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This game has high replay value and is very popular among gamers.  Lots of Plastic to play with.

The main drawback is it takes 6 to 8 hours to play.  About 1  hour per player.  You want to have 5 to 6 players to play the game.

The game consists of exploring to capture planets worth 1 to 3 resources.   Each player has about 8-12 resources of planets nearby.

You use these resources to build ships that typically cost 1 to 5 resources. 

Then you use these ships to battle other players to claim Victory points.  Who ever claims 9 VPs first, wins the game.

Some Victory point cards….Claim 11 planets for 3 VPs, kill 3 ships for 1 VP, Capture 2 homeworlds for Instant win.

Generally how you play is you form an alliance with an neighbor so you do not have to guard that border and attack someone else with most of your ships.

Most of the battles are just skirmishes to claim Victory points and not full blown wars.   But alot of players refuse to stop a war once they get started.

Backstabbing your ally to try to win the game is an accepted way to win.  But most experianced players will not do that until the last rounds.


What is good about this game is there are alot of different races you can play.  Each race gets some unique advantages that the others do not have.

Each game expansion adds 4 more races so the game does not get dull.   

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Oooooooh. Where to begin… The overall theme is "Epic Space-Empire Building" with all that entails of trade, politics, warfare and exploration.

As to replay value, I've never played with the same galaxy setup twice, due to the modular board, or with the same set of races, due to the multitude of them. The fact that every race has different starting conditions make them play different based both on the relations with the other races and the board setup.
When it comes to how you play it, well that's kind of hard to explain without having all the pieces in front of you to show how they're used. I'd advice you to take a look at the PDF version of the manual for the base game where you'll find overviews of the basic game play mechanics.
Be warned, though, that TI3 takes time, and lots of it. If possible I'd also advice you to try it with at least one, but preferrably more, experienced player before buying it as it does come with a rather hefty price tag. In my oppinion, however, it's worth every penny.

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timmaken said:

I have just purchased my first android. can i get any of these game for my phone?

No actual game for Android exists, but there are these handy apps for it:

TI3 Stats

TI3 Tech Manager

You can use the Stats app to keep track of your techs and ship stats such as movement and battle rolls, including racial bonuses and technology advancements, all neatly calculated in one single statblock. The Tech Manager makes it easier to see which Techs you can purchase, automatically taking into account all the requirements and stuff. Also has the Tech Tree in it.

Can't wait to play a game with these, should make it a little faster without having to pass the Tech Tree around the table all the **** time.

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