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Off-Topic Forum Monster Tournament

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so i went and thought up a little game(don't know if it exists already but meh). I named it Chiisai Kaibutsu/Tiny monsters

I Would like to hold a little tournament of monsters where 8 masters(you guys) confront each others monsters. Monster stats will be hidden from everyone(you will pm me their stats) and it will be Single Elimination in a Bracket Format. I will Give the Play by Play and do the Dice Rolling(i wont show values, i'll just describe what happens), so all the masters really do is 1) Create their monster with a short description, and decide if they wish to change the Default Setting for the Special Ability.

It's quite simple, the monsters have 3 main attributes and 3 derived attributes. There are 9 points to place into the 3 main attributes for your tiny monster. Basically, combat is done using a d6.

Here are the Attributes you place Points into.

Strength(Str): Determines the base damage you deal, connected to HP and Hit. Rolled when enemy is hit for Final Dmg.

Dexterity(Dex): Determines your base speed to act, connected to Hit and Defense. Rolled at the start of a round, if a tie occurs, the one with highest Dex starts, if equal, the previous round starter will start.(reroll if round 1)

Vitality(Vit): Determines your base Absorption, connected to Defense and HP. Rolled after being hit, total/2 round up for Final Absorption Value. This can reduce damage to 0.
Derived Attributes

Hit: Str+Dex=base hit value. Rolled every combat round unless your monster was reduced to 0 hp.

HP: Str+Vit=base HP. Rolled once at start of fight to determine HP for that combat

Defense(def): Dex+Vit=Base Def. Rolled after each attack unless the final atk is lower than or equal to base def.

If hit roll = Def roll, final dmg/2 round up
If Roll 6 on hit, auto hit
If Roll 6 on Def, auto def
If Both roll 6, final dmg/2 round up

Also, each monster has their own "Special Ability" that can be used once per combat. there are 2 choices: Added Attributes for one round, or roll an extra d4 for each of your rolls that round. The added attributes must total 4 with a maximum of 3 in 1 attribute. Extra HP Gained this way are lost 1st, but disappear at the end of the round if not harmed.

Using the "Special Ability" is determined before the fight. Each master must declare 1 of 2 triggers: Round # or Hp #. At the numbered round, that monster will activate his special ability for the round. for HP #, the monster will activate his ability the following turn.(e.g. your monster was 1st to attack, but at the end of the round his hp got reduced, next turn he uses it). Each monster has a "Default Setting" for their special ability. Their will be a 24 hour delay to choose if you wish to temporarily use a different trigger.(that way, if you don't pm me, i can still do a fight).

The champion of each tournament will gain a permanent +1 attribute boost for future tournaments. Monsters Retire after their 6th championship.

Additionally, this will be cross-forum so we can get more candidates.

Finally, 2 Example monsters.
Monster Name: Groveth
Special Ability: Surging Rush (+1d4)
Default Trigger: Round 6
Str 2
Dex 1
Vit 6
Hit 3
HP 8
Def 7
Description: Groveth moves about on 4 scaly legs with a resistant carapace on his back, some people often mistake it for a snapping tortoise, but it normally is found in one of the lesser hells. His red pigmentation shows this.

Monster Name: Metorac
Special Ability: Final Cutter (+3 Dex, +1 Str)
Default Trigger: HP 5
Str 5(6)
Dex 2(5)
Vit 2
Hit 7(11)
HP 7(8)
Def 4(7)
Description: Metorac Stands on 2 legs with 2 scythe-like arms protruding where arms would be. His body seems to be insect-like but it's origin is still unclear. With a Blue-Purple coloration, it is an ideal night stalker.

I will take the first 8 people interested, so better make up your mind quick, or you might not have any room left.
1) Planeswalker -

Raybras Cup(1st edition)[Random Allotment]
!@#$------|               |
!@#$------|               |               |
                  |!@#$----|               |
!@#$------|                               |
!@#$------|                               |
                  |!@#$----|               |
!@#$------|               |               |
!@#$------|               |

If you have Any Questions feel free to ask.
Reminder: Make sure you PM me your monster, don't post it here or your opponents will see it.

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2 new contenders:

2) Vytzka - Raigi

3) MadDoctor - Lusidiel


Raigi:  It is a roughly kitten sized ant with sparks dancing between its antennae, colored in alternating stripes of electric and midnight blue. Raigi is normally carefree and curious, but if excited or in danger it will gradually amass a powerful static charge and become enveloped in plasma for a few seconds at a time which makes it dangerous to approach.



PS: if no one applies 3 days after the most recent application and we are nowhere near 8, i will cut it down to 4 applicants. if there are 6 or more applicants, NPC monsters will fill in the remaining slots same if there are only 3 applicants on the 4 monster tournament. These monsters are already made and will be picked at random. If there are 5 applicants, the 5th will have priority on the next tournament

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another Monster joins the Fray

4) Daniel Th'out -  Timlor

Description: A big paper monster with a wristwatch that seems to say he wants all of it to be over soon. Gets angry when annoyed.

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new entry

5) Lizbeth -  Plucker


Plucker: Serpentine shape composed of needles and torn fingernails. Emits scary unnatural sounds while fighting. Inhabits dark places, nocturnal. Diet unknown.

guys feel free to join in, spots are limited.

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Another participant has signed up. Also, the 1st participant has registered a monster!

1) Planeswalker -  Blur

6) Destroy1 -  Smog


Blur: A cute, nimble, knee-high little person that seems to be made of blueish smoke. It's a little painful to try and look at, and seems to disappear when it moves quickly.

Smog: Red scaled Dragonling, his breath attack is noxious to breath. Standing a bit taller than most tony monsters, his presence is frightening.


PS. Deadline is in 15 hours.

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Inscriptions are now closed. Due to lack of interest from this forum, i will no longer keep this thread updated unless interest rises.

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