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About Starships, Maneuvers, Actions, Crew Complements, and Stations.

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I'd like to hear your thoughts on which actions and maneuver can or cannot be performed depending on which station/role a crewman is filling. 

The rules are somewhat vague on the subject. No problem. I understand that they can't squeeze every detail in the rulebook and that much is left the narrator's interpretation. That being said, my players are going to spend a lot of their time on their starship so some questions are bound to come up.

I don't think the word "station" comes up in the book, but they can be deduced by what is shown in a vehicle's profile under "Crew" or "Ship's Complement". As an example, a YT-1300 lists One pilot, one co-pilot/engineer as the ship's complement. I assume this is the minimum crew needed to operate the ship under normal circumstances. The vehicle's profile also states that the ship is equipped with 2 Medium Laser Cannon turrets. I'll count these as 2 optional Gunner stations that could be filled as needed by any of the 6 passengers. By what we saw in the the movies, I don't think these 2 weapon systems can be operated from the cockpit.

Here is a list of crew stations mentioned in the rulebook:

  • Pilot
  • Co-pilot
  • Gunner
  • Engineer
  • Sensor Operator
  • Comms Operator
  • Navigator
  • Guard
  • Mates/Crew
  • Cargo masters

Some of these stations can be bundled together and filled by a single crewman. (i.e: Sensor-comm, Co-pilor/engineer, etc…) On a small one man ship (such a starfighter), all stations are filled by the pilot.

I assume that a crewman can switch from one station to another using a move maneuver (or possibly more than one if the ship has a large silhouette).

In the case of our YT-1300, I would distribute the different stations as such (in my 4 PCs party): 

  • PC 1 - Pilot (Pilot, Comm Operator, Navigator)
  • PC 2 - Co-pilot/Engineer (Co-pilot, Engineer, Sensor Operator, Navigator)
  • PC 3 - Gunner 1 (Crew, Gunner)
  • PC 4 - Gunner 2 (Crew, Gunner)

Here is a list of the different maneuvers and actions, and from which station(s) I think they can be performed:

  • Accelerate/Decelerate: Pilot
  • Fly/Drive: Pilot
  • Move: Any
  • Aim: Gunner(s) for turret mounted weapons, Pilot or co-pilot for fixed fire arc weapon system
  • Evasive maneuvers: Pilot
  • Stay on target: Pilot
  • Punch it: Pilot
  • Angle defletor shields: Pilot, Engineer (The book says anyone with access to the shield controls)
  • Damage Control: Any station (Might require moving around the ship)
  • Gain the advantage: Pilot
  • Perform a combat check: Gunner(s) for turret mounted weapons, Pilot or co-pilot for fixed fire arc weapon system
  • Plot course: Navigator
  • Copilot: Co-Pilot
  • Jamming: Comms operator
  • Boost shields: Pilot, Engineer, or anyone with access to the shield controls
  • Manual repairs: Any station (Might require moving around the ship)
  • Fire Discipline: Anyone who can communicate with a gunner.
  • Scan the enemy: Sensor Operator
  • Slice enemy's systems: Comms operator Engineer?
  • Spoofing missiles: Comms operator or Engineer?

I'm not sure if a co-pilot could perform some of the pilot-only maneuvers. The rules states "Some ships may have multiple pilots, in which case each can perform a Pilot Only Maneuver… However, these ships are fairly rare." I'm not sure what they mean by that. No ships listed in the book has more than one pilot.

Still talking about a YT-1300, how many maneuvers do you think would be needed to move between the following stations/locations:

  • Cockpit <-> Boarding ramp 
  • Cockpit <-> Either gunner turret
  • Cockpit <-> Galley/Lounge
  • Cockpit <-> Crew Quarters
  • Cockpit <-> Cargo Hold
  • Cockpit <-> Escape Pod(s)

Well, that was a mouthful. Feel free to share your views.




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 I've checked some of the deckplans for the YT-1300/Millenium Falcon, mostly ones that were for the D20 games, but non-game references as well. But D20 has rounds that last 6 seconds each, where the time-frame of one round in EotE is… mercurial. It's suggested in the book that a round can last up to a minute.

So, I would say if it were full on D20, 2 maneuvers  would get you most places, and 3 for a few others.

Cockpit <--> Boarding Ramp: 2, or 3 to get to the bottom of the ramp

Cockpit <--> Turret: 2

Cockpit <--> Lounge: 2

Cockpit <--> Crew Quarters: 2, but I have seen some that are further

Cockpit <--> Cargo Hold:2

Cockpit <---> Escape Pods:3

BUT! EotE doesn't say 6 seconds, so I've give it out for 1 maneuver anywhere,  Then there is that one Talent that lets you just jump into a station or on a saddle… the name escapes me.

So I figure Silhouette 4 is all 1, maaaaaybe 2 maneuvers to get around. Which I think let's people do stuff on every turn, and sometimes you spend a tad of Strain to get around, and I think that's a great way of taxing the characters with hopefully the purpose of setting some tension with that strain. If they are in a seat or something of a more complex station, like getting set-up in the gun-pits, then make it another maneuver. One could argue the cockpit is similar, or even when making repairs where panels must be removed or getting into that tight space where Leia and Han first kiss.

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Making sure that you didn't go all the way across the galaxy just for your valuable haul, a priceless artifact no less, to suddenly fall off of the elevator to its doom right before your client's eyes? :P

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