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Bone heap and Acrobat

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Dear Forum,

This is a crucial question for our campaign:
May a hero search a bone heap while it is occupied by another figure?


- The rules doesn't obviate it:

RtL rulebook, p. 26:

Bone Heap
Block Movement? No
Block Line of Sight? No
It costs two movement points to enter a bone heap space. In addition, for two movement points, a hero in a bone heap space may search it. To do so, he rolls a black power die, consults the chart below, and then removes the bone heap. Searching a bone heap allows the overlord to play a trap (space) card if he wants to, and can afford to pay for it.

- If it would be a door, it would be allowed:

JitD rulebook, p. 26:

Closed doors block movement, line of sight, and all attacks (even those that dont require line of sight). It is possible for both heroes and monsters to expend movement points to open or close doors, but only if their figure is located in a space adjacent to a doors closed position (including diagonals). It costs a figure 2 movement points to either open or close a door. Adoor cannot be destroyed by attacks and cannot be closed if the doors position (the line between the two front spaces and the two back spaces) is blocked by a large monster.

together with:

FAQ, p. 8

Q: Can a hero with Acrobat activate glyphs or take treasures (gold, runekeys) from under a figure that is occupying the same space as the item? Can a hero with Acrobat open a door in which both spaces in front of the door are occupied by figures as long as he does not end his turn in one of those spaces?
A: Yes to all. If this causes a hero to become paralyzed or otherwise stopped in the space due to a trap, the overlord moves the hero to the nearest empty space of the overlord’s choice. Note that this is a general way of resolving situations in which a figure would end its turn on the space of another figure (the player causing that situation gets to choose the space the figure is moved to).


- If it would be a chest marker, it would be forbidden:

JitD rulebook, p. 18

Chest Markers
Chests found in the dungeon contain both good and bad surprises. Heroes do not pick up chests. Instead, a hero must move into the space containing the chest. A hero cannot open a chest if the chest is in the same space as another figure. Next, the hero must spend two movement points to open the chest. When a chest is opened, the marker is turned over to reveal a number on its opened side. The overlord then consults the Quest Guide to determine what the chest contains. Some possible contents are as follows:[…]

Why is this question so crucial?
+++Spoiler to the rumor "Derafin the Mighty"+++
The heroes are in the third and last level of the rumor: "Derafin the Mighty". They have searched 3 of the 4 bone heaps, but now the last one is occupied by a nasty monster. All heroes are in Tamalir, ready to flee. But Astarra has the skill "Acrobat" and enough movement points to search the bone heap beneath the monster if she is allowed to do so. So here we are: Either the heroes flee and the rumor is lost, or Astarra sacrifices herself for 2 CT for the demon prince, but for +1 life token for each hero for the rest of the campaign, which is in mid copper level.

Btw: I posted the same question at boardgamegeek and in the german Heidelbaerger Spieleverlag forum.

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