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The most controversial decklist in the history of the game

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finitesquarewell said:

The final decklist (~after performing surgery on Dan/twn2dn's original list to excise bad cards and implant good ones in the empty slots), played by ten members of the DC meta at the 2012 AGOT World Melee Championship (with seven of them making the top 16, and three of them making the final table):

Don't forget that 4 of those 7 were at the same top 16 table with the other 3 on their own.

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I like the changes, Erick. I think you were right to add in much more rush… all of my GenCon games went to time, except for the semi-finals game, which was given a special time extension to help us finish the round (and in doing so, the fourth player hit 15 power).

I would also like to note that I would have (and did, as a matter of fact) share this deck list with anyone who asked. I urged a metamate to play it along with me at GenCon, not because I was colluding, but because I thought it the best deck in the environment. I was unable to attend FFG's worlds event, otherwise I would have been playing my own version (likely not Erick's) which had more control and less rush.

Glad control did so well in melee. Sorry it ended so controversially.

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 Also, I'm surprised on how close a deck I made this summer is to what you guys ended up with.  Mine was a bit slower, but I think could be a more negative NPE than what you guys had (when you were alone) .  I only played a few games of it, as we don't tend to do much casual melee around these here MN parts, and I didn't bother to tweak it any because I decided to play Netrunner.  Other than the Emissary, which I put in recently and never actually played with, this deck  was wholly created in late spring/early summer (Burning was the restricted card, obviously).  


Knight of the Hollow Hill



2x The Red Viper

2x Maiden of Poisons

2x House Messenger

1x Rhoynar Emissary

2x Darkstar

1x Arianne Martell

3x Orphan of the Green Blood

3x Former Champion

2x Myrcella Lannister

2x Hellholt Engineer

3x Quentyn's Guard

3x Southron Mercenaries

x2 Dornish Paramour

1x Flea Bottom Scavenger

3x House Dayne Skirmisher

1x Doran Martell

2x Arys Oakheart



3x Dornish Fiefdoms

2x Streets of Hellholt

3x Summer Sea

1x Sunspear Tourney Grounds

2x The Brimstone

2x Lost Oasis



3x Burning on the Sand

3x Princes Plans

3x He Calls it Thinking

3x Red Vengeance



The Red Wedding

To The Spears

Condemned by the Realm

City of Lies

Loyalty Money Can Buy


Feast or Famine


Not nearly as refined as what you guys developed, but close.  Using Prince's Plans three turns in a row to get 3x Orphan and a Burning on the Sand back like I managed in one local game was pretty **** amusing.

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