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Turbolaser Tower Turret Stats and Scenario

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I'm hoping that the game designers come out with Turbolaser Tower Turrets, maybe not in models but at least with cardboard punch-outs like the Senator's Shuttle, to use in scenario play so that people could play the Death Star scenario with official stats for the turrets. 

Just like the upcoming Kessel Run event, this could be part of a monthly Organized Play Package but called Trench Run or Tower Destruction or something.

The scenario would be something like…

Rebel ships must first destroy the Death Star's Gun Towers before the Trench Run can begin.

Forces: Both sides choose 100 points of Fighters.


The Imperial player places four Towers on the board.

Tower stats:

Pilot Skill 1

Weapon Value 4

Agility 0

Hull Value 6

Shields 0

Imperial Objective: Destroy the Rebel Fighters but at least one Gun Tower must survive or the Imperial player loses.

Rebel Objective: The Rebel Player wins if all four Gun Towers are destroyed.

Anyhoo, it's an idea.




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I would love to see a turret scenario "pack".  I would love models, but I'll accept cardboard punchouts.

They had a turbolaser "Gauntlet" scenario at Gen Con this year built on a custom Death Star board.  It was a fun scenario to play.

The premise, if I remember correctly, was to either destroy the TIE Fighters (four, I believe; I could be wrong`) or destroy 4 out of 8(?) turbolaser turrets.

The stats, that I remember, for the turrets are:

  • Range: 2 max
  • Skill: 0 (?)
  • Defense: (?)
  • Attack: 2
  • Hull: 2
  • Shields: 0

I'm not quite sure on the placement though -- how far from the edge, or other turrets they have to be.

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