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Edge of the Empire Beta Update: Final Week

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shaddai said:

A good concession would be to have Deadly Accuracy become an activated ability, and require a destiny point expenditure or something in order to utilize the talent when calculating damage.  As is, if you aren't dropping into Merc or Gadgeteer to pick it up, and you use any weapon at all, in my opinion you're inherently wrong.  Something akin to the above solution would also mitigate the stacking of multiple talents onto a character's damage output. My group will toss some more numbers around, but the potential damage output of some characters we statted with this talent were rapidly surpassing the defensive capabilities of some of the Nemisies listed in the book.

Probably too late now to change things for the printed book (though with the delay, maybe not), but I like the idea of Deadly Accuracy requiring a Destiny Point.  That puts it a bit more on par with the other "Destiny Point to add Characteristic to damage" talents out there, with the trade-off being that the Characteristic-based talents are inherently not going to apply quite as much damage, but they can be applied to a broader range of weapons.

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