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Android on sale… does this mean it's going OOP?

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I'm new to Fantasy Flight Games. I recently purchased Netrunner, which I'm really excited about, but today noticed that FFG is holding an autumn sale.  I picked up Dragonheart and Horus Heresy. However, I also noticed that Android is on sale for $25. Does the sale mean that it's going out of print?

The reason I ask is that I've read several times that the Horus Heresy is likely to be FFG's final 'big box' board game, and that Dragonheart was generally a quiet release that hasn't seen a lot of post-release push. Both seem likely to be on sale as they're going OOP. Looking over the other titles in the sale, most seem slightly obscure or less popular, thus suggesting that the whole sale is an opportunity for FFG to clear stock.

I was thinking I might pick up Android one of these days. I've too much going on right now to justify the purchase at the moment. I'll be sad if it disappears from the shelves permanently.


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Not necessarily.

It was also in the chrismas sale in 2010 and 2011, for the exact same price.

We have no way of knowing if it's just not selling… and supply are only until it's gone (If so, we have no way of knowing how many copies are left), or if it's going to be reprinted.

My guess is that Android is just not selling well enough… though that may change because of the popularity of Netrunner.

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