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Power Through Pain and Fate

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I have been runing a RT game for a bit and a few weeks ago I had my 1st party death, the player asked if he could try a dark eldar Kabalite Warrior and I did not see why I should not of let him.

I let him start at rank 2 and he did not abuse the power through pain rule but found himself in trouble in the 2nd week of playing the character when he got killed by a bolter wealding mad man or he would off if he had not burnt his one and only fate point.

Now this got me thinking and I dont know why the people who worked on the darl eldar book would wright a rule that A) was so open to abuse and B) requires more book keeping. Also if the characters are fighting something like servitors the dark eldar get on pain tokens so he can not build his/her fate points up.

So with what I have read others saying and with what my dark eldar player has said I think this power throught pain ruld is not very good.

Now I like the bit about Corruption points, pain tokens and the loss of characterisics and the talents that use fate to full them like Tormentors Fury so this is what I came up with as an alternative rule/ idea.

The power through pain rule and the dark eldars one fate point gos out the door and is replaced with:

The one fate point is replaced by:

FATE: roll1D10 and on a roll of 1-5 begin with 2 fate points and on a roll of 6-10 begin with 3 fate points (same as the Kroot).


Power throught pain is peplaced by:

Leeching of the spirit (for want of a better name) : A dark eldar must subject a liveing creature to pain within his/her perception bonus once per session or take damage as per the bottom part of the she who thirsts rule, for every ten corruption points the dark eldar has he must subject another liveing creature to pain IE if the dark eldar has 11 corruption he has to make two liveing things suffer.


Tell me what you think.







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I've not taken the time to look at your rule proposal in depth, but I can say that I'm not particularly fond of the RAW for the DE PCs. They end up with way too many special rules and 'must-have' Talents to attempt to overcome their innate squishiness. My group has made it clear that they are intolerant of xenos PCs (in-character, for the most part), so I've not bothered to put any more effort into learing the finess of keeping a DE PC alive.

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