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Made a character, looking for advice

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 I've been invited to a group playing the beta, and, since I've played a techpriest for a long time and to great satisfaction in another group, I decided to plug the OTHER hole in their group and be a psyker.


But… well, being a psyker is rough, with lots of opportunity costs.  I picked Forboding and Assail as starting powers, then spent my first 300 XP getting Resistance (Psykic) and upping my Willpower into the fifties, but the group has been going for a bit and they gave me another 2000.  


What should I do with it all?  I was THINKING about upping my Psy Rating to 4, then grabbing Telekine Dome and Warp Sense and calling it a day.  


How badly underoptimized will I be?  Is Favored by the Warp as essential as I worry it might be?  I've got poor Strength and Ballistics Skill, decent Toughness, Agility, and Weapon Skill, and high Perception, Fellowship, and Intelligence, with Willpower as the one stat over 40.  It's late, and I'm lazy, so I won't exactly list out every last one of my other abilities, but I've got lots of resistances to fear and lots of lores.

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