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Talking about last weekend in USA. World championship

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Hello everybody, i've posted this in other discussion but i think that open an specific post to talk about world championship can be good.

I'm the spanish regional champion and i stay in the world's having a great time, playing cards and meeting such a good players from around the world, the shame was that we could not play more rounds, but maybe we did not have the time.

Congratulations to the new World champion ( he wins also Netrunner) and thanks to TL, i'm proud that you liked my deck, i spent several days testing diferent options via octgn, and in the last week i found my game, making some changes to stop Chaos,Bloodburn poison to kill Marauders, and including units with more HP to rest longer in play, also the Promenade of Malice can bring powerful control game with a little luck.I include some cards to try to stop HE combo like Egathrond ( to destroy developments), and Frenzied witch Elf and Maranith, that can mill the eagles or the legend from the deck, but i did not meet any of the winning decks in my course. I lost my only game against the german champion, who plays a unespected chaos deck, with some atachments that enter the game for free via Northern forge, wich speeds his deck very much, and playing ancient map to search for the Beastman incursion quest,(such a good card) and also disturbs my game with spoils of war, i usually do not atack in the first turns and the early play of spoils change my kind of play.

And my best regards to Michal who shared my room (and the reading of Terry Pratchett's novels), and to the US guys, Steve, Leon, Adam, and … sorry i don't remember all their names, who make me feel very comfort in their company and help me with the american food. See you.

here is my deck     deckbox.org/sets/263153

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Oh, also any chance you would share your decklist?  I remember the cards pretty well, but I liked it quite a bit.  The extra little bit of deck discarding seemed to give it a little bit of a bump over the more common dark elf lists I have played against.


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Hello TL, there is a link at the end of my first post to see the deck in deckbox , in any case i write it here for everyone

UNITS (21)
3 Walking Sacrifice
3 Frenzied Witch Elf
3 Hag Queen
2 Mannfred von Carstein
3 Maranith
3 Seasoned Corsair
2 Egathrond
2 Wight Lord

Tactic (11)
3 Bloodburn Poison
3 Burn it Down
3 Sacrifice to Khaine
2 Seeking New Slaves

Quest (3)
3 Offering to Hekarti

Support (15)
3 Warpstone Excavation
3 Contested Village
2 Withering Hex
2 Slave Pen
3 Temple of Spite
2 Promenade of Malice

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Of course it would be nice that every player post the deck that plays in the world championship, i only have played against 3 decks and want to know what other decks could i face.


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