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Shield of Defiance situation

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 Hi guys, 


in yesterdays session this situation arised:

  • Player A attacks player B in Battle.
  • Player B use Shield of Defiance which states: "You may use the shield whenever another character attacks you, but not when you attack another character. If your Strength or Craft is lower than your opponent’s, you are considered to have the same total Strength or Craft as your opponent, including any bonuses."
  • They now have the same Strength including bonuses from items and so on.
  • Player A cast Weakness spell on player B which states: "Cast at any time on a Character or Creature. The targets Strengthis lowered by 3 unti, the end of the turn. A characters strength may not be lowered below his Strength value."

My question is: Will the Shield of Defiance still negate the effect of the Weakness spell?


Best regards


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No, it won't. Shield of Defiance only equalizes the Total Strength/Craft of both characters, counting the immediate bonuses from followers, objects, etc.

Any subsequent subtractions  or additions via spells, abilities that modify attack rolls, and such are not counted towards this total.

That is, they are calculated separately, after the Shield of Defiance has been applied.

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