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Celestial Magic Pod

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Just received, having ordered last week.

Like it. A mix of spells other than fighty ones, such as "creating pools of dice to call on" (representing foresight) to  making the bad weather avoid you (rain on others, I have a little zone of not being rained on thank you).

Definitely a Player expansion.  Some GM use for NPC's but not nearly as much.  The "fun" in many spells defintely "fun as a player" (ooh look at the way I can fiddle dice). 

Hope they keep this up and keep mixing in ones more GMy, and themed aroudn things about than colleges or faiths such as all sneaking con artist thief oriented or all fighty, riding, jousting, being a knight or all fanatical inspired crazy but maybe blessed zealotry witch hunter etc.



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I also like it a lot. Many fun spells for the players, and the crystal ball is a nice item as well. I hope for a new Pod relatively soon and I  agree with you, I would like them to branch out into other areas, such as zelot-witch hunter stuff, thief stuff, "normal human stuff" etc.

I would also like them to try other formats of cards, such as making a career pod (maybe for elves for example?) or a talent sized Pod (maybe more epic talents that 'replace' lower lever talents, or engineering/rune-talents).

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Celestial Order Magic POD
Items: Celestial Staff, Crystal Ball
Clear Seeing R1
Roiling Skies R1
Clear Skies R1
Harmonic Convergence R1
Rush of Knowledge R2
True Seeing R2
Wind Blast R3
Third Portent of Amul R3
Foresight R2
Urannon’s Hasty Relocation R3
Fourth Portent of Amul R4
Urannon’s Thunderbolt R4
Cerulean Armour R4
Meteor Storm R5
All that I have Foreseen R5

Edited by Emirikol

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Clear Seeing R1 - gain observation bonus
Roiling Skies R1 - knock a creature out of the sky
Clear Skies R1 - clear over your head or within close
Harmonic Convergence R1 - remove 2 banes from ally
Rush of Knowledge R2 - gain education/language
True Seeing R2 - see thorugh illusions, etc.
Wind Blast R3 - creatures gain fatigue and penalty towards you
Third Portent of Amul R3 - enemy gains penalty die
Foresight R2 - enemy bains misfortune
Urannon’s Hasty Relocation R3 - teleport long
Fourth Portent of Amul R4 - ally gains die
Urannon’s Thunderbolt R4 - 6+int damage
Cerulean Armour R4 - magic armor
Meteor Storm R5 - multiple 6+int damage
All that I have Foreseen R5 - recharge other celestial cards

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Player's Guide/Vault/Core/Wom action review:


Astral projection 3 - become spirit; side effects

Fair warnign 1 - maybe better initiative

Lightning 2 - 3+int damage ; easy crits

Curse 1 - ill-=fortuned

First portent 1 - ally gains die

Omen 1 - reroll blacks or whites in dice pool (for a great article on OMENS, check out LIBER FANATICA 7)

Divination 3 - bain bonus to checks

Glimpse eternity 2 - swap recharges to different cards

Second Portent 2 - you gain bonus dice; easier recharge

Cerulean sheild 1 -enemy rerolls all whites

Wings of Heaven 3 - fly

Final portent 5 - various bonuses

Transposition 4 - teleport with friend to anywhere in world

Swiftwing 1 -  teleport long

Shooting star (you know that you are..a shooting star..) 1 - 2+int damge maybe ignore soak



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