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Interaction of Lycanthropy with restrictive attack abilities(Knight/Chivalric Knight, etc)

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With this being my first post I do not wish to sound intrusive, but I do not believe can vs. cannot applies here. I believe that rule specifically addresses anything that is optional (can) versus anything that disallows that optional issue (cannot). The Chivalric Knight's ability is not optional, neither is the Lycanthrope's ability, with both being contradictive. From a lighter, roleplaying point of view, I would say the Lycanthrope's ability overrides the Chivalric Knight's. It's merely a moral choice not to attack (but the ability is "forced" so that players cannot play out of character), and I personally do not think morals are that strong as to affect your actions as a bloodthirsty Lycanthrope. From a stricter, rules point of view I would need an official explanation as I do not think the can vs. cannot rule applies here.

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