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How is the new situation of the banned Linus Accounts upon request?

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  Now that we're all caught up, we can safely put all that behind us because Blizzard really wants to work with their customers and player base. Maybe there is such a thing as happy endings in real life? Anyway, on an unrelated note Blizzard is acknowledging that sometimes mistakes are made and that if you're a Linux user who had your diablo 3 gold account banned and you feel you were on the receiving end of a false-positive from the automated security service Warden, they're encouraging you to contact them for a re-review of your account.

The refund brouhaha with a Linux WINE user going by the handle Vexorian managed to get a lot of people riled up enough to hopefully bring some resolution to the matter once and for all. It also spawned a change in Blizzard's tune, as they're now reaching out to players who feel they've been falsely banned. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about here is a short recap:

1.) Some Linux users felt they were unjustly banned back in July.

2.) Bashiok said even though Linux is unsupported it won't get you banned, cheating will.

3.) Linux users felt the bans were unfair and worked with media to get their accounts investigated.

4.) Bans stayed in place. No refunds were being offered. No further investigations were taking place.

5.) More Linux users claim they were unjustly banned diablo 3 items back in October.

6.) More users came forward asking for a more thorough investigation into their accounts.

7.) More Linux users are banned in November, with no clarification on why they were banned.

8.) One Linux user managed to get a refund after being banned and then buying a second copy of the game.

9.) Bashiok was appropriately called out for drinking salty tears and getting tea-bagged by Master Chief.

10.) Internet exploded. Fanboys cried. Blizzard sang a new tune.

We recently reached out to Blizzard following the fallout, and according to a press representative, the company's official stance on the matter is that they're willing to be flexible.For your reference, any player who feels his or her account has been banned without cause is encouraged to contact us and request a re-review. It’s honestly a rare occurrence that such a mistake has been made, but we won’t hesitate to buy diablo 3 gold and make a correction if our action was taken in error.

Poor Vexorian felt that Blizzard was being brought into a very bad light after the article involving his refund went public. However, thanks to Vexorian it helped bring to light a possible avenue of recourse for banned Linux users who felt that they were unjustly locked out of their accounts and denied both refunds and an account investigation.

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