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Rogue 3

[rule question] what happens first

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The active player decides which order to play the interrupts, but in this case it doesn't matter - she's captured either way. If you play Redemption's first:

1. Leia is destroyed.

2. Leia's destruction is interrupted by Redemption, saving her from being destroyed.

3. The second bit of Redemption kicks in, returning Leia to her owner's hand.

4. Since "return to hand" is a leave play effect, Leia's, constant kicks in, resulting in her being captured.

If Leia's kicks in first, she's captured and Redemption's interrupt can't trigger because she's no longer in play.

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leia's capture text isnt an "interrupt" so im a bit confused still.

going by your answer redemption would never kick in. once leia is discarded her "constant" would kick in and she would be captured.



i dont see how it would matter but since this is a rules question.. does leia's interrupt text take precedence over her game text? meaning does she get captured first or are focus tokens removed first? If the answer you gave is correct leia's interrupt action will not take effect till after she is freed from capture(i think).

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I'll try and word it another way.

Leia is destroyed.

At this point, all interrupts to her being destroyed / leaving play are triggered (if the controlling player's choose … they're always optional unless forced). Interrupts are always executed before the actual triggering event (her being destroyed) executes. This is why her capture text doesn't execute first … the interrupts need to resolve before she's actually destroyed / leaves play.

Walking through the options:

Let's say the active player only triggers Leia's interrupt. Focus tokens are removed, the interrupt is resolved. Then the triggering event is resolved. She's destroyed, but the act of leaving play at this point resolves and she's captured.

Let's say the active player does Leia's first (focus tokens are removed). then Redemption's (return to owner's hand). The act of returning it to the owner's hand triggers Leia's constant - she's captured. In this case, the original triggering event (Leia's destruction) is never actually resolved … she's out of play before it gets back to that point in the push/pop stack. But it all nets out the same as the first option.

Let's say the active player does Redemption's interrupt first. Bad mistake. Leia returns to hand and her constant ability kicks in and she's captured. Her interrupt ability (removing focus tokens) is no longer in play and can't be executed. Order is important.

Hope that helps.

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