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WI: LCG - Core Set Launch Party @ Signa Games, Kota Damansara, Malaysia (2/12/12)

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Warhammer Invasion LCG
Launch Party Core Set
Signa Games, Kota Damansara

Fee: RM10

- 40 Card Deck
- Single Clan only (Empire, Chaos, Dwarfs & Orcs)
- Exactly what you get from the Core Set
- NO Neutral Cards, Alliance Cards & Mix Clan Deck.
- Pls check the Core Set Card Lists.xls for exact cards & copies listings.
- Combination of cards from Multiple Core Sets are NOT allowed at this time.

1st Place: Warhammer Invasion LCG Playmat
2nd Place: RM20 Cash Voucher (Signa)
3rd Place: RM10 Cash Voucher (Signa)
*Cash Vouchers can be used on purchase of any products in Signa Games, Kota Damansara at any time.

- When a Veteran player guides / teach a new player on how to play Warhammer Invasion LCG in Signa Games, Kota Damansara.
- That new player needs to at least participate 2x Warhammer Invasion LCG in Signa Games, Kota Damansara.
- When conditions are met, RM10 Cash Voucher (Signa) will be given to the Veteran player.

Pls go through the Core Set Card Listings which is uploaded via Mediafire in excel document.

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