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Lackey Tournament

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Inspired by all those reports and championships, and having the only possibility to play via lackry i just burned with idea to make a kind of tournament in Lackey. Kriss organized this some time ago, but now i guess he has a much motre interesting things to do (hope your baby is well, buddy). Such a tournament needs a lot of time but there are holidays coming, everyone should (i guess) be free from work and studying, and even may find a spare day from all those holiday-duties.


So i just want to propose to organize such a tournament via Lackey in the end of this year, or maybe in the beggining of the next (of coz if the Great One  will not awake 21/12/12).

So let's everyone who is interested just post here with the day he wants to participate. also any ideas you got - welcome.

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All cards until seekers of knowledge are availables for both lackey and now octgn

I'm in for the tournament, but first we need to know the number of players and how it will works.

By my experience, a play can be very very long : around 4h versus jahelen in a king of the hill .., most of my games are more than 1 hour, so i'm thinking we need to include a time limit with rules to determinate winner : it seams it's usually 1 hour in regular tournament

Belgium players (mzi, fredhot, B_p etc) used to select winner after 1 game and depend of number of stories won, and if it's tie : number of success tokens placed for each

we need to select the software to use, even if we can use both, it will be better to know ^^


i can even add new cards from yog next extension (spoilers cards ! )




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"Games do not have to last that long if Skype is used to explain your doings during the game."

Sorry Darkman, but i played 90% of my games online with skype and many of my games takes more than 1h (many few more than 2h ^^), but i'm thinking it will be really important to put a limit if games take too long time.

Maybe you beat your opponent like a pulp to quickly (joke of course XD)


@DrFaust : it's always good to play with experienced players and i can say all my opponents were very fair, so don't panic :)

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I tried OCTGN tonight with Kriss and in my opinion it is better then lackey. 

We also discussed the setup for the online tournament. After experiencing OCTGN me and Kriss prefer to play the tournament with this software.

The idea was to put a closing date on signing in for the tournament. This could be around January 20, 2013. After the closing date a schedule will be made (swiss format) so you know who you have to play against. Then we can start the tournament the next Saturday (January 26). During this time you can try out OCTGN and get acustomed with it. As said before I played with the software tonight for the first time and can say that it is quite easy to learn and use it.

Then everyone has one week (from Saturday till Friday) to play one game against each other(according the current tournament rules). If everyone finished his or her game before the end of the week it can be possible to amove on to the next round in a faster pace. You should approach your opponent for arranging a game. Scores will be emailed to Kriss or me and a new schedule will be made for the second round and so on.

Another remark: The use of skype during a game of Coc online is highly recommendable. It really speeds up the game. When signing up for the tournament it would be nice to also mention your accountname at Skype (if installed).


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i made the post on cenacle cthonien : http://cenacle-hd.bb-fr.com/t2509-tournoi-20-01

if i may add some rules :

Preparation january 19th

- add a time limit 1h30

- play 1 game per duel and the winner need to win 3 stories or have the most stories won at the end of time limit (more success put into board stories if tie)

- lost player post on forum of his choice (ffg / cenacle / cardgamedb) the result of each player ( number of stories won for each)

- use stories from ancient relic (of course you can give your opinion about story deck to be used)

- both player may use octgn , but it's ok with lackey (talk with your opponent)

- use all cards until seeker of knowledge : i can add spoilers cards from yog expantion : you need to confirm in this thread if you want thoses cards

Firsts games will starts 1 week after preparation : january 26th


Current players

- Kriss
- Darkman
- Keasanya

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im in.

though there's going to be the issue of static deck lists and who gets to be the 'keeper' of these.

and im going to have to learn octgn. haha.

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UP :

- Kriss / skype : a.krisss666 / octgn : kriss
- Darkman / skype : vwildt / octgn : Darkman
- Keasanya / skype : keasanya / octgn : keasanya
- Arkham inmate / skype : coclcg / octgn : ?
- PlasticXO / skype : plasticxo / octgn : ?
- Avarita / skype : jan.randula / octgn : avarita
- il nominabile / skype : randalf_morn / octgn : ?
- John-Paul Plöchl / skype : johnplochl / octgn : ?


Come on cultists and investigators, i'll make the swiss pool this w-end : there are seats for you XD


As i said, i can add yog spoiler cards from new expantion : are you interested ?

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"i am interested but do you also want to make them tournament legal?"

yes that's the point of online tournament : i can make  legal the new cards  ^^.
But i prefer ask to players :)

Honestly i don't even search to build a deck with yog expantion but for this one tournament (and maybe others), it can be good to see deck with new cards !

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Ok ^^, so :


1st round

- Tournament will start only satursday 26th, so polish your deck, make sure your deck in octgn is ok and contact your opponent.

- only 1 game between opponents

- time limit 1h30

- all lcg cards and seeker of knowledge (yog expantion isn't legal)

- use ancient relics stories

Have fun XD

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