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Missing token?

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Hi friends,

just bought the game, and, while removing the token from their cardboard sheets, I noticed the central token in the sheet PB-2B missing. There is a similar token sticked on the board, so I was wondering whether my components are defective or everyone had the same missing part

Thanks for help

JULIA (sorry if this is the hundredth time the same question is asked)

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subochre said:

 Julia, yaaaay

It's been a while since I unboxed the thing, but BGG images to the rescue: the center piece of PB-2A/2B is indeed the one already stuck to the board.

Welcome, and be sure to let us know what you think of Android!

Thanks for pointing this out! Glad to hear that my game is ok :-)

As for posting some feedback… yeah, sure! Even if I must confess that I picked up the game thanks to a good offer on Amazon (33% off), but it will hardly hit my table before March (too many things to do and too many games already scheduled). But the first impressions were good. Tons of token, tons of cards, great graphics and I like all the tributes to different sci-fi authors (Heinlein, Asimov and so on)

Seems like it's an "old style" FFG game (before the quantities / price ratio changed)

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