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Ratlings in RT - Comments Welcome

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Ratling – Abhuman race for Rogue Trader

Ratling PCs

To generate a ratling PC the following should be treated as the Homeworld option of the origin path in the same position as Void Born.

Characteristic Modifiers:

Weapon Skill: 10
Ballistic Skill: 30
Strength: 10
Toughness: 10
Agility: 30
Intelligence: 20
Perception: 20
Willpower: 20
Fellowship: 30

Ratling Skills and Traits

Ratling characters gain the following traits.


See Table 14-2 p367

Treat weapons as one class heavier than normal. Pistols are treated as Basic weapons to ratlings and Basic weapons are treated as Heavy - including the rules for bracing. Ratlings cannot wield Heavy weapons. Pistol and Basic weapons with the Compact upgrade are treated as normal.

Weapons need to be adapted for ratlings – but this is normally an easy task for an armourer. This is treated as an upgrade with the availability of Scarce. Wielding unmodified weapons applies a -5 penalty to WS or BS.

Note that, without the compact upgrade, a ratling needs the Heavy Weapon Training talent to wield Basic weapons. However, ratlings have access to an Elite Advance – Heavy Weapons Training for 500 exp. This allows them to wield Basic weapons (with the Ratling modification) without penalty.

Ratling Armour is rarely mass produced. With the exception being Imperial Guard issue flak armour. Otherwise armour for ratlings needs to be made-to-measure.

Some indulgent nobles have been known to gift their children with armour. Therefore orders for expensive suits with child dimensions are not unknown in workshops catering to the rich. Such armour needs to be acquired as Good or Best Quality and may require more time at the GM discretion. However, any human manufactured armour can be acquired a ratling sizes.

Manual controls for vehicles and similar also need adaption to work without penalty. Such adaptions are trivial but time consuming.


Ratlings often face hostility from honest Imperial citizens. Social interactions begin one step more difficult than normal. When dealing with Imperial officials the difficult increased by two steps. This penalty does not apply when the interaction is criminal in nature.

Ratlings begin play with Dodge as a trained skill and can purchase the Talented (Dodge) talent for 200 exp at character creation.

Ratlings begin play with Charm as a trained skill and can purchase the Talented (Charm) talent for 200 exp at character creation.

Innocent Souls
Ratlings do not gain corruption. Divide all corruption points (round down) due from an encounter and add the total to the character’s Insanity point total.

Career Paths
A ratling can choose from the Seneschal and Void Master careers. However, a custom career path may suit better.

Ratling Crew
Ratlings can serve as crew in a wide variety of roles that do not rely on brute strength. A ship can usefully employ up to 40% ratlings.

Ships with a significant ratling population gain the following advantages and disadvantages.

+25 to Criminal Endeavours
-25 to Creed Endeavours

Repelling Boarders
Ratlings are very poor at close quarters combat and normally run and hide in such situations – ratlings who hold their ground serve their ship little better. This gives a -5 modifier to repel boarders.

However, if the ship possesses a Tenebro Maze, ratlings can use their scouting and sniping skills to continuously ambush the enemy and disappear down tunnels too-small for a human to follow. This gives a +5 bonus Command checks to repel boarders, which stacks with the normal +10 for the maze.

Chefs, Brewers and Gardeners
Although renowned for their gluttony, ratlings can live on fewer rations than a normal human – if they need to. Also ratlings tend to store food of in times of plenty, using various techniques to preserve it. Part of these efforts is used to brew various forms of amasec. The quality of ship-made amasec made by ratlings is normally high.

Ships with well-established ratling populations also tend to have a significant number of kitchen gardens, lit with artificial lamps. These are normally used to grow herbs (some illegal) and small quantities of fresh vegetables. This steady source of fresh food wards the crew from the normal effects of void journeys.

These factors combine to allow a ship to remain in transit for 8 months without penalty. Misfortunes for longer journeys are only suffered every 2 months.

Bad Reputation
A vessel known to have ratling crew does not receive a warm welcome at many ports. All thefts while the ship is docked are attributed to the ‘rats’. Insults directed at the human crew often lead to brawls and the occasional killing – beyond normal levels.

Interaction tests with port officials and the ecclesiarchy are one step harder.



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