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Getting people to play adept/cleric, how?!

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Desire is a really big part of Roleplaying, the desire to play the more "intellectual" or spiritual careers often requiers someone who really likes playing that occupation.  What i highly suggest is not to try and force that option onto your group, its usually an indicator of the type of game your players want to experience based on the classes they take.

My game for instance is really heavy on the combatants, and I need to constantly remind myself that I can't run a large intellectual conspiracy or investigation, my players dont think that way so they avoid playing classes that might force them ot think like that.

Sure there are plenty of ways to entice player to try a different class, for me I like to point out that Clerics in the Imperium can be just a psycho as a Moritat and they get access to Flame weapons really early on, thier is no need for them to play up the Preacher aspect to being a Cleric, just that they have a faith and to quote a particular move "Are on a mission from God".

Adepts are a bit trickier, the biggest benefit is thier breadth of skills.  They are the go to guy for knowledge but thier is no need to make then jsut a walking library, they can easily become the front-man of a Acoltye cell with the right alternate level or really go dark and become a Sorceror.  I would say the best thing about Adepts is that out of all the career's they are the most likely to know what is really going on and just how dark the night really is.  If you get a good player you can feed off that fact and use the adept to feed terror to your players.

But it really is all about personal desire.

If you want to see the religious aspect of the Imperium and your players dont want to experience it first hand, use your adventures themselves to highlight that aspect.  Bring in religious NPC's and a attatch Adept when they need answers froma dusty tome of lore.  Let that slide a little and move on with what your group wants, that way no one feels like thier playig something they didnt originally intend, AND you get the added bonus that showing off NPC;s this way will help to encourage a player to try out that class, when they are out of Fate Points.

- Raith

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