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OK maybe I missed this earlier… Corporations DO win, right?

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He updated it, its up from 1500 games to 6000

New Scores - Corp (48%) and Runner (52%)

Anarch - 52%
Shaper -  46%
Criminal - 58%

NBN - 48%
Jinteki - 40%
Haas Bioroid - 49%
Weyland - 53%

Oh and
62% of Weylands victories comes from Flatlining the runner
61% of Jinteki victories are from flatling
32% of NBN
7% of Haas Bioroid


Important Note - None of the Corporations beat Criminal, He wins more games against each one than he loses.

For example Weyland Win/Lose Chart
vs Criminal - 44% Wins
vs Anarch - 53% Wins
vs Shaper - 62% Wins

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Silent Requiem said:

Slight, but important, disagreement.

Early game favours the runner. Mid game favours the corp. Late game favours the runner.

In the late game, the runner has a full rig, and credits to spend. Keep in mind that the cost/benefit ratio of ICE drops off dramatically as more pieces are added to a server, so the runner is always going to catch up to the corp, given time. In most late games, the runner can actually break into any server they chose, so the corp is on the back foot. Instead, the corp must focus on misdirection and tricks, unsually by tempting the runner into making unproductive runs, and then scoring something while the runner rebuilds their credit pool.

Noted, good sir.

I'm not sure I completely agree in the sense that if the Runner has completed his setup by then, so shoud the Corp have done the same. I see it as more of a fair fight between them.

I'm not sure I completely disagree in the sense that the Corp should already have scored some agendas earlier and should be aggressively pursuing his remaining ones. Long story short, the Corp should have won already.

Even if the Runner has an edge over the Corp, I don't see it as that great between them to make things really unfair. The game may encourage the Runner to be aggressive, but the Corp still sets the tempo. Unless peek cards like Infiltration and Lemuria Codecracker are used, it's not just a question of beating ICE but finding the agendas to begin with, and wrong guesses on the Runner's part can be fatal. The Corp may have to race to avoid running out of cards before he can score 7 agenda points but the Runner has to race the Corp and ****** the agenda before it can be scored. At the same time, losing by running out of cards remains very rare even when both the Runner and the Corp accelerates it.

Lastly, TBH from personal experience, I tend to sweat more when playing the Runner than when playing the Corp.

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I have played the Corp in probably 80% of the games I have played, and I would agree with what was being said earlier, the Corp player needs to be able to bluff. A game is pretty much all sewn up if you can lure the runner into a trap near mid or end game and suck them dry of cards or credits. At that point you will either have won from killing the runner, or you will have enough breathing room to play and score that last agenda you need. Thus I also agree that it is probably more difficult to play the Corp, but when you win… oh so satisfying. :)

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AndrewRogue said:


You are right regarding the relative value difference with Beanstalk Royalties. I just think the added Influence cost (even though it is low) makes it unfeasible for most decks.

I'm willing to pay the influence cost, especially where the alternative is a card I can't use when my credit pool becomes even the littlest bit tight. Even with the other out-of-faction cards I want in my deck, the Royalties remains an easy fit.

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