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A system for the other regimental parts?

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Hello all. 

I have not yet read through the complete Beta rules pdf, and frankly I don't have the energy for it right now. Sorry for that, but my question is: are there any game mechanics in the rules for the game master to manage the other elements of the regiment, during play? What I mean is, if you are - as a GM - caught up in all the main work of managing the happenings and responses to the player characters and their squad/group/even platoon, and then want to simultaneously keep the other regimental parts up to date, is there a system for that?

The reason for asking is because I for one am almost always swamped by the myriad parts and general micro managing of all the things surrounding the PCs during the scenario. It would really help to have like a (couple of) table(s) with probable general outcomes for the other platoons/companies/etc and their success during battles or skirmishes. I welcome all responses to this idea, if it's feasible, helpful or outright stupid in your view. Thanks.

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