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Worth getting?

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Thank you for your response, butI'm afraid my answer is still not answered.  :)

Are the one hit wonders gone in the equipment? = > I thought it was really ridiculous that for example the heavy gunner would kill someone rolling a 10 if the opponent didn't roll a 10 as well. There were other characters as well that could equip this ridiculous overpowered equipment. I have almost no abstract games in my game collection, so I'm not bothered by the luck and randomness of dice: I like rolling dice. I just don't like overpowered abilities that ruin the fun for everyone and are no brainers that ruin the gameplay for me.


Yes it has been fixed, rolling a 0 now lets you roll 2 extra dice but no more insta-kill, its still a fearsome weapon but not as deadly. New mechanics such as overwatch and command points also helped balancing that.


I recommend the purchase, the only thing I don't have are the epic expansion figures.


There are also some home rules widely used that add to the game as well, you could look at artemus maximus home rules in BGG and also at miah's FAQ in this forum to complete rounding up the ruleset :-)

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I bought this game when it was new because I liked the theme. Got together with a friend who was equally excited, we even started speaking in accents and imagining we were the characters.


Then we tried to read the rules. 


That was where we left it. 


I traded it in at my FLGS and got a mint copy of the AD&D 2nd Edition Core Rules set for Dark Sun campaign setting. It was worth it. 

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