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Glorian Underhill

Dawi Kron - The Book of Dwarves - a dwarven Fanworkcollection for Karak Azgaraz

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Dawi Kron - The Book of Dwarves
A dwarven Fanworkcollection in the making.

Karak Azgaraz is the new old dwarf city near Übersreik. Given a description in the Dwarven Box "Black Fire Pass" by Fantasy Flight Games. Some adventure hooks are available for this city. In the large plan of the official adventures of the 3rd Edition Karak Azgaraz plays at the siege of Schlüsselschloß in the adventure of the "Hero's Call" box a role. Moreover Karak Azgaraz is the starting point for the adventure "Harrower of Thanes" from Blackfire Pass and the starting point of the demo adventure "Journey to Black Fire Pass". It is also the goal of the adventure "The good, the bad and the Goblins" which comes from my humble pen.

All well and good, but there is no adventure IN or AROUND the Karak. For this purpose this Fanwork should serve. I build it on the background information from the official box and try to bring some meat to on the ribs of this Karak. That means a couple of plans, some locations like taverns, shops etc, NPCs, and social interactions with the dwarves.

I also want to attach a few scenarios that are a little more detailed as the onepage Adventurehooks. The scene for the adventures is in the area of Karak Azgaraz. Also the scene could be in or around the dwarven city. For example, the scenario plays on a trade route to Karak, in the halls, or even in one of the small military mines scattered in the grey mountains. A group of dwarves is attacked, or Bretton caravans are attacked and the trail leads to Karak Azgaraz. Each article I will publish on this blog, otherwise a Word file will serve as a collection.

Help me to do this:

I invite any fellow dwarf to participate in the Fanwork. If you have a story, scenario or anything that has to do with dwarves, then bring it on. Otherwise, I'm looking for someone who can draw. So NPC portraits, objects and maps. With pencil, ink whatever.

The prices:

For every participant you will get one book out of my Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy library. I will post a link shortly listing the books I posess. I have only just listed the last 20 which are at my current home but will add the other ones later, and so will achive something of around 80 books which I have collected over the last 15 years. Half of them is german half of them is english. And I will ship internationally. So every participant who will send something longer than 2 pages can choose one of the books. If your Entry is bigger than 6 pages you can choose another one additionally. First come first serve.

List will come shortly…


This is an ongoing project. So there will be no deadline.


You can send in your work in english or german. There is no translation planned. So if you send it in english then it will be put in the Dawi Kron in english.


I will update regularly the participating forums like this one in english.

Library List of Prices will follow soon.

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 Great initiative – I am really looking forward to this, as it would make handling some of the plot hooks in other adventures (Korden’s Hammer for example) much easier to integrate. happy.gif

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Ok lets get startet. Following you will see a very rough Google translation of my first list of Adventure hooks comming from Blackfire Pass. So if you want to participate I highly recomend the Book of Grudges from the Box. Alternatively you can buy it from Drivethrough RPG. The PDF-file is of very high quality and only costs 5$.

So most of the sentences are hard to read but I think you will get the meaning. If you want to do something just contact me and we will think of something. Try to ad me as a friend here or try: schulz-florian (special a) web (pointy) de

If you do so I will put an under construction sign at the Adventure hook, so that every knows that another person is working on it. Also If you have your complete own idea about a scenario around the dwarfs, just tell me and it will find its way into the collection.


For every participant you will get one book out of my Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy library. I will post a link shortly listing the books I posess. I have only just listed the last 20 which are at my current home but will add the other ones later, and so will achive something of around 80 books which I have collected over the last 15 years. Half of them is german half of them is english. And I will ship internationally. So every participant who will send something longer than 2 pages can choose one of the books. If your Entry is bigger than 6 pages you can choose another one additionally. First come first serve.


Adventurehooks part 1. also under this link in german:


The previous listed Adventure Hooks I have linked to my first thought. Later when one of the authors all else sees or has another idea that he can discard invented by me, of course.

Bretonnia - Bretonns: - Goat Kicker Ale emerged as contraband into Bretonnia. Master brewer Hreidig Sturlosson believes that a dwarf the brewery guild is involved.

Noble Variant: A dwarf is being blackmailed by the smugglers and is working with you. SCs must monitor infiltrate the brewery / investigative and narrow the group of persons of the possible dwarf. Depending on the disposition of the dwarf is then unmasked, or he is a USER to get to the Bretons who also know the basic blackmail. Dirty Version: The dwarf knowingly working together with the smugglers in order to earn a tidy sum on the side. The SCs are recognized by him during the investigation, and as such minor accidents occur then the final point to the dwarf. Showdown with the dwarf, or the gang of smugglers plus the dwarf. Evil Heroes can also easily dwarf the blackmail and report finding their client as unsuccessful.

Athel Loren - Wood Elves: - A thousand years ago is a lumberjack group disappeared into the woods. Since then breaks every 100 years to settle a group of adventurers on the grievance. Of these groups, yet no one ever returned. wants the day the next 100 years is approaching and a new group of short beards are, in a frenzy of grudges and speeches of Longbeards open, the elves a lesson. Actually King Thuringar has recently led a successful campaign against the wood elves and many grudges against the elves could be deleted from the Book of Grudges.

The resentment against the first group, the woodcutter was set off 1000 years ago and is destroyed but still propagated, as in his text of the resentment is only repaid if 16 elves have died. This resentment but were killed in the recent battle against the Wood Elves Wood Elves only 15 assigned. The Wood Elves are thus still one dead short. Thuringar king, or one of his companions, the SCs addresses as they are intended to serve as a quasi-outsider resentment troops as leaders. The king knows that the small group is completely destroyed when the elves in his arms and running he can not afford at the moment the death of brave dwarves, as the Orcs and other dangers facing the cave gates. Furthermore, a king of the redemption of all grudges is prescribed, so it can come out in any case that he has hired the PCs so that they somehow prevent that resentment squad actually arrives in Athel Loren. If an elf could muster somehow they could kill instead …







Empire - Men:
- Good relations with Reikdorf. Some dwarfs have settled there and established trade relations.

Orcs - WAAAGH! Washnack:
- Karak Azgaraz has for a hundred years not enough gold or silver wires longer available. Therefore, these metals are imported expensive. In the area north of the Karaks dangerous crusades of King Thuringar have attacked the orcs repeatedly but never completely expelled. Due to the short expulsions could occur a new prospectors discover gold. New mines were destroyed, but again and again. The orcs have to be fought differently because there are not enough warriors the dwarves to achieve this by military means.
- The leader of the Orcs is Washnack blood jaws of several tribes have united under his leadership. Every day his Waaagh increases. King sends Thuringar always scouts to find the whereabouts of the orcs and let him make it through his army. Without Waaaaghlord should the tribes quarrel again and let alone destroy. The orc and his Waaagh are an indication of the adventures of Hero's Call.

The SCs are hired to bring the whereabouts of his or Washnack shamans experience. In Bock of Grudges already the black crystal ball shaman is described. Players can therefore already here watching the shaman or Washnack. The adventure should not be a Kill Team mission. Washnack is too powerful as they could easily kill him. The orc with its epic status more of a match for the grand finale in the adventures of Hero's Call. You could use this scout but illustrate his dangerousness. The SCs should therefore make only identify his location and then make Karak Azgaraz message.
dangers make it smaller after the SCs is to stalk the leader of the camp. One of the dwarven scouts thinks but end up with a good crossbow and the war with a good shot. The shot goes wrong and the dwarves and the SCs are hunted from then on through the wilderness above and below the mountain. Whether the dwarven scouts survive and if he realizes his mistake before his death remains the players left. May remain at least a narrow place at someone heroically to give time to the other, there should be. The progress markers you might want to use well the distance and lead the players to demonstrate against the persecutors.

Goblins from the poison skull tribe: - The Night Goblins drive deep into the remote tunnel around under the Karak and kill isolated dwarven prospectors or miners. King Thuringar has placed a bounty on the leader, a shaman. His name is Gitslit.

This setting would certainly make use of a small bounty contract. However, just go in, kill the Goblin and out again is too simplistic. The bodies must be examined and a pattern can be detected. Perhaps a trace, a secret passage or a shaft of the dwarves escaped. Moreover, one can examine the poison you. If you want the whole season then the players will find out that one of the dead dwarfs died by another poison. One of Ironbreaker who went with the SCs in the depth was responsible for the murder and wanted to foist the goblins. The motivation for the murder would still be fine-tuned. Similarly, the information about the background of the fact the way the players are communicated so that they are not taken seriously but knew. So the trick in a classic detective novel. At the crucial moment of Ironbreaker will bring the gear to collapse and the SCs buried on the side of the Goblins. The SCs must be so escaped without the backing of the Ironbreaker from the tunnels and / or implement its mandate. If they come out at the end and want to grab the Ironbreaker he will if his deeds are known to pull a knife and cut yourself the hair. For the other dwarves a sure sign that he bears the Slayer. In the subsequent meeting of the Council of Elders, he is violated.

The Skaven: - A few years ago miners have dug up a strange stone. Shortly after the tunnel was sealed again. Perhaps the Skaven look for this stone because it is a masterpiece of the miners called Rugni Stonefist been abducted from his chamber and the Mining Guild will explain this disappearance. References to the greenish stone and disappeared mine foreman suggest that that Skaven have kidnapped the dwarf from the Karak and tortures him now come to the location of the ver-union thinks warpstone. Investigative part is to study the chamber of the dwarf, then the questioning of colleagues and relatives. The client is the clan of mountain worker. The Hammer back are what I mean. After some time, should at some point, the tuft of hair, and the hushed-up history of the greenish stone lead the players on the trail of the Skaven. Use a progress marker, as in "an eye for an eye". The Skavenleiste represents but the resilience of Rugni represents the further they advanced, the more difficult it is to be the runt of the final yield and the Skaven reveal the whereabouts. Once they begin to dig the life of the dwarf is forfeited. They also let the Skaven from a small group composed of one who has experienced swigging miners and to secure the stone alone wants. The location of the Skaven can be said about the dwarf find the fault is in the disappearance of Rugni because he believed that the Skaven have overheard him as he has done half drunk talking to himself. He was also part of the expedition that found the stone. From its mine section of the SCs should then can absorb the scent of the Skaven.

Eyrie Peak - The Eagle - A giant eagle has for many years its nest placed in a suspension of the top of the summit. He speaks the language of many nations and the dwarves in the past has often warned against enemies. For some time he was seen no more. A task for intrepid climbers. On this subject I had made ??my thoughts on my blog already. The beautiful creature Arsenal can take a big monster or Hero's Call an epic monster which really puts the pressure. So a multi-headed chimera or something equally evil. In the whole fight the mood and the course must take place on a rock ledge or a cliff. Two stars cause chaos here to crash.

Blood Keep - The Fortress of the Knights of the Dragon's Blood - The Vampire Knights was smashed several hundred years ago by the witch-hunters and two imperial armies. Lately disappear prospectors, or in mine overnight camps are dwarfs victim of the Gestallt roams in a red armor. The supposedly abandoned castle would be a destroyed once and for all. However, King Thuringar no dwarves to left. This scenario I would prefer to be out of the Dawi Kron out to me because I think there are not adequately trained. The dwarves were the principal and a possible vampire knight opponent. The Order and its history have been described in the vampire source book of the second edition. Nights Dark Masters I mean. The Order was destroyed and the few survivors wander as super lone through the country in search of challenges. If the PCs take on one of these blood knight she is expecting a tough fight. Use it from the Hero's Call Epicvampir but with the championship in combat and super action cards like Masterful Dodge and similar vulgarities. The vampire but if possible aim for a head duel.

Borek Lindgrunssons gyrocopter - The gyrocopter by Borek has Lindgrunsson machine defects by which he can fly just half a mile before he must return to defend city. Someone has to help the poor engineer. Another topic I've considered it before: To hovercraft can be care before the disappearance of the eagle are found around the camp of the beast. In my adventure "The good, the bad and the Goblins" was already a gyrocopter with another dwarf pilots in action. In this case, the gyrocopter from Borek Lindgrunsson is not the only gyrocopter of Karak Azgaraz.

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