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Faction packs for casual play

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So I invested in this game by buying two copies of the core set and one copy of the Secrets of Arkham deluxe expansion. Me and some friends have been playing two- and three-player games with the factions as they come in the core set to great success. But then we started talking about how we could make revised versions of the factions pack but still set up the game by drafting two factions packs each, then adding some neutrals as needed.

Below is my attempt at making such new packs. Feedback is most welcome!


Paul LeMond (Core) x2
Undercover Security (Core) x2
Femme Fatale (SoA) x2
Norman Blackwood, Jr. (SoA) x2
Steve Clarney (Core) x2
Local Sheriff (Core) x2
Shotgun (Core) x2
Beneath the Burning Sun (SoA) x2
Shotgun Blast (Core) x2
Working a Hunch (Core) x2
Albino Goat-spawn (SoA) x2
Ancient Guardian (Core) x2
Hungry Dark Young (Core) x2
Priestess of Bubastis (Core) x2
Rampaging Dark Young (SoA) x2
Shub-Niggurath (Core) x2
The Mother's Hand (SoA) x2
Y'Golonac (Core) x2
Bred to Survive (Core) x2
Burrowing Beneath (Core) x2
Byakhee Servant (Core) x2
Demon Lover (Core) x2
Hastur (Core) x2
Messenger from Beyond (Core) x2
Victoria Glasser (Core) x2
Yellow Muse (Core) x2
Victoria's Loft (Core) x2
Scotophobia (Core) x2
Blind Submission (Core) x2
Power Drain (Core) x2
Laboratory Assistant (Core) x2
Visiting Author (Core) x2
Anthropology Advisor (Core) x2
Student Archaeologist (Core) x2
Professor Nathaniel Peaslee (Core) x2
Mad Genius (Core) x2
Celano Fragments (Core) x2
Open for Inspection (Core) x2
Binding (Core) x2
Dr. Carson's Treatment (Core) x2
Anarchist (SoA) x2
Dr. Marinus Bicknell Willett (Core) x2
Elite Hit Squad (SoA) x2
Richard Upton Pickman (Core) x2
Triggerman (Core) x2
Jack "Brass" Brady (Core) x2
Hard Case (Core) x2
Dutch Courage (Core) x2
Low Blow (Core) x2
Intimidate (SoA) x2
Disciple of the Gate (Core) x2
Son of Yeb (Core) x2
Yog-Sothoth (Core) x2
Hermetic Scholar (SoA) x2
Gatekeeper (SoA) x2
Blackmoor Estate (Core) x2
A Single Glimpse (Core) x2
Calling Down the Ancients (SoA) x2
Journey to the Other Side (Core) x2
Unspeakable Resurrection (Core) x2
Carl Stanford (SoA) x2
Cthulhu (Core) x2
Keeper of the Golden Path (Core) x2
Lord of the Silver Twilight (Core) x2
Ravager from the Deep (Core) x2
Deep One Rising (SoA) x2
Lord of Y'ha-nthlei (SoA) x2
Hydra (SoA) x2
Sacrificial Offerings (Core) x2
Deep One Assault (Core) x2


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Great!  We have played several matches after this initial list. Works pretty good,  but with obvious room for improvement. 

Congratulations on an excellent podcast, dboeren!

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This is a great idea, and much worthy of a bump. :)


I think the only thing I'd recommend is reducing the high-cost characters to x1, and filling those spaces with cheaper dudes.

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Revisiting these lists I agree with you, Danigral. I considered the AOs a must back then because I wanted them to be represented within their faction.

In retrospect I would remove certain AOs, such as Shub and the focus on Dark Young. I think also discard is not such a viable mechanic for Yog in this format. Cthulhu is maybe doing tooo much with both Cthulhu himself and Deep Ones. But I do have fond memories of feeding reccured Deep Ones to Cthulhu (or Local Sheriff).

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