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Rate my Imperial and Rebel builds

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These are the two builds I'm considering taking to the kessel run. Any help would be appreciated.


Dutch Vander
ion cannon turret

Wedge Antilles
proton torpedoes

Biggs Darklighter
proton torpedoes

Darth Vader
cluster missiles
squad leader

Mauler Mithel
expert handling

Dark Curse
Obsidian Squadron Pilot

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With regard to the Rebel list, I've been struggling with a similar one. I think there are a lot of subtle balance issues that are currently tipping things toward the Imperials, and one of them is that 100 points is really more than you need for 3 pilots, but not really enough for 4 well equipped ships. That initially led me toward fielding elite Rebel squads, but I've come to the conclusion that doesn't work very well.

Imperial lists are going to field at least 5 and probably 6-7 ships, so with 3 Rebels you should count on being outnumbered 2 to 1. You're going to lose a ship by the second round of fighting, so that means you have to take at least one Imperial ship out every round in order to stay even--and in my admittedly limited experience, that's just not feasible.

So I would downgrade a couple of pilots to the generic version--Rookie Pilot and/or Gold Squadron Pilot--and find room for an extra one.

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I think if you check your list you will find that your 2 points over on the rebel build. I've looked at this combo but I do it slightly different:


Wedge w/R2-D2 and Squad Leader

Biggs w/R2-F2

Dutch w/R2, 2 Protons and Ion turret


Your Imp list is good but at 99 points you could upgrade your Obsidian pilot to a Black squadron pilot.

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For the Rebels, loose Bigg.  "Please kill me" isn't really that good of a power.

Also loose most of your upgrades (figure out which ones you really want) I recomend keeping the ion connons

Then add two more ships.


For the Empire Your list is really small

Take Maarek or Vader (I would always choose Vader)

Add more TIEs

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The advice I can give for both lists is down grade and add more ships. For the imperials, keep Vader, and another named pilot if you like. Down grade the rest and you could get 2 more ships. At least add 1, the imperial strength seems to stem from the numbers advantage. The rebels, here too I like numbers. Down grade either Dutch or Biggs, lose some of the upgrades and get another ship in there.

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