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Focus cards to play abilities…

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Hi everyone.

On page 10 of the rulebook, in A MATTER OF FOCUS, we read  "A card’s controller may focus a card to perform an ability or take some other action. When doing so, a focus token is placed on the card".

And then, on page 24 we find "All card abilities fall into one of the following types: constant effects, actions, traits, interrupts, reactions, and keywords."

So, if i'm correct, activate an Action = perform an ability

Now, my question is:

When I activate an Action or any other Ability on a card have I to place a Focus Token on that card to exhaust it?

Example: Repair Dorid [Action: Remove 1 damage from a target Vehicle unit. (Limit once per turn.)]

If I wanna play this Action (during  the Action Window) have I to place a Focus token on Repair Droid to remove 1 damage from the target?

This happen with obiectives too? THX



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I agree that the wording there is a little confusing. The answer is that you only focus when the ability tells you to. For instance, if the ability read "Focus this card to…" So in the case of the repair droid, no focusing needed.

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