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Permission to Copy Content for a Keeper Tool

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Hi everyone (hopefully someone from FFG too),

I've created a tool to make Mansions of Madness easier to setup and play. It's basically a tool for Windows that allows you to skip most of the cards in the game setup.

It asks you the questions from the stories and then provides information during the game:

What cards you actually need - as the objective, events, clues, obstacles, and locks are just presented in the UI of the tool.

What is in each room, how many clues and events the investigators have seen so far, the objective can be viewed, and events appear when they should (based on you clicking a button each time you reach the event step).

It uses a relatively simple XML format to store the information for the scenarios - making it possible for people to create their own scenarios.

Here are some pictures (it is very simple):

My question is, can I submit this to with the text of the cards and story within the XML?


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