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War Returns to the Seven Kingdoms

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“Behind the Lannisters came their great lords and captains. Their banners flared and flapped, a pageant of color: red ox and golden mountain, purple unicorn and bantam rooster, brindled boar and badger, a silver ferret and a juggler in motley, stars and sunbursts, peacock and panther, chevron and dagger, black hood and blue beetle and green arrow.”
–George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

The king is dead. Five men take aim at the Iron Throne. They call their banners, and the Seven Kingdoms are bound for war!

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming reprint of the classic A Clash of Arms cycle of Chapter Packs for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game!

The first cycle of Chapter Packs for A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, A Clash of Arms is full of Armies, Bannermen, and famous characters from George R.R. Martin’s fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire. Its cards depict the kingdoms of Westeros in a time of war. Now updated to the new sixty card format, its Chapter Packs each contain three copies of each player card, including the powerful Fury plots and classic events like To Be a Wolf.

This is a great chance for new players to discover the wealth of characters, locations, attachments, and events that the A Clash of Arms cycle added to A Game of Thrones, and veteran players can look forward to updated, unbanned versions of Jaqen H’gar and Compelled by the Rock!


Up in Arms

The Chapter Packs of A Clash of Arms present a wide array of powerful and iconic characters from A Song of Ice and Fire.

jory-cassel.pngFocusing less on the Lords and Ladies of the Seven Kingdoms than those who serve them, A Clash of Arms permits trait manipulation with Old Nan and manipulates your opponents’ ability to defend themselves from Ser Lancel Lannister’s part in any number of schemes. The Queen of Dragons gains the services of the uniquely talented Arstan Whitebeard, and Salladhor Saan sails in the service of House Baratheon.

Even among the cycle’s nobility, you’ll find ever-popular characters like Jhalabar Xho, as well as legendary figures like Rhaegar Targaryen, whose time to shine in the competitive scene may soon arrive.

When it reintroduces its mix of famous, named personalities and powerful armies, the A Clash of Arms reprint will also give players a new chance to make keen tactical use of the talents of the red-and-white haired assassin, Jaqen H’gar. This Ally will return, updated and unbanned, with the cycle’s reprint.

Epic Events

As the battles of A Clash of Arms rage across the realm of Westeros, the Great Houses muster their armies for Epic Battles. The cycle includes several Epic Battle events like The Battle of the Blackwater, all of which create an epic phase that follows the turn’s dominance phase and foster this new phase’s additional, high-stakes struggles. These Epic Battles can allow you to put a character into play from your hand in addition to the challenge’s normal claim or, like The Battle of the Whispering Wood, permit both Military claim and targeted kill. Like the battles whose names they bear, these events can change the shape of the Seven Kingdoms.

A Clash of Arms also features the To Be and Compelled events. Each of the game’s six Great Houses finds one of each of these powerful event types. When you have a plot with the appropriate trait in your used plot pile, the To Be events trigger powerful abilities from bringing your characters back from the dead pile to searching your deck for the card of your choice. Meanwhile, the Compelled events present their own, authoritative stamp upon the game as each of them reinforces its House’s core identity with a unique game effect, and many of them grow stronger when paired with the cycle’s Bannerman characters.

House Targaryen’s To Be a Dragon and House Baratheon’s Compelled by the Crown

The cycle’s upcoming reprint will also give fans of House Lannister a new opportunity to use a familiar weapon, an updated, unbanned version of Compelled by the Rock!

Learn Your History

The upcoming reprint of A Clash of Arms is a great chance for both new players and grizzled veterans to incorporate the cycle’s classic cards into their current strategies. After all, as the maesters would have us believe, those who haven’t learned from history are doomed to suffer defeat at the hands of those who have.


The reprint of A Clash of Arms is scheduled to arrive late in the first quarter of 2013.

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