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I have a ton of custom content; way too much for the corresponding custom threads. I suppose I could use them, but with the amount I have it would bordering on rude, and lots of content by other players is likely to get lost in the process. So, I've instead resorted to opening my own thread, regularly updating it, and keeping everything accessible on the front page for a friendly download experience. Hopefully, it shows.


Included are all of my current Investigators, Ancient Ones, Scenarios and Institutions, Guardians and Heralds, and whatever else comes up. Everything listed below has been playtested in a group and has been marked with all expansions you will need to play them (though most characters only require the base board). Each download link contains either a .ZIP file if it's newer or a .RAR file if it's older (sorry), which needs to be extracted first for the goodies inside. If you don't know how to extract them, usually WinZip or WinRar is the way to go and each of those have an "unlimited" free trial. The extracted files will be in the .EON format, which can be accessed with Strange Eons, a custom Arkham content creator, and after which you will be able to arrange and print at your leisure.
An alternative can be found in the Visual Gallery (2nd Post Down), which has visual previews of all the listed downloads, and if it's easier you could just print those out. Unfortunately the previews in the image gallery are missing Personal Stories and Sinister Plots.

If you have any questions about either of these methods, or basic questions of other sorts, or suggestions for improving what you see, post a reply letting me know what's up. I take constructive criticism very seriously and I check the site pretty regularly, so I value your input and will get back to you very quickly.


Odin Sphere
-Gwendolyn, Daughter of Odin
-Cornelius, the Pooka Prince
-Mercedes, Queen of Fairies
-Oswald, Shadow Knight
-Velvet, Princess of Valentine

-Ragna the Bloodedge
-Jin Kizaragi, Hero of Ikaruga
-Noel Vermillion, the Azure Successor
-Rachel Alucard, Observer from on high
-Iron Tager, T-9000 Cyborg
-Taokaka, Grimalkin Copy-cat
-Arakune, Formerly Human
-Bang Shishigami, Upholder of Justice
-Litchi Faye Ling, the Village Doctor
-Carl Clover, Mechanical Master
-Haku-men, Guardian of the Seal
-Nu -13-, the Sword of Hades
-Tsubaki Yayoi, the Graceful Adjudicator
-Hazama, Keeper of Secrets
-Mu -12-, Remnant of the God Slayer
-Makoto Nanaya, Sector Seven Informant
-Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, Figure of Legend
-Platinum the Trinity, Three souls united
-Relius Clover, the Mad Puppeteer
-Amane Nishiki, the Immortal Ringleader
-Bullet, the Last Mercenary
-Azrael, the Mad Dog
-Izayoi, the Sword of Judgment
-Kagura Mutsuki, the Black Knight
-Kokonoe, the Revered Inventor
-Celica A. Mercury, Witch of Revival
-Naoto Kurogane, the Soulbound (No Personal Story yet)
-Hibiki Kohaku, Shadow Step Secretary (No Personal Story yet)
-"Nine", the Phantom (No Personal Story yet)
-Hades Izanami, the Imperator (No Personal Story yet)
-Es Mitsurugi, the Embryo Storage (No Personal Story yet)
-Mai Natsume, the Remix Heart (No Personal Story yet)
-Susano'o, the Unleashed (No Personal Story yet)

Persona 4
-Yu Narukami, Arcana of the Fool
-Yosuke Hanamura, Arcana of the Magician
-Chie Satonaka, Arcana of the Chariot
-Yukiko Amagi, Arcana of the High Priestess
-Kanji Tatsumi, Arcana of the Emperor
-Naoto Shirogane, Arcana of the Wheel of Fortune
-Rise Kujikawa, Arcana of the Lovers
-Teddie, Arcana of the Star

Chaos Legion
-Sieg Wahrheit, Knight of the Dark Glyphs
-Arcia Rinslet, Maiden of the Silver

-Nico Minoru, the runaway witch
-Klara Prast, the runaway outcast
-Victor Mancha, the runaway hybrid (No Personal Story yet)
-Karolina Dean, the runaway outlander (No Personal Story yet)

Guilty Gear
-Zappa, the Haunted
-("UPDATED") Dizzy, the Innocent Gear
-Eddie, the Desperate Entity (No Personal Story yet)

League of Legends
-Annie Hastur, the Dark Child
-Shauna Vayne, the Night Hunter
-Caitlyn, the Sheriff of Piltover
-Cho'Gath, Terror of the Void
-Dr. Edmundo "Mundo", the Madman of Zaun
-Nasus, Curator of the Sands
-Malcolm Graves, the Outlaw (Also includes "Interwoven Story" with Twisted Fate)
-Sona Buvelle, Maven of the Strings
-Malzahar, the Prophet of the Void
-Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox
-Twisted Fate, the Card Master (Also includes "Interwoven Story" with Malcolm Graves)
-Viktor, the Machine Herald
-Vladimir, the Crimson Reaper
-Jinx, the Loose Cannon
-Bard, the Wandering Caretaker (No Personal Story yet)
-Ekko, the Boy who Shattered Time (No Personal Story yet)

Enigma Aether
-Shane Talos, the Untouchable
-Iliad Palette, the Lifeweaver
-Vivian Deshaun, the Shapeless
-Journey Corsten, the Illuminus
-Trey Keldron, the Gapcloser (No Personal Story yet)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Created by Kobayashi) (Not in Visual Gallery, sorry)
-Madoka Kaname, the Hopeful
-Sayaka Miki, the Knight
-Mami Tomoe, the Mentor
-Kyouko Sakura, the Rebel
-Homura Akemi, the Agent

Under Night In-Birth
-Hyde, the Disruptor
-Linne Yato, the Eternal Heiress
-Waldstein, Steel-Clawed Titan
-Carmine Prime, the Bloodlust Vandal
-Orie Valadier, the Holy Dispatch (No Personal Story yet)
-Gordeau, the Harvester (No Personal Story yet)
-Vatista, the Artificial Angel (No Personal Story yet)
-Merkava, Predator of the Void (No Personal Story yet)
-Seth, the Mysterious Vassal (No Personal Story yet)
-Yuzuriha, the Capricious Vagrant (No Personal Story yet)
-Hilda, Seeker of Rebirth (No Personal Story yet)
-Chaos, Devil Leasher (No Personal Story yet)
-Sion Eltnum, the Alchemist of Atlas (No Personal Story yet)
-Nanase, the Wind Waker (No Personal Story yet)
-Byakuya, the Arachnid Assassin (No Personal Story yet)
-"Phonon" Yoshiko, the Chemeti Disruptor (No Personal Story yet)
-Mika Returna, the Brute Force (No Personal Story yet)

Homestuck (Created mostly by Kobayashi)
-John Egbert, the Heir of Breath
-Rose Lalonde, the Seer of Light
-Dave Strider, the Knight of Time
-Jade Harley, the Witch of Space
-Karkat Vantas, the Knight of Blood
-Aradia Megido, the Maid of Time
-Tavros Nitram, the Page of Breath
-Sollux Captor, the Mage of Doom
-Nepeta Leijon, the Rouge of Heart
-Kanaya Maryam, the Sylph of Space
-Terezi Pyrope, the Seer of Mind
-Equius Zahhak, the Heir of Void
-Vriska Serket, the Thief of Light
-Gamzee Makara, the Bard of Rage
-Eridan Ampora, the Prince of Hope
-Feferi Peixes, the Witch of Life
(made by Shining Aquas):
-Jane Crocker, the Maid of Life
-Dirk Strider, the Prince of Heart
-Roxy Lalonde, the Rouge of Void
-Jake English, the Page of Hope
-Calliope/Caliborn, the Muse of Space/Lord of Time

Gravity Falls
-Stanley Pines, the Grifter (No Personal Story yet)
-Stanford Pines, the Planeswalker (No Personal Story yet)

Miscellaneous Investigators
-Shaggy, the Coward
-Chimbley Sweep, the Orphan
-Millie Ford, the Enigma
-Emily Hayes, the Stonekeeper
-Lillet Blan, the Anomaly
-Isaac, the Lamb of God
-Professor Layton, the Enigmatologist
-Red, the Cloudbank Singer
          >Includes BASIC and ADVANCED versions
          >(No Personal Story yet)


Ancient Ones

Odin Sphere
-Leventhan, the Last Dragon
-Onyx, Raging Inferno
-Darkova, The 6-eyed Beast
-The Cauldron, Crucible of Souls
-King Gallon, Lord of the Netherworld

Magic the Gathering
-Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker
-Lorthos, the Tidemaker
-Xenagos, God of Revels (No Sinister Plots yet) (Also includes "Xenagos, the Reveler" Herald)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Created by Kobayashi)
-Kriemheld Gretchen, Harbinger of Salvation
-Oktavia von Seckendorff, the Mermaid Symphony
-Candeloro, Lonely Gatherer
-Ophelia, Flame of Abandonment
-Homulilly, the Burden of Regret

-Riful, the Torn Dweller (No Sinister Plots yet)
-Isley, the Silver King (No Sinister Plots yet)
-Luciela, the Light Devourer (No Sinister Plots yet)

Homestuck (Created by Kobayashi)
-The Black King, the End Boss
-Doc Scratch, Host to Apocalypse

Miscellaenous Ancients
-Agatha Prenderghast, the Vengeful Spirit
-Crom Cruach, Pagan Deity
-Bloody Marie, the Skullgirl
-Azrail, Purifier of Worlds
-Jumanji, Realm of the Cursed Jungle
-Mother Brain, Overmind of Zebes
-Tabuu, the Subspace Emissary
-The Corruption, Scourge of Eden
-Calvaros, the Archmage
-The Harrowing, Call of the Shadow Isles
-The Process, Out of Control
-Bill Cipher, Terror of the Dreamscape



Magic the Gathering
-Jace Beleren, Memory Adept
-Chandra Nalaar, the Firebrand
-Garruk Wildspeaker, the Primal Hunter
-Venser, the Sojourner
-Kiora, the Crashing Wave
-Dack Fayden, the Multiverse Thief
-("NEW") Elspeth Tirel, Sun's Champion
-("NEW") Narset, the Transcendant
-Saheeli Rai, Artist of Artiface
-Tamiyo, the Moon Sage

Enigma Aether
-Traele, Chronicler of the Aether

Arcana Heart
-Partinias, Arcana of Love
-Bhanri, Arcana of Thunder
-Saligrama, Arcana of Luck
-Zillael, Arcana of Sacred
-Tempestas, Arcana of Wind
-Almacia, Arcana of Ice
-Phenex, Arcana of Sound
-Koshmar, Arcana of Punishment (Also comes with Sorwat')
Miscellaneous Guardians
-The Fates, Spirits of Septerra
-The Pantheon, Shrine of the Old World
-Djinn, Essence of the Lost Art
-Kindred, the Eternal Hunters



Magic the Gathering
-Liliana Vess, Mistress of the Veil
-Vraska, the Unseen
-Xenagos, the Reveller (also includes "Xenagos, God of Revels" Ancient One)
-Sorin Markov, Lord of Innistrad
-("NEW") Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver
-Garruk, Apex Predator
-Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded

Arcana Heart
-Gier, Arcana of Darkness
-Anutpada, Arcana of Time
-Dieu Mort, Arcana of Evil
-Heliogabalus, Arcana of Mirror
-Sorwat', Arcana of Sin (Also comes with Koshmar)

Miscellaneous Heralds
-Kyuubey, the Incubator (Created by Kobayashi)
-The Black Queen, Aid to the Crown (Created by Kobayashi) (Best played with "The Black King" Ancient One)
-Lujei Piche, The Roaming Spectre (Best played with "Calvaros" Ancient One)
-Ragorlang, Dark Side of the Soul


Scenarios / Institutions

Odin Sphere
-Corrupted Beast: Scenario 1 of the Erion Armageddon Set. Ancient One is Darkova.
-Underworld Upheaval: Scenario 2 of the Erion Armageddon Set. Ancient One is King Gallon.
-Worldfire: Scenario 3 of the Erion Armageddon Set. Ancient One is Onyx.
-Armageddon Incubator: Scenario 4 of the Erion Armageddon Set. Ancient One is The Cauldron.
-Crack the Sky: Scenario 5 of the Erion Armageddon Set. Ancient One is Leventhan.

Any-Setting Scenarios (Can be played with any Ancient One)
-Dokapon Kingdom: It's like playing Arkham Monopoly. Whoever has the most money at the end wins the game.
-The Midnight Channel, another side of Tartarus: The citizens of the town are getting sucked into another dimension.  Can you keep them safe, or is this town done for?


Content Bundles - Lots of stuff in One Download

(Warning, these bundles are currently very out of date.  Looking to fix this in the future)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Bundle provided by Kobayashi)
Investigators - Madoka, Sayaka, Homura, Kyouko, Mami
Ancient Ones - Kriemheld Gretchen, Oktavia von Seckendorff, Candeloro, Homulilly, Ophelia
Heralds - Kyuubey
Ragnarok Bundle - Odin Sphere
Investigators - Gwendolyn, Cornelius, Mercedes, Oswald, Velvet
Ancient Ones - Darkova, King Gallon, Onyx, The Cauldron, Leventhan
Scenarios - Corrupted Beast, Underworld Upheaval (more coming later)
Blazblue: Calamity Trigger Bundle (Tager/Litchi/Bang/Noel out of date)
Investigators - Ragna, Jin, Noel, Rachel, Taokaka, Tager, Arakune, Bang, Litchi, Carl, Hakumen, Nu-13-
Blazblue: Continuum Shift Bundle (Tsubaki/Mu-12-/Makoto/Relius/Hazama out of date)
Investigators - Tsubaki, Hazama, Mu-12-, Makoto, Valkenhayn, Platinum, Relius
Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma Bundle (Incomplete) (Izayoi out of date)
Investigators - Amane, Bullet, Azrael, Izayoi, *Kagura (TBA), *Kokonoe (TBA), Celica (TBA)
Inaba Investigation Bundle - Persona 4 (Chie/Yukiko/Naoto out of date)
Investigators - Yu, Yosuke, Chie, Yukiko, Kanji, Naoto, Teddie
Heralds - The Midnight Channel
Summoner's Rift Bundle - League of Legends
Investigators - Ahri, Annie, Caitlyn, Cho'Gath, Dr. Mundo, Malzahar, Nasus, Sona, Graves, Twisted Fate, Vayne, Viktor, Vladimir, Jinx
Protectors of Yzarc Bundle - Chaos Legion (Sieg out of date)
Investigators - Sieg Wahrheit, Arcia Rinslet
Ancient Ones - Azrail

Edited by Shining Aquas

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Below is a link to the image gallery, where you will be able to see everything I've ever created. Everything in the gallery is 100% up to date.


Visual Gallery


Pictures are sorted according to the order of the above post (starting with Investigators, then Ancient Ones, etc).  Included with each preview is a med-resolution picture of the creation along with any essential items or extras, along with an Author's Note by me giving some insight and notes about what I think of the creation, or maybe advice to consider when playing with it.  If you find any images too hard to read, keep in mind that the gallery scales everything down automatically, and there's a button in the top right corner that allows you to see a full resolution preview.  This function is actually necessary for a couple creations that are especially large in scope (Isaac, Jumanji, etc.)


If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

Edited by Shining Aquas

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Here is where new and fixed projects will be posted. Anytime I make something new, or other things receive major fixes/changes, they will be previewed here. All changed and new material is immediately updated in the main post, so changed files can be downloaded there.

1/10/2017 Updates - The Final Curtain


At this point, all the content that I have ever made has been released.

Thank you so much to everyone that has downloaded and played with my content over the last few years, it's been an absolute blast to make.


I might make a few things here and there in the future, but for the most part this section of my life is finished.

But this is not the end for me. I'm sure I'll thrust my designs into other parts of this mythos (Eldritch and LCG come to mind)


Once again, thank you for everything up until now.


Edited by Shining Aquas

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The following changes have been made:

New Investigator released: Azrael, Prisoner of Sector Sever

-Azrael can be found under the Blazblue section for Investigators

Lillet Blan

-Value of Random Unique Tome has been lowered to $4 from $6.  As a result, Lillet starts with 1 additional clue token at game start.

Nu -13-

-Archetype Shift can now only be used during Upkeep and mid-Combat, from Any Phase.  Still has a once per turn limit.

-Nu's bottom two skill tracks have been swapped. The pairings are now Fight/Luck and Will/Lore, from Fight/Lore and Will/Luck


Things I've been working on:

-Bullet and Amane Nishiki are almost done, just need some final revisions.

-Agatha Prenderghast (AO) is finished, but I'm not quite satisfied with her abilities, so her release will be postponed.

-I should have a few more personal stories finished by Christmas.

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Merry Christmas everyone.  Hope your holiday seasons are jolly, and what better way to celebrate then with new content.

New Investigator released: Bullet, the Squad Leader

-Bullet can be found under the Blazblue section for Investigators

Bang Shishigami

-Slight tweaks to FU-RIN-KA-ZAN make it an easier ability to understand, and clears up minor confusions with how it works.

-FU-RIN-KA-ZAN no longer applies a 1 stamina penalty when defeating a monster.

Personal Stories have been added for Nico Minoru and Dr. Mundo

-Download links in the Topic Post have been updated to reflect these add-ons.

Picture Gallery has new pictures

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Happy New Year!  Everyone here probably survived 2012's "end of the world" event, so let's kick off 2013 with some big changes.

Noel and Mu -12-

-Secondary abilities "Eye of the Azure" and "Desperate, and Determined" have been swapped with these two investigators.  Noel now has Eye of the Azure, and Mu -12- now has Desperate, and Determined.  Noel's personal story fail conditions have been augmented to reflect these changes.


-Ace in the Hole no longer allows you to claim the monster trophy.  Instead, monsters sniped with Ace in the Hole will now be returned to the box.

-Ace in the Hole can now only be used during the movement phase before you move, as opposed to anytime during movement.

Kanji Tatsumi

-No longer starts with Brass Knuckles fixed.  Now starts with an extra dollar and clue token.

Naoto Shirogane

-Values on Light, Dark, and the Almighty have been reversed, for flavor's sake (better effects the higher you roll, as opposed to lower).

-Rolling a misfire (which is now a 1 instead of a 6) now allows you to spend an extra sanity to roll again.  This is changed from the previous misfire, which automatically drained an extra sanity but gave you the option to roll again for free.

-Passing your personal story now gives slightly different benefits.

Azrail (Ancient One)

-During game setup, Sacred Glyphs can now be placed on unstable locations on expansion boards.  Additionally, Glyphs will no longer be removed when an investigator is on one during mythos if that investigator closed a gate this turn.

-During Start of Battle, Glyph of Ascension will now grant a blessing on a 4-6 instead of a success.

-At the end of each turn you now roll a die for each Glyph remaining on the board, instead of just one die.  That means its possible to remove all of them in one go round, which overall makes the Ancient One tougher.

Image Gallery Updated

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It's time for another wonderful update.  At least, I hope its wonderful?  Well, either way its an update, and as always the image gallery has been updated.

1/12/13 Changes

New Ancient One released: Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker

-You can find this ancient villian under the Magic the Gathering section of Ancient Ones.


-A few wording changes were added for clarification regarding ??? as a selectable character.


-The Bonus from Curse of Babylon is now a +2 on either condition instead of a +3.

-You still gain a spell from Curse of Babylon when both conditions are triggered, but now that condition is refreshed whenever you switch to Eve, instead of just once per game.


-Cain's switch bonus is now "Another player gains $2" instead of "Each player gains $1"

-Luck's On My Side can now only be used once but refreshes each time you switch to Cain.  This is a big nerf to the original once per turn.


-Book of Belial only costs 1 sanity now instead of 2 sanity.

-Book of Belial can only be activated once but refreshes each time you switch to Judas, as opposed to once per turn.

-Judas' Sneak has been reduced to 4 from 5.  This was done to put Judas' stat arrangement in line with the other Isaac personas.


-Strength of Heart now recovers 3 stamina instead of 1, but also requires you to spend all of your movement points in addition to your focus.

-Strength of Heart can now only be used once but refreshes each time you switch to Magdelene, as opposed to once per turn.


-Bloody Fury has been entirely overhauled.  New effect is "Whenever you defeat a monster, return it to the box and gain a fury counter.  If you ever have 3 fury counters, discard them and gain a clue token.  You automatically lose all of your fury counters each time you are knocked unconscious or driven insane, and when you change characters."

-Samson's Speed has been increased to 5 from 4.  As a result, Samson now has 2 focus instead of 3.


-"Look at all this cool crap" now gives nothing on a 1-3, clue token on a 4-5, and common item on a 6.  This is a nerf from the original 1-2 nothing, 3-4 clue token, and 5-6 common item.

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Can you believe more than half of the month has gone by already?  It's crazy.  These updates are fairly small, so I won't be updating the 3rd post to reflect the changes like usual.

1/17/13 Updates - A collection of small stuff

-Will reduced to 4 from 5. Lore increased to 4 from 3.

-Epic Battle Cards were tweaked.  Generally made more dificult.

-Can now use Frostbite on evade checks as well as horror checks.

-Trigger on Deity of Ra is now "When the first gate of a turn opens" instead of "Whenever a gate opens"

-Art has been swapped.  Other than that, no changes have been made.

-Jiraiya's effect is now "Mythos: If a monster would move onto Yosuke, you may exhaust to move him into an adjacent street instead."  Additionally, Jiraiya now gives +1 Will instead of +1 Luck.

The Teddie investigator is finished…
…but will not be released until further notice.  I need to double check how he works to make sure everything is clean, and I might be waiting for a particular date to release him :)

Personal Stories have been finished for Caitlyn and Vayne. You can gather them in their character packs.

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I know it seems like the last post was only a few days ago, but this is a much larger update than the last one, and will probably be one of the last updates of January.  This time, I've made some large changes to one of my more popular downloads: Dokapon Kingdom.  Some of the rules have changed dramatically, while others have been tweaked a bit.  So, without further ado:

1/21/13 Changes - Capitalism Strikes Again!

Dokapon Kingdom (Scenario)
-Retainers are no longer banned.  Instead, Retainers now only give $1 on upkeep instead of $2.
-Monster Trophies, Gate Trophies, Exhibit Items, and Clue Tokens are now scored at the end of the game.  Values for each are $2 per clue, $5 per Exhibit, $2 per toughness of monster, and $10 per gate trophy.
-All rules regarding the purchase of other people's neighborhoods has been removed.  Players can no longer purchase neighborhoods from one another.
-When a player loses ownership of a neighborhood they own, they are now refunded all of their investmest instead of just half.
-Investigator ban list has been updated: Daisy Walker, Rex Murphy, Roland Banks, and Patrice Hathaway are not allowed.  Jenny Barnes is allowed, but only with group allowance.
-The Credit Rating Skill is no longer allowed to be used during Upkeep.
-Printing Layout has been overhauled…somewhat.  Nothing has changed about how you print out the original Dokapon rules sheet, but the 3 card assembly of additional rules has been edited and copied into a second Scenario sheet, to make overall printing easier.

Sieg Wahrheit
-Fixed Possessions now includes an Enchanted Blade.  As a result, he no longer starts with a random Unique Item and has $1 fewer.

-Nether Grasp can now only produce 1 Conscripted monster at a time, which means it cannot be used if there's already a conscripted monster on the table.

-Elfaria's Blessing now only gives the passive bonus to investigators within the same space as her, instead of within an adjacent space.
-Mercedes' Personal Story pass reward has been completely redone.


What's in the workshop?

Here's a look at the stuff I've been working on, and what I will be working on in the future:

1) Personal Stories for a few characters are in the works.  In a future update, expect stories for Kanji Tatsumi, Dizzy, and Twisted Fate. Others sure to follow, but those are the current planned ones.

2) A new investigator has been completed.  Blazblue's final character, Izayoi, is undergoing some peer editing and reevaluation, and will be released in the near future.

3) Aside from Sinister Plots being completed on Nicol Bolas, I'm pleased to announce that Agatha Prenderghast is almost ready to be released.  After some additional tweaks and modifications, she'll be good as gold.

4) There are more investigators in the planning stages, but nothing concrete yet.  The next closest to be done is Shane Treno fron Enigma Ether, but there's plenty to look forward to.

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Hey, it's February.  There's a lot of stuff coming out this month, so I hope you guys are ready for a big serving of new content.  So, let's kick off February with a new Ancient One.

2/5/2013 Changes - Groundhog said 6 more weeks of Cthulhu

NEW ANCIENT ONE: Agatha Prenderghast, the Vengeful Spirit
-Download can be found under the Miscellaneous Ancient Ones, includes main sheet and 3 sinister plots.

Venser, the Sojourner (Guardian)
-First ability has been renamed to Safe Passage.  No changes to the abilty though.
-Third ability has been renamed to Otherworldly Journey (originally the first ability name). Otherworldly Journey is the same as the old Dream Cache, but instead of taking you to the first area of The Dreamlands, it instead takes you to the first area of Another Dimension.

Rachel Alucard
-Tempest Dahlia only fetches the first 2 environment (weather) cards instead of the first 3.  You still only pick 1 to put into play.
-Rachel's Story has been tweaked in wording to clear up any potential confusion.

-You now only receive a +1 bonus to your first combat check against a locked-on target, as opposed to +1 on combat checks against a locked-on target.

Annie Hastur
-Minor wording changes to Summon Tibbers.

-Lore increased to 5 from 4.  Luck decreased to 3 from 4.

Sona Buvelle
-Will decreased to 4 from 5.  Lore increased to 5 from 4.

Twisted Fate
-Will increased to 5 from 4.  Focus decreased to 1 from 2.

Personal Stories Completed for Kanji Tatsumi and Yukiko Amagi.  Files can be found under their respective character downloads.

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February is over half done already.  I've been meaning to post some stuff for a couple days now but school's been getting in the way of that. As a result, I ended up with a much larger list of balance tweaks than normal.  So, without further ado, here's some new stuff.

2/18/2013 Changes - Performers front and center

NEW INVESTIGATOR: Amane Nishiki, the Twisted Ringleader
You can download Amane Nishiki under the Blazblue tab for investigators

Sona Buvelle
-Character Image updated.
-Song of Celerity now specifically says that it affects either Blue or Red skills, as opposed to Speed/Fight/Lore and Sneak/Will/Luck. This change was made for the sake of odd skill arrangement investigators (like the Spy).
-Musical Affinity no longer includes Voice of Ra. It is musical in nature, but Sona is technically a mute.
-If Sona triggers Musical Affinity, she now gains the bonus from Song of Celerity to herself.
-Personal Story slightly tweaked.

Yu Narukami
-Sneak increased to 4 from 3. Fight reduced to 4 from 5.
-The imprinting cost for Fate of a Thousand has been reduced to 5 toughness of monsters or 1 gate trophy.  Original cost was 10 toughness, 5 toughness and 1 gate, or 2 gate trophies.
-Izanagi ally now only gives +1 to skill checks for the skill you select, from simply getting +1 to that skill.

-Bonuses from Crimson are now specified as Physical damage instead of untyped damage.

Arcia Rinslet
-Sanity and Stamina are now 5 each, from 6 sanity and 4 stamina

-Deity of Ra can now only trigger a total of 8 times per game.

-Sword Summoner's fetch ability only digs 10 cards deep instead of 15.

Valkenhayn R. Hellsing
-Wording change for Werewolf.  Ability has only barely changed as a result.

Lorthos (Ancient One)
-Start of battle now devours people with a Speed less than 3 instead of less than 2.

Agatha Prenderghast (Ancient One)
-Encounters that occur through Agatha's ability can no longer cause gates to move.
-Combat modifier is now (-7) from (-3).
-The combat restriction clause "Investigators with fewer than 4 Lore can't attack" has been removed.
-Combat modifier is now reduced by an amount equal to your Lore for each individual investigator.
-New Start of Battle is "Pull the Sinister Plot card out of the green epic battle deck. When Agatha reaches 5 doom tokens, resolve that card on the next turn."
-Agatha no longer reduces the number of successes investigators make against her. All of her Sinister Plots was modified to reflect this change.
-Agatha is now a 10 track instead of an 11 track. Agatha's main ability now changes in intensity at half the doom track instead of 2 rows full.

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Hello and welcome to the last post of February.  This is literally as close to the end of the month as I can reasonably get: 1 hour away from March.  However, I almost forgot that I promised another investigator in February in the first post, and I'm happy to say that I did have her finished for a while but wanted to see her played before submitting.  So, here's one of the smallest updates in a while.

2/28/2013 changes - Scarlet, Songs, and Shaggy

NEW INVESTIGATOR: Izayoi, the Sword of Judgment
Izayoi can be found under the Blazblue tab of Investigators

Sona Buvelle
*Sona has been receiving a lot of small adjustments lately, and for that I do apologize.  This will be the last one for a while as I think this will finally "tune" her in just the right spot.
-Second ability renamed "Crescendo" from "Musical Affinity"
-Crescendo no longer provides an additional +1 to Song of Celerity, but still provides the bonus to Sona if she fulfills the requirements.
-Crescendo now has Any Phase: Exhaust one of the listed possessions to flip your extra skill slider to the other color, immediately changing the bonus that Sona receives from it.
-Story fail slightly altered to make it easier if you obtain at least 1 musical item earlier.

*Shaggy's synergy off food is hilarious and flavorful, but because he starts the game with food he's way too easy to win with.  This extremely minor change actually has a huge effect on how powerful Shaggy will be in a given game, and because his personal story still rewards a food on pass he is even more encouraged to complete it.
-Fixed Possessions no longer includes Food.  Shaggy starts with an extra dollar to compensate

Relius Clover
*This is a minor change meant to tone down Relius' combat ability by just a tad.
-Every use of Ignis for combat depletes 3 control counters instead of 2.

Don't go anywhere, there's more cool stuff coming out in March.  Maybe not as many investigators for a while, but there's lot of everything else on the way…

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Sorry, nothing to add, just adding a line to turn the "new messages" light off

(and it's funny that everytime I try to edit an older post accoding to what you suggested, my edited post appears at the end of the series of messages and not in the original place. Wondering why)

(new try)



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Julia said:


Sorry, nothing to add, just adding a line to turn the "new messages" light off

(and it's funny that everytime I try to edit an older post accoding to what you suggested, my edited post appears at the end of the series of messages and not in the original place. Wondering why)


What are you doing exactly?  Maybe a typo was made.

Since I'm here, how about some UPDATES!

3/11/2013 Changes - Good Ol' Ma

NEW ANCIENT ONE: Mother Brain, Overmind of Zebes
She can be found under Miscellaneous Ancient Ones.

*After her release a couple weeks ago, I feel that Izayoi is in a pretty good place. She thrives off of non-discardable spells that you can cast out of combat and her ability to guarantee extra dice on future rolls by stockpiling them is pretty effective otherwise.  These minor changes are intended to help reinforce her already solid playstyle.
-Scarlet Justice no longer has a limit to how many scarlet counters you can gain in a turn, although the maximum is still 8.
-Izayoi's starting randoms have 1 more Spell, but 1 fewer Unique Item.
-Zero Weave Mode Shift now costs $4 from $5.  Combined with the spare dollar from new randoms means she now starts with 4 clues instead of 3.

Iliad Palette
*Iliad's ability to create monsters is already pretty limited in usage, but forcing Iliad to stay stuck in place after using it is just a little too rough.  While still very situational, this tweak will help swing the power curve back in the player's favor.
-Strokes of Magic now causes you to draw 2 monsters and place one in the street area of your choice, instead of the street area nearest you.

Twisted Fate
*Destiny Gate is a very sloppy ability.  Since most players play with Face-up gates (standard play), the only way to really get the most out of TF is to play with face-down gates (House Rules).  I've taken a hard look at Destiny Gate, and hopefully this rework will allow some more unique play experiences from him that don't feel as disappointing.
-Destiny Gate has been reworked. New ability is "Movement: You may spend all of your movement points and 1 sanity and stamina each to reveal the top marker of the gate token pile.  You may choose to switch that gate token with another gate in Arkham. After you switch gates, or if you choose not to, shuffle the gate pile. (This does not count as opening or closing a gate)"

Jin Kisaragi
*Jin's abilities are mostly doing what I want them to do, but they aren't doing it in a way that synergize well. His main ability, secondary ability, and personal story are all pushing his method of play in different directions, causing him to only really favor about a third of his kit.  These changes to Frost Bite and Cold Shoulder are intended to give back some of that missing synergy.
-Frost Bite now allows any investigator that passes an evade or combat check against a frozen monster the ability to comtinue moving for the turn.
-Cold Shoulder no longer prevents you from gaining allies via random encounters.  Instead, when you gain an ally in this manner, roll a Will (+0) check or return it back to the deck of selectable allies.  As a clarification, this means you still gain the ally and all the benefits that come with it, but if you don't pass the Will check you don't keep the ally (EX: Gaining Ryan Dean but failing the Will check means you still gain the common item for getting Ryan, but you don't get to keep him).

I'll be uploading some guest-created content closer to the end of the week, so stay tuned.

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Dunno. I right click on the Quote button, select "copy address" and then I go that address. The new window offer me my original text among the "Quote" brackets. I change the address - responder becomes editar, and I change also the last letter of the address as you said. After changing it, I hit enter again and I edit the text. The I click the Publish button, and voilà, the post is at the end of the thread. Any help is really appreciated :-)

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Julia said:



ok, I'm a total noob. After changing the line in the address, I didn't press "enter" ::laughter::

sorry, pal



That's a relief to hear since it sounds like you got the rest of the procedure perfectly, so I had no idea what was going wrong.

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Hey, it's almost the end of March.  At least, it feels that way to me.  Nothing new or changed from me today, but I do have a bunch of stuff from a friend of mine, Kobayashi.  He's provided a batch of 5 new investigators, 5 new Ancient Ones, and a herald to go with them.

3/19/2013 - Kobayashi Mephistopheles Power Hour

Puella Magi Madoka Magica - The Full Package!

5 New Investigators
-Madoka Kaname, the Hopeful
-Sayaka Miki, the Knight
-Mami Tomoe, the Mentor
-Kyouko Sakura, the Rebel
-Homura Akemi, the Agent

5 New Ancient Ones
-Kriemheld Gretchen, Harbinger of Salvation
-Oktavia von Seckendorff, the Mermaid Symphony
-Candeloro, Lonely Gatherer
-Ophelia, Flame of Abandonment
-Homulilly, the Burden of Regret

New Herald: Kyuubey, the Incubator

Each of these individual pieces as well as a batch folder provided by Kobayashi can be found in the main page.

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Okay, for real this time, March is almost over.  Here is probably the last (but possibly second to last) update for March.

3/27/2013 - The Storm Cometh

NEW INVESTIGATOR: Shane Talos, the Aether Eraser
-Shane can be found under the Enigma Aether section of investigators.

Leventhan (AO)
*Major changes were made to make this Ancient One more playable overall.  These changes don't change the core elements of the Ancient One, but are all great quality of life improvements.
-Leventhan's wording has been modified to better counter monster manipulating effects like Migo Brain Case and Lure Monster.
-Baby Leventhan's wording has been modified for clarity.
-Baby Leventhan's combat check is now -2 from -3.
-Baby Leventhan is now elusive.  His awareness check is now +0 from -2.
-Baby Leventhan no longer has Overwhelming 2.  Instead, when you succeed a combat check against him, you are knocked unconscious.

Darkova (AO)
-No longer has Magical Resistance.

-No changes to Isaac, but there are changes to the Eve, Magdalene, and Samson character sheets
-Changing to Eve now recovers 2 sanity instead of 1.
-Changing to Magdelene now recovers 2 stamina instead of 1.
-Monsters defeated by Samson are no longer returned to the monster cup.

Sieg Wahrheit
*Everytime I see people play this investigator, Hatred is almost always picked as one of the two starting Legions.  The reason is because the ability to turn stamina into a blessed combat roll is a little stronger than I thought.  That being said, I don't want to remove the ability because it's a good fit for the Hatred Legion, so instead I'll work with number tweaks and see how people respond.
-Hatred Legion's second ability now costs 2 stamina instead of 1.

Twisted Fate's Personal Story has been completed.  It has been included in his download link.

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Hey guys, happy April Fool's Day.  There's a lot of content coming out this month, so let's start with a joke investigator.

4/1/2013 - April Fun Times

NEW INVESTIGATOR: Teddie, Arcana of the Star

-Teddie can be found under the Persona 4 investigators, complete with an arguably necessary Personal Story.  Enjoy.


No other updates for today, but more stuff is coming in the coming month.

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April is Doubles Month!  Every release this month will be double the content, and we start today with a simultaneous Guardian and Herald release, along with a bunch of small changes.

4/7/2013 - Arcana Debut, Released in Two

NEW GUARDIAN AND HERALD: Partinias, Arcana of Love / Gier, Arcana of Darkness
-Partinias and Gier can be found in the Arcana Heart section of their respective sections.

-Essence Theft now states that it must be activated before moving, and still costs all of your movement points.  This has always been intended and also implied, but changed to avoid any possible confusion. It's also been noted that the amount "gained" cannot exceed your maximum, as it is essentially recovery.
-Essence Theft now recovers an amount to Stamina or Sanity equal to twice the monster's toughness, from the original "toughness plus 1".
-Subtext at the end of Spirit Rush has been removed as it was not necessary. "If you move into a gate, the monsters end at that gate's location" isn't necessary since gates aren't entered until Arkham Encounters.

Carl Clover
-Personal Story now requires you to fulfill the condition 4 times to pass instead of 5.
-Personal Story has been cleaned up for clarity in a few small areas.

*Mysterious Power is definitely the more fascinating of Dizzy's two abilities, but even with that in mind it doesn't have as much power as I feel it should, and the name of the ability is far too ambiguous for my taste.  Mysterious Power has been given a new name and a new ability, but the overall feel of the original ability remains intact.

-Second Ability renamed "Magic Manipulation" from "Mysterious Power"
-Magic Manipulation: "Once per turn upon casting a spell, you may create a copy of it. The copy has all the same costs and restrictions as the original. The copy is discarded at the end of the turn."

Darkova (AO)
-Sinister Plots altered and tweaked.

-Wording tweaked for clarity, but her abilities are the same.
-Personal Story pass condition now also requires a seal on the board.

Onyx (AO)
-Start of Battle is now "All items with a value of $4 or less are burned to a crisp, including possessions that can't normally be lost.  Investigators can pay 1 stamina for each of those items they wish to keep."  This is very different from the original "Each investigator gains an injury."
-Fire tokens no longer close areas.
-Fire tokens now push investigators into the nearest street area of their choice instead of the nearest location of their choice.

Iliad Palette
-Easily Inspired now replaces your Arkham Encounter with the Painter skill if you choose to use it, instead of just painting the picture immediately on ending movement in a location with a clue token.  This looks a little like a nerf, but in actuality it's a buff.
-Rewrote Iliad's Personal Story.  The actual conditions and effects of the story haven't especially changed, but the plot and character are different.
-Iliad may now choose to either start with a Rail Pass or a random common item, instead of having the choice be automatically dictated by whether you play with expansions or not.

Platinum the Trinity
-Bombs placed on the board from the Magical Bombs item now deal 2 stamina damage to investigators instead of 1.
-Magical Staff now reduces the sanity cost of the spell based on the number of counters you threw at it, instead of just 1 counter to remove the cost entirely.

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Let's continue April Doubles Month going strong!

4/15/2013 - Another Double Arcana release, plus a Double Rework

NEW GUARDIAN AND HERALD: Bhanri, Arcana of Thunder / Dieu Mort, Arcana of Evil
-They can be found int he Arcana Heart section of their respective sheet types.

Lillet Blan
*Lillet is a very unique investigator with some awesome functionality and insane resource generation balanced out by her overall difficulty and intense movement limitations.  This massive set of changes will help improve the player's ability to understand how her main ability works while also making sure that each time set is 5 full turns, when before the first set was only 4.  Her resource generation is being tweaked with overall less monetary value but more useful awards.  With the inclusion of a personal story, Lillet's high risk/high reward style should feel even more rewarding than before.

-Complete Overhaul of Possessions.  Lillet now runs on a custom arrangement of possesssions divided between "Starting Possessions" and "Time Skip Possessions".
    >Starting Possessions are only granted during game setup.  Included is the first random Tome from the Unique Item deck, 1 Unique Item, 1 Spell and 1 Skill.
    >Time Skip Possessions are granted during game setup AND each time Lillet travels back in time via "The Endless Five" ability.  Included is a fixed common (Ancient Tome), 2 common items, and 2 clue tokens.
-The Endless Five now triggers at the end of Mythos instead of Upkeep, and doesn't trigger on the first Mythos of the game.
-The Endless Five no longer restarts Lillet's character sheet, but instead sends her back to the Library.  Upon arriving, she discards everything except for clue tokens, gate trophies, blessings, madnesses, skills, the "Changed" card, spells and tomes.  Allies discarded this way are returned to the ally deck.
-Gifted Student now grants +1 to Lore checks made for reading Tomes instead of +1 to Spell Checks.
-Personal Story added!
    >Pass condition - Have any 3 of the following: a gate trophy, 5 clue tokens, the "Changed" card, any membership card, a blessing, or a three-toughness monster trophy. Reward - Draw 2 skills and choose 1 to keep, plus you can exhaust the story card to prevent yourself from gaining a time counter.
    >Fail condition - Getting knocked unconscious or driven insane.  Punishment - Next time you receive Time Skip Possessions, you receive 1 fewer common item, 1 less clue token and your Personal Story resets.

Amane Nishiki
*I like the idea behind Amane's design somewhat, but the execution is pretty awful to the point where it's almost crippling.  As it stands, the only defining attributes of Amane are having a Will track of 6 and starting with Fine Clothing, along with having an ability that will usually float between level 0-2 for most of a normal game and never any higher, which is a shame since the ability's bonuses don't start getting very good until levels 5-12.  obviously, this means Amane was in need of a serious redesign, and he got one.

-Spiral completely reworked.  Now gives you a drill counter for each success you roll on a combat check, up to 4 at a time.  You can spend 4 drill counters at any time to give yourself 1 success on a combat check. During Mythos, roll a die and discard a drill counter on a failure.
-New ability: Travelling Troupe
    >Amane may exhaust an ally card to reroll a skill check, but he cannot refresh an ally during upkeep unless he pays 1 focus to do so (unless it already has refresh requirements).
-No longer starts with Fine Clothing.  Now starts with Makeup Kit and Bullwhip.  Fixed and Random Possessions completely redone outside this change.
-Will lowered to 5 from 6 (Makeup kit would've made this 7, which is ridiculous).  Lore raised to 5 from 4.

Kanji Tatsumi
-"Real Man 110%" now only triggers when you spend clue tokens on extra rolls for a skill check.  You still must keep rolling until you run out of clues, but they still give 1 extra die per clue.
-Heart of Gold's effect is now "+1 to Will and Sneak checks, and absorbs up to 1 stamina damage".  Original was "Absorbs up to 2 points of stamina or sanity, split however you like".  This change was to give it extra functionality to people that want to get into gates by sneaking past monsters, while giving them a little bit of safety if they get caught by a monster in the process.


I promise the next double release will NOT be another set of Guardian/Herald.

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As promised, today we won't be releasing another Guardian/Herald set, so instead I brought something humorous.  What could it be?  Well, it's quite funny because both releases have an unprecedented number of similarities.  For example:

> Both are Investigators

> Both are Cyborgs, a fusion between human and machine

> Both are named Victor, with very slightly altered spellings

So, for today's update:

4/21/2013 - Meet Victor and Viktor

Viktor, the Machine Herald can be found under the League of Legends investigator tab.  Victor Mancha, the runaway hybrid can be found under the Runaways investigator tab.  No other changes for today though.

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