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Dark Curse vs new target lock FAQ

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Budgernaut said:

ShadowJak said:


or not). 



Oh yes, this coming from the man who says in another thread that he knows all about linear regression and that nobody else on these forums could be expected to understand such complex formulae so we should just take your word for it.

I didn't say that no one else could understand it. The difference is I actually have experience with analysis which is directly relevant to what that post was about. Being a PhD in anything isn't directly relevant to reading a FAQ. The smartest person in the world wouldn't be able to comment on the X-Wing FAQ without having read it.

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Hmm this is an interesting one.

First Dark Curse's ability:

"When defending, ships attacking
you cannot spend focus tokens
or reroll attack dice."

The rulebook in regards to spending a Target Lock:

"Spending Target Lock Tokens
If the attacker has a target lock on the defender, he
may return his pair of assigned target lock tokens
to the action token supply to choose any number of
attack dice and reroll them once (see “Combat Phase
Example” on pages 14–15)."

And lastly the FAQ:

"Q: Can a ship spend a target lock and choose
not to reroll any of its attack dice?
A: Yes."

The FAQ entry is not an errata so it doesn't change any of the core rules.  Technically speaking you were always able to spend the Target Lock and re-roll 0 of the dice, people just were reading things into the rules.   Dark Curse's ability does not prevent spending a Target Lock, just the re-roll of dice.  Because the way FFG chose to word their FAQ there is no reason that you can't spend a Target Lock against Dark Curse.  I don't think that was FFG overall intent, but they've specifically said that you can spend a Target Lock and not re-roll any dice.  It be different if they had said (and I think it may be what they intended) that a ship can spend a Target Lock and re-roll 0 dice, because Dark Curse would prevent that.  But that isn't the way they worded their FAQ, though I'd expect a change.

I'd say there is nothing in the rules preventing you from spending a Target Lock on Dark Curse so long as you don't re-roll any dice, and that is overall in keeping with the strict reading of the rules that FFG adopted in their FAQ clarifications.

See no need to be rude about it.

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 It seems like FFG has the intent that you can spend actions even if they have no effect or the effect is blocked.  As was mentioned it seemed the 0 is a number theory isn't really the reason/rational behind the rule/faq.   Just as a general rule a player can use an ability even if it has no direct effect (say to give to another etc)


Dark Curse's card is specifically worded to allow Target Locks and spending of them (probably more for missiles etc).  It specifically states that a person cannot spend focus tokens during attack of him, negating Gries special ability…  But gets vague about missile lock (again probably to allow missiles more then likely) but this opens up abilities that involve giving target locks etc.

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 It seems to me that the FAQ's and rules are trying to maintain a sense of fluffy reality, so the ability to "spend a token on nothing" or "release Target lock"  is consistent with that imagined reality. If you're an Xwing pilot, why cant you release target lock?, then abort the shot. or spend a moment focusing, then choosing not to shoot, or just focusing for no reason whatsoever…

and YES you do need to barrel roll to fight off a target lock…because thats consistent with a more RL like experience. gaming the rules is cool and all. I like to play a rigid rule game, but when it becomes vague, it helps me to think of "what would Luke do" type thing. using a little fluff helps make the game more flavorful for me.



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Duraham said:

 Dark Curse says that anybody attacking him may not spend focus tokens or reroll attack dice. Can somebody (eg. Dutch Vander with R5K6) spend a target lock on him to reroll 0 dice, thereby bypassing his effect and breaking the "breaking the rules" ruling in the rulebook?


consideration: you may spend target locks on Dark Curse already, for things such as proton torpedoes.


EDIT: tl;dr, Dark Curse says you may not reroll any attack dice. Target lock says spend and reroll any number of attack dice. New FAQ says yes, 0 is a number. Question here is since the FAQ says 0 is a number too, does this mean that it is blocked by Dark Curse's ability, since 0 is a number?

I know this thread is super old, but I took it upon myself to submit the rules question, and below is the response I got.


"Dark Curse's" pilot ability prevents the attacker from rerolling attack dice, but it doesn't prevent him from spending a target lock as it does with focus tokens. In your example, Dutch could spend the target lock without rerolling any dice in order to trigger R5-K6's effect.

Thanks for playing!

James Kniffen
Associate Game Designer
Fantasy Flight Games

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