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A-Wing, the other white meat!?

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Good day fellas

This is going to be the first of several posts to talk about what the new ships and cards, that are not yet legal, bring to the table for the rebels. This post will only be talking about ships, not upgrade cards of any kind, those posts will be to come. I am giving my experienced opinion and you are more than welcome to disagree and argue :)

  • The A-wing isn’t nearly as versatile as the x-wing and its pilots, but it is really going to shake up the game. At 17 points the proto-pilot is a no brainer choice over the rookie x-wing. For the exact same price you can trick it out with some cluster missiles to provide an early boost in attack dice. With its superior agility, maneuverability and unpredictability it allows you to constantly keep your opponent thinking. You could even choose a green squadron pilot and throw on some nice upgrades to be close to the same point value, but still twice as effective.


  • As for Y-wings, the A-wing can not take its place. It will continue to be a utility vehicle for the rebs and a main ship in their squads. The ability to manipulate your opponent’s movement and take a ship out of combat for 1 or more rounds is way too attractive to pass up in most cases. I understand a lot of people will toy with 5 ships A-wing builds and 4 ship builds without this ship. Does this ship have low maneuverability and the worst agility in the game? Heck yes it does! But you can not dispute its value, although some will try. When I think about the Y-wing in the future, I think of volleys of protons from Horton covering advancing A-wings and Dutch passing target locks to green squadron pilots like a boss, lol. I could be wrong, but it is fun to imagine. J


  • The X-wing is still going to see action, especially wedge and Biggs as usual. I do think Luke is going to see far less playing time now; his special ability is just not as appealing as wedges. The best thing the X-wings have going for them are the droids and maybe some of the new elite skills could shake things up a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I am not hating on the X-wing, but even in the stories the A-wing was supposed to be the superior dog fighter. So far that is really looking like that will be the case. I think that the X-wing will fill more of a support role in future squads, it is going to be made to fill the position that the A-wings cant. Drawing fire, wedge or Biggs, or a possible late game heavy hitter. After all, that extra attack dice does look pretty enticing at times.

(I did not include the falcon in this because I do not believe it will be a concievable possibility for the rebelion. If you disagree message me privately, but please do not clog up this post. Thank you)

I am vastly looking forward to play testing this new ship, and to those of you that think the A-wing is going to crash and burn, I say come at me and my 3 A-wing, 1 Y-wing squad. You might just be in for a surprise. ;) 

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