigates sanity costs on spell casting and starts with a fairly powerful starting spell to take advantage of it.  That being said, it's not quite working in a way that seems...healthy.  I like the ability, but you shouldn't be able to cast a 2 sanity spell with only 1 sanity available, and then "maybe" have reduced the cost enough to stay alive.  By rearranging the order of actions, Vatista shouldn't break anymore, and it also has the advantage of toning down her constant power at all times.

-The Crystal Method now works cleaner.  You pay the sanity first, then recover 1 sanity per additional success made (cannot recover more than the sanity cost).
-Starting spell name changed to "Satelles Triangulum" from "Orbis Lacteus"
-Satelles Triangulum wording rearranged for the sake of clarity.
-Satelles Triangulum now has reminder text listing all the possible values for the spell (+3, +6 and +9)
-"Restriction" minor wording changes for clarity.


*Viktor sure has been a tricky investigator to balance.  I understood fully that overhauling the Hex Core into a multi-part upgrade was gonna be tricky, but surprisingly most of the problems showed up in places I wasn't expecting.  My expectation was that it would be very difficult to have 1 augment feel strong enough without having multiple augments become overbearing, but in the end  the major problem was making sure each augment was about equally powerful to one another.  Right now, Death Ray is just leaps and bounds above everything else, to the point where regardless of circumstances it feels like a first pick.  This update is going to shave a massive amount of power from Death Ray in order to make the other two options feel a little more reasonable.

-The Hex Core is now worth $9 from $8.  Viktor starts with 1 fewer dollar.
-Viktor can only apply up to 2 evolution counters per turn instead of 3.
-Hex Core and Augments have all been reworded to make interactions between them much clearer.
-Death Ray can now only be used if you cast a spell during combat.  This doesn't necessarily need to be a combat spell, but it does need to be cast sometime during combat.
-The condition for getting 3 rerolls instead of 2 on Death Ray is now "if the spell you cast during combat cost 2 sanity".
-Energy Field now restores 1 sanity if the ability affects 3 or more investigators (including you).



And then there were 10...

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This is big update for new content, and there are no balance changes.  For the average person, this is probably the best update you could ask for.


I know the boards are pretty dead these days, but I promise I'm still gonna get everything out this year.

Ain't nothing gonna stop that.



March Madness



New Investigators

-Naoto Kurogane, the Soulbound and Hibiki Kohaku, Shadow Step Secretary can both be found in the "Blazblue" section under Investigators.

-Hilda, Seeker of Rebirth and Chaos, Devil Leasher can both be found in the "Under Night In-Birth" section under Investigators.



None.  Everything is currently in a healthy state.

*There will definitely be adjustments made in April, but I reckon most of those will be pretty minor.  Most of my content has been through the ringer already, so there shouldn't be much to change at this point.


And then there were 9...

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Oh man, it's time for the joint April-May update.  And guess what?


I'm only releasing one investigator.


No, I'm not being a jerk.  When you download it, you'll understand.




Monstrous May-hem



New Investigators

-Red, the Cloudbank Singer can be found in the "Miscellaneous" section of Investigators.

      >She may not come with a Personal Story, but she does have both a BASIC and ADVANCED version, so you're technically getting two investigators in one!

      >Good friggin luck working the ADVANCED version.  It's hard.  REALLY HARD.


New Game Mechanic: The Interwoven Story

*The Interwoven Story is a new game element I created that acts as a two-person Personal Story.  Both players work together to accomplish the goals, or fail as a group.  It's a nice halfway point between a Personal Story and a Relationship card.  I hope you guys enjoy the first of them.

-The First Interwoven Story "Burning Tides" requires you to be playing with both the Twisted Fate and Malcolm Graves investigators in the same game.

-The files have been added to the downloads of both characters, and each character can be found in the "League of Legends" section under Investigators.




Art Changes

-All of the following investigators have new art for the main sheets

    >Velvet Valentine
    >Malcolm Graves

-The following art has also been changed on "The Harrowing" Ancient One:

    >Evelynn monster token

    >Evelynn stat card backgrounds

-These changes are all visual and do not affect the balance of those characters at all.  They are purely cosmetic.



And then there were 7...

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Welp, it's officially summer.  California continues to burn me.

There's only a few more updates left, thanks so much for bearing with me all this time and have a wonderful summer.



Jam-packed June



New Investigators

-Sion Eltnum, Nanase, and Byakuya can all be found in the "Under Night In-Birth" section of Investigators.





*To be honest, I was actually pretty worried about Mercedes with the new Glamour system, but was pleasantly surprised by how reasonable it's been.  On the other hand, the new Sharpshooter ability turned out to be a way stronger investment than I was expecting, turning Mercedes into a literal killer support.  Being able to max your Fight and only use 1 counter from Riblam allows you to contribute an extra 4 dice, which is definitely not what I wanted.  Instead of creating a bunch of exceptions and extra rules to balance things out, I'm adding a little more strategy to the ability while also fixing up some messier interactions with Riblam itself.
-Sharpshooter can now only be used if your Will is Maxed.
-Riblam ammo limit is now 5 from 6.
-Reloading Riblam phase changed to Upkeep from Movement
-Reloading Riblam cost is now becoming delayed instead of spending 3 movement points.  You can still pay 1 monster trophy as an alternative.


*Tao is getting a minor rework today.  She's definitely one of the most outdated investigators I have, but I haven't exactly been dissatisfied with her abilities or performance either.  In this case, I'm keeping her mostly intact but making some changes that will make her ability a bit more interactive.  Right now, she has a powerful ability that requires you to pass your first combat check against a monster to come out ahead, but being able to jump into a pack of monsters and just blow them away with constant Speed isn't really what I had in mind.  She's a cat, cats pounce.  It's a surprise attack, not a constant death twister.  I'm slightly amplifying Tao's ability to pounce on enemies, but she's only going to have one solid attack each turn.
-Taokaka's Art has been updated.

-Speed raised to 6 from 5, Fight lowered to 4 from 5.
-No longer starts with a Knife, now starts with 1 Clue token.
-Dancing Edge restriction is now "One hand, and a max of 3 clue tokens" instead of "Weapon Bonuses are halved (rounded up)"
-Dancing Edge may only be used on your first combat check per turn, instead of per monster. (But at least now it also works against the Ancient One)
-Dancing Edge now lets you use Speed to perform evade checks on Elusive monsters.
-Always Hungry now recovers 1 stamina and sanity each time it triggers, instead of one or the other.

Twisted Fate

*Shaved some linear power in favor of wider coverage
-Loaded Dice now only gives $1 extra instead of rolling a die and gaining that much.
-Loaded Dice's trigger restrictions now include abilities, but no longer restricts Deputy of Arkham or Retainers.  That means it's much easier to gain the benefits.
-Abilities have been reorganized for clarity.



And then there were 6...or less.

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Alright, we've been out of commission for long enough, I'd say.  Here's one of the last major updates for content.  There really isn't that much more for me to release at this point, so after the next couple months I'll have finished with what I set to do.


I hope you guys have been enjoying yourselves with Arkham, or whatever games you've been playing.




Absolutely Ridiculous August




*We have a ton of new stuff this month.

New Investigators

-"Nine", the Phantom can be found in the "Blazblue" section.


New Ancient Ones

-Isley, the Silver King can be found in the "Claymore" section.

-Xenagos, God of Revels can be found with his Herald counterpart in the "Magic: the Gathering" section.


New Heralds

-Xenagos, the Reveler can be found with his Ancient One ascension in the "Magic: the Gathering" section.

-Sorin, Lord of Innistrad can be found in the "Magic: the Gathering" section.

-Ragorlang, Dark Side of the Soul can be found in the "Miscellaneous" section.


New Guardians

-Kiora, the Crashing Wave can be found in the "Magic: the Gathering" section.




-Got the name wrong. It's "Orie Valadier", not "Orie Paladia".  Japanese to English translation isn't really my forte.


...um, that's it?

*Alright, there were actually a ton of changes this month, but all of them were either last minute adjustments to this month's releases, or balance adjustments for future content.  Aside from this month's releases, changes were also made to the following future releases: Phonon Yoshiko, Es Mitsurugi, and Hades Izanami.  Obviously I won't be noting those changes since no one will have any idea what I'm talking about, but believe me when I say that I lot happened.



There's only a couple months left, I almost can't believe it.

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