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The greatest thrashing of all time

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Game Variations:
Exodus - all optional rules. That means: Final Five, Personal Agendas, Ionian Nebula (allies, trauma, etc.) and Cylon Fleet Board (CFB)
The crew: (in play order)
Hooper as Tory
Mark as Cally (me)
SJ as Apollo
Mick as Bill Adama
Scott as Helo
Turn 1:
Tory to go first. He moves to visit an ally who allows him to look at the top crisis card. Unbeknowest to the rest of us, it's quite a decent crisis for a cylon and Tory is indeed a cylon. Placing it back on top of the deck, he knows when it turns up he'll have a hard time keeping himself out of the brig (putting a crisis without a jump-track-prep step back on top of the crisis deck? That'll get you brigged.) The new ally, with an antagonistic symbol, was a quick trip to the sick bay so Tory decided to go for placing that trauma token as well. Once either or both these actions were discovered, he'd certainly be outted; so he used his first action of the game to reveal. Thus, in summary, he rigged the crisis deck; rigged an ally; and bombed galactica - damaging two locations with his reveal ability and sending Cally to the sick bay.
Next was Cally (me.) We want to repair the hanger bay or command console asap, but I did not start with any repair cards and did not draw 1 with the 1 card I got. I moved to the hanger bay ready for an XO, and used consolodate power to draw two engineering cards (giving me two repairs.)
Next we have Apollo. Out in space, and without much threat yet, she didn't do much of consequence (Can't remember what happened here.) However the crisis card at that point pulled all the vipers back into the hanger bay (placing Apollo in the hanger.)
Next was Bill. confirming that Cally had a repair card, Cally gets an XO to repair the hanger bay, and possibly even some Mark VIIs. Cally responds by executing Apollo, and revealing. I really wanted to play as "the inside man" but I just couldn't pass this opportunity up. The crisises up to this point had put 9 raiders out on the board, although they hadn't moved far. With the hanger bay and command centre down, we had limited options for re-launching the vipers. The idea was: worst-case scenario, Lee could use his OPG to launch all vipers. Cally was the only real way to repair the ship. I had two actions, and Lee was standing right next to me. So I "executed" the "launch all vipers" plan, and revealed getting to do a little morale damage on the way out.
Last up was Helo - stranded so with limited options, and Galactica already in BIG trouble. 9 raiders, 2 damage tokens, morale dropping fast, SJ picked Gaeta as her new character, but had no cards. Other than XO someone to start visiting the research lab for now-desperately-needed repair cards, Helo had little he could do. His crisis included a consequence which the cylons activated sending Bill to the sick bay.
Turn 2:
Cylons start by moving to the CFB and using the options to move the pursuit track and rolling against raiders to damage galatica. The former moved the pursuit track by 2, and the latter was an auto success for one more damage token on galactica (and the loss of some fuel.)
Gaeta is the first human to go in turn 2. She XOs Bill out of the sick bay, unfortunately her crisis sends him right back again! In fact, failing the crisis check meant combined with its consequence (which was once again "choose another player to send to the sick bay") both Gaeta and Bill went to the sick bay.
On Bill's turn, he picks up the trauma token in the sick bay - and it is a disaster token. Bill is now executed. Mick picks Gaius, and his turn ends.
Helo arrives on board Galactica at last and XOs Gaeta out of the sick bay and to the hanger ready for repairs while he moves to the armoury to visit an ally (that the humans were confident was rigged to send someone to the sick bay.) This did indeed send Helo to the sick bay, activating his personal agenda.
Turn 3:
Hooper drops his super crisis which activates all cylon ships.
I move the CFB pursuit track to the end of the track, and damage galactica again. Total damage tokens: 5 - including the FTL room now. (The cylons had personally placed 3, and 2 came from basestar activations)
Gaeta's go: The jump track was at -3, but without the FTL room they needed repairs. Unfortunately, Gaeta had none - nor any XOs. Again, little of consequence on this turn.
Gaius draws his cards, but does not get a repair.
Helo's turn. He is presented with the choice of damaging vipers or a 50% chance of damage Galactica (2 damage tokens left, and he had to pick one hoping it was the food token) but then a jump. (Albeit with the CFB right behind.) Knowing there was no way out, he decided to take the riskier move of trying to lose food, but failed. Galactica blows up.
Exactly 3 completed turns in. I've seen things go against the Humans before… but holy cow.

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"How long do games last?"

"Two and a half hours with experienced players, up to four plus hours with new people, and sometimes twenty-five minutes."

Good story.  Boy, if the humans HAD one… best humans ever!

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